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  1. rkg

    Marketing ploy?

    Dale, Sorry not to reply earlier - too busy... Just for grins I overlapped my image with the one from the jauce auction. Its not the best job, but you can see the pattern is different, just not by a lot. (Dicclaimer: I don't own the copyright to the image from Jauce - it is presented here for educational purposes only). It interesting that the corners were staked kind of in the same way (angled at corners) and that there is what looks like a squared off copper sekigane in the bottom only. I guess they both could be from the same "factory", but I don't think (at least mine) is modan or something, This seems to be a pattern that is often attributed to ko-hagi (which Torigoye claims is actually just another variant of kyo sukashi tsuba rather than being some kind of early choushuu work), though I think this is later than that (so you'd call it what, Edo period kyo sukashi work?) Best, rkg (Richard George)
  2. rkg

    A very unusual Tsuba.

    Peter, that's pretty wild - I wonder what whoever had it made was going for there. Obligatory images of similar "basket style" shingen in my collection: Be Best, rkg (Richard George)
  3. rkg

    Marketing ploy?

    I got one of these pieces as part of a "package deal" (I only wanted one tsuba in the group offered) not all that long ago: Best, rkg (Richard George)
  4. Mike, What a great idea! here's my set of acquisitions (that I have in hand) from 2020... https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=3576043075784348&id=266005023454853 Best, rkg (Richard George)
  5. rkg

    Yamakichibei Tsuba

    Here's a little "low crossbar" yamkichibei piece I got not tooo long ago: Best, rkg (Richard George)
  6. Curran, Now you've got me curious/I guess I'll have to start watching for them again. They used to come in waves (collections/stores being liquidated?). The first ones would go for stupid prices, as would the last ones for some reason I never have understood, but you could usually get at least an OK deal on the ones in the middle (the second mouse gets the cheese? 🙂 ) I wonder why the supply of new decent ones has dried up - no interest (or no money in it) so nobody is having them made up anymore as stock unless its a special order, there are now fewer box makers, or...? If you're only looking for a few, the shipping actually isn't so bad even now (gotta love DHL - faster than EMS, the packages aren't as banged up, etc) - the tsuba boxes don't weigh much and I'd usually aggregate them with some other order and going up to the next kilogram in weight isn't so expensive. On the other hand, never mind if you're looking to order dozens of them, since all the options between DHL/fedex and the "slow boat" are gone... rkg (Richard George) EDIT:Just to increase the signal to noise ratio of this posting, have you pinged Grey Doffin to see what he might currently have?: https://www.japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.com/store/tsuba-%26-kodogu/t318-tsuba-boxes
  7. Curran, When I need some more I usually start watching yahoo!Japan for them. Best, rkg (Richard George)
  8. rkg

    2nd Menuki Question??

    Another male/female pair Best, rkg (Richard George)
  9. "Perfect" ones (almost no (or no) inlay loss, all the major inlays intact, no appreciable corrosion damage, etc), tend to go for a lot (unless the seller really doesn't know what they have/mis-describe/photograph a piece 🙂 ). This is kind of a "Yahoo Japan special" - its a nice piece with reasonable work, the large inlays are mostly there, somebody sprang for expensive papers, whizzy box, etc, but it has er, issues that make it less desirable to the Japanese collector*. A surprising amount of the fine inlays are missing, and there's a hole at the top that seems to be either a piece of missing inlay and/or corrosion damage (note that the seller doesn't show it very well - an oblique image from the top like he shot of the sides would show it so you could see what was going on, so perhaps he thought this was a less attractive feature as well, but I digress). IMHO these detriments put it in kind of a grey zone - while its clearly much better than the usual online offerings, (rusty, missing large amounts of inlay, mediocre work, shined up, etc), when you start getting up into this price range it kind of makes sense to just spend a little more (what, 2K-3K) and get a real prize (no corrosion, little or no missing inlay, damage, etc). On the other hand, its "worth" this because somebody bot it at this price, so YMMV. * I've posted before about discussions with Haynes about Dr. Toyigoye's thoughts on these pieces - in a nutshell, the Japanese like to see them with at most 10% or so of their inlays missing, no missing (or damaged) large inlays, and little or no corrosion damage (for whatever reason these pieces seem to be really susceptible to this). It doesn't mean they're "bad" if they don't have this, but.... Best, rkg (Richard George)
  10. So, are the first couple of volumes now available for purchase as e-books? thanks, rkg (Richard George)
  11. rkg

    No Hitsu Ana

    here's a few of my more interesting ones - When digging up some images I found I actually have to reshoot a couple I did with a 5D MKII before I was color managing fully - that "canon red" is horrific to my eyes now... enjoy, rkg (Richard George)
  12. Piers, I actually can't tell if the ridges are worked from the back or not - the iron part is fitted into a gold "cup". I posted a while back about this piece here: Best, rkg (Richard George)
  13. I've had several of those in the past, but I think this is the only piece I currently have with udenuki ana Best rkg (Richard George)
  14. I have a couple of pieces with kirikomi on them. The first is this: As can be seen, the cut appears to be from a sword(part of it is still in the blade), and the bottom doesn't come to a sharp V. And the second is this naginata(?) tsuba I recently acquired - there are a couple of what appear to be kirikomi on it: Best, rkg (Richard George)
  15. Thanks for all the replies! I'll follow up on these observations. Best, rkg (Richard George)
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