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  1. Christian, I think I understand now what you mean - yes and no. Looks like when it comes to early Goto pieces kinzogan-mei was an attribution often with kiwame-mei of attributor. As for Higo school, I found in Ito Mitsuru book that he recognizes the kinzogan-mei of Matashichi, Fukanobu and Rakuju as original and made by them. Regarding the importance of this info, I guess it is important for those who focused on Higo or Goto schools. And it seems to me that bakumatsu and meiji period kizogan-mei were all original, not the attributions. Any other opinions?
  2. Hi everybody, I decided to ask for your help cause I am lost in this subject. So, kinzogan mei on tosogu. There are some on ko-Goto pieces and they are definitely attributions with the attributor's name on them. But there are as well on Hayashi / Kamiyoshi tsuba - more then 8 Matashichi, Fukanobu, Rakuju. Including the famous tsuba signed on one side Fukanobu and on another - Rakuju. There are kinzogan mei on some papered Umetada Myoju, Tsuchiya Yasuchika, some Washida and even Goto Ichijo school pieces. 1. What are they - always attributions? Or sometimes by the master himself? 2. Who and when attributed them? Were these attributions done by special request? 3. If attributions why do they in most cases absolutely right in terms of calligraphy and master's style?
  3. And for your research here are the photos of the one that I have.
  4. John, just came across this thread. Here is another one published tsuba of the same workshop but without hitsuana.
  5. Well, well... Funny enough, I've bought this tsuba more then 2 years ago. So the web site "selling" it - belongs I guess to one of the galleries selling mirages. But never mind. I was always thinking it is more Goto Ichijo school work rather then Toryusai. It reminds me Funada Ikkin somehow. Having dozens of Tanaka school tsuba can not see much in common. Though I accept that it can be 20C Toryusai school work - know nothing about this period of the school. My idea is that it was a daisho, and the second tsuba was signed. I tried the Haynes books to find the kakihan, but it appeared too hard. Then I decided to try the shinsa team. I've sent it last summer for TH without the Hozon paper it has. And they gave the same verdict to it - Hozon, Toryusai school. So the circle is closed. Hope one day I will find the signed pair for it. I attach some better photos of it.
  6. And taking in consideration that all four tsuba in the sale (in England) were stamped, that had to be a huge old English collection.
  7. http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/13273-stamped-number-tsubas/?hl=stamped Pete, it was an interesting reading! I was sure not to be the first one to ask this question. I was thinking about huge collections. Behrens? Naunton? Needs further investigation.
  8. Hi Peter, that's interesting! As for mine - 2 came from Europe, 1 - from US, 1 - from Japan. Enigma! Had to be quite a big collection - at least 363 kinko tsuba! Update: obviously not only kinko but tetsu as well.
  9. Please advise if any of you has ever came across tsuba stamped with some numbers under nakago-ana? Looks like a museum number. Probably an American museum, that made a sale of part of its collection? Just a pure guess from my netsuke background - I recall one such a sale of netsuke in US.
  10. Timur

    Shinsa Games

    So, you were right guys - shinsa says gimei... But as usually, the devil is in the details. One of the shinsa team gave his private comments: - They liked the signature a lot - They liked the quality - They do not recognize in it the style of Goto Ichijo. So, I leave it for a future investigation
  11. Timur

    Shinsa Games

    Thank you for your opinions guys! So we'll see what shinsa team will tell. I myself quite pessimistic here but decided to give it a try.
  12. Timur

    Shinsa Games

    Pete, it was from Japan. Will let you know if come across another one.
  13. Timur

    Shinsa Games

    Thank you Pete! It was a good bite! So, by now: Gimei - 1, Horyu - 0, Shoshin - 0
  14. Timur

    Shinsa Games

    Tokubetsu Hozon shinsa results will be ready soon. I decided to entertain you and show one of the pieces I applied for TH. It is signed Goto Mitsutaka (光貨) - which was one of the early go of Goto Ichijo. This kozuka was published in Tanyu Kai Zuroku book described as Goto Ichijo and curio. I am curious to get your opinion on: What will be the decision of shinsa team? And I will let you know the results.
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