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  1. @Grey Doffin, see below from Sesko.
  2. The examples I have seen did not include the Iyo Daijo title, but there is another one here: https://www-winners--auction-jp.translate.goog/productDetail/67404?_x_tr_sl=ja&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=wapp
  3. This appears to be a gendaito by Taira Sadashige, an excellent smith. 伊豫大掾平貞重作 - Iyo Daijo Taira Sadashige
  4. Can you provide clearer photos? Off the cuff, this looks like Noshu ju Sadahiro saku Showa 17
  5. As Stephen indicated, Kuni refers to the province at the beginning of the mei.
  6. Hizen no kuni ju Kanemoto saku August 1944
  7. That is correct Jim, and thanks to Moriyama-san ( @Nobody ) for the completion of the translation above.
  8. Bishu (Owari) ju I__ Kanemitsu saku
  9. For Hidari Mutsu Kaneyasu it was, yes. https://www.aoijapan.net/katana-mutsu-kami-kaneyasu-hidari-mutsu/
  10. This Kaneyasu (Hidari Mutsu). This smith is known for writing backwards, as yours is. Not confirming it is a real Hidari Mutsu, just that it is at minimum purporting to be so.
  11. Looks like this same sword already posted for translations here.
  12. 三条粟田口景光 - Sanjo Awataguchi Kagemitsu
  13. This is shinshinto Jumyo, so it is the later part of the Edo period.
  14. Unfortunately I think this piece looks questionable. However, as far as your question about resources for translation, I am copying over an earlier post below. Best regards, Ray Kanji list: You can find many of the commonly seen kanji in swordsmith names here at the link below. Take the time match each character against what you see in your inscription (nakago or on the associated kanteisho). http://www.japaneseswordindex.com/kanji/kanji1.htm Locate kanji by radical: If you have been unable to locate the kanji in the list on Richard Stein's website, then try to find them with this search tool. Look at the component radicals in each character, and as you multi-select radicals you can a more refined list of candidates for the kanji you are looking for. https://kanji.sljfaq.org/mr.html Swordsmith index: Once you have one or more matching kanji identified, enter them into this database to locate entries that are candidates for your smith. https://nihontoclub.com/view/smiths/meisearch Japanese provinces: This is helpful with inscriptions where the smith has identified where he worked, produced a specific sword or identified his title. https://swordsofjapan.com/nihonto-library/Japanese-provinces/ Japanese nengo: Helpful to identify the time period for nengo (date inscriptions) https://swordsofjapan.com/nihonto-library/Japanese-nengo/ Kanji flashcards: This is a robust set of kanji flashcards that focus on Nihonto-related kanji. A must have. https://www.japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.com/store/books/b109-kanji-flashcards
  15. This looks like a kaifu-to.
  16. The first appears to be signed Kii no kuni Yasutsuna. https://nihontoclub.com/smiths/YAS997
  17. I was amazed to see 2-3 of these identical fakes show up in the group I manage within the same week. Someone is running a Yoshimune factory...
  18. Two of these are attached.
  19. HI Ken, there have been several of these posted recently on FB which appeared identical. They looked very much like Komonjo-type fakes. I would strongly suggest that this may be the same. Best regards, Ray
  20. HI Khalid, I have a few thoughts on this below and a great article from Guido Schiller.
  21. Very curious kanteisho. There is a nengo inscription speculated (kanji suggestions in boxes) for what seems to be an entirely obliterated date.
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