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  1. I like this...shows a lot of promise. And if it is decent, you are very lucky to have Andrew in Oz who can polish and restore it. We all await news.
  2. He's down to $6000 on the package. Bought in 2007, made in 2004. Still mint. Beautiful sword, but not sure if it would sell in SA. Not sure it would sell overseas either...I don't know the shinsakuto market. Is $6000 sellable?
  3. What a pointless exercise. Not sure what he's trying to prove. A $2 gas station knife will cut paper if it's sharpened.
  4. Meskien. Maar wat as ek skielik begin net in Afrikaans pos? Nee......laat ons maar ook in Engels vertaal asseblief. "Maybe. But what if I suddenly begin posting only in Afrikaans? No....let's rather also translate into English please"
  5. Brian

    Unknown barn find

    Tsuba alone looks worth a hundred or more. Sword is old and genuine...few hundred years. Yes, it is in poor condition. But worth more than being dumped for next to nothing. Looks to have a nice hamon. Don't discount this as junk just yet.
  6. Thank you both. I guess it will have to remain a mystery. I wonder if that would cause suspicions of gimei or just a meaning lost in time.
  7. Wondering if perhaps @Nobody san or @k morita san are able to fill in those missing kanji?
  8. Sorry to return to this subject, but this sword popped up again here, and I may see what he wants for it. My question regards the cutting test. Without a tester name, does this test have any legitimacy and any added interest? Usually there would be more to the test than a single mention, or not? @SteveM
  9. With those flaws, you have to consider kazu-ichi-mono possibly.
  10. On the blade? These have absolutely no meaning. They're gibberish in any language.
  11. You may get some pm's. Personally, I would take a bit of that with a pinch of salt. Especially talk of kantei masters. And I wouldn't be putting a value of CAD3500 to a sword with fukure and not in full polish. I think a chat with Nick Ricupero in Canada is in order. Or chat with @b.hennick
  12. Those are thin, pressed brass and have 2 pins. This is a good menuki. Not all have the typical square post.
  13. I'd be surprised if this was genuine. Looks like chicken scratches.
  14. That is a fantastic menuki! Out of interest, can we get dimensions and a pic of the back?
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