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  1. This guy does raise the bids. I won an auction on one of his items, but he cancelled my bid. I complained to ebay and they told me they could see I would've have won the auction. Showa22 must've not like that the price was only $1k. He blocked my I'd after I complained. Does that to anyone who points out his fraudulent activities. I created another eBay account and I was able to bid on some swords, but showa22 blocked that one. Oh, and on that auction that I fraudulently lost, showa22 actually put it up for sale again. This is in June 2021. Stay away from this fraudulent seller.
  2. Just some more pics of this unidentified wakizashi.
  3. Hello everyone, I have another wakizashi that I know nothing about. This one has a signature. Any information is appreciated. You guys really gave me some excellent information on my other wakizashi. No Saya or anything else. Please excuse the quality of my pics. Cheaper cell phone.
  4. Just curious if anyone would have an estimate of when this might've been made.
  5. Hello everyone,. Thank you again for all the information. It's much appreciated. I did reach out to Mr. Benson. I thought I'd share his thoughts on this wakizashi. Dear Axel, Your wakizashi looks to be a late Muromachi period sword. As a koto mumei it Looks to be unaltered. I would say it is not a Hosho sword but would need to examine it first. Blades in this shape are desireable from the Muromachi era but even more so if earlier. Hosho swords are from early to mid Nambokucho and yours appears to be from many years later. Do you still want it polished? Robert Benson
  6. Thank you everyone for the insight. It's much appreciated!
  7. I'm in Chicago. I just thought someone might know of someone reputable I could send it to.
  8. Any ideas where I can take it to get restored? Any ideas on value?
  9. Here are some more pics. I'm using my phone. Hope they are clearer.
  10. Hello, I'm trying to get some opinions on the validity of a wakizashi. I'm no expert and have very limited knowledge. Would appreciate any information.
  11. When you say Ishikawa Roman, what does that mean? I've uploaded more pics. Is this an antique or modern made?
  12. Hello, I picked this sword up at an auction. The Saya has Japanese writing. Would anyone be able to translate please.
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