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  1. Would love to hear more about the 1/4 scale moving part miniatures. Looking for some myself. But please start a new topic in the Izakaya where we can move these posts and keep this one on topic.
  2. As you can all see...I am losing patience with this tosser. So from now on, for every new account he sets up (and there have been 3 or 4 the past 2 days that you guys probably didn't even see) I am going to start posting embarrassing pm's, posts and info about Adam Maunder. AKA Shan Maunder. This will include threats by him, legal nonsense, stupid registration slipups and lots of other things. So go ahead Adam! Try me. Btw, I am also looking for a UK based legal practitioner who can assist with filing a restraining order against him, and possibly laying official complaints of harassment against his ISP and having his internet shut down. I have all the screenshots and info ready, If he won't go away, then I'll MAKE him go away. I'll also post his eBay account (public info) and we can spread that around the internet a bit and see who still chooses to buy from that account.
  3. Hi Adam. Umm...err....Rich. Piss off. Get knotted. Sod off.
  4. I lost a few minutes of my life reading the comments on that video and realizing how many absolute MORONS there are in the world. Sigh. It seems a lost cause sometimes. But Gabe, we can always rely on you out there to try and educate people and bring them round. Thanks again.
  5. Brian

    Gold Bug Kozuka

    Looks close to the one you sold, Chippy old chap. But no..not the same one https://www.ebay.com/itm/KOZUKA-ANTIQUE-JAPANESE-MIXED-METAL-SHAKUDO-BRONZE-GOLD-/383757955058?nma=true&si=S2XakBflf2k0EBD0Q5AOyG53ddU%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  6. Stephen does a great job if you use his service. Can personally vouch.
  7. Brian

    Old samekawa

    Maybe I'm wrong...but I think there is only one person here who might be able to read that. @k morita if he finds this post possibly?
  8. Michael, would love to see a few more pics of the top 3. Are they solid one piece?
  9. Wonderful writeup John, and a very pleasant tsuba. Thanks for sharing
  10. Fantastic gesture Paul! Greatly Appreciated.
  11. Bob, any pics of it after the full clean, or is it still in progress? Great piece to own, congrats!
  12. Brian

    Armor evolution video

    Thanks JP..learned a lot. I know very little about armour.
  13. Nice little feeds on the main NMB page too, showing top downloads, and new ones added too.
  14. Just a reminder all, to check out the downloads section in the header above. I am constantly updating and adding articles there. This is a wonderful new way to share them, and there are some top class additions. Check out the new ones by Mal Cox, Paul B, Martin, Mauro, George, Guido etc. You can also now rate them and even give a review. There will be lots of books added as well. Don't miss it.
  15. Pietro....I wonder if they really believe that's a mushroom?
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