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  1. Thanks for the pics Tom. I was hoping someone would post some. Looks like a little slice of heaven there. Wow. I would have been soooo broke. Looks like a great success, congrats to all.
  2. Awesome story, thanks for sharing with us Bob. Sounds like a very positive experience for all involved.
  3. Your sword is a real, functioning sword. It was not made for show...it was made as a weapon. I won't get into performance, but it was made to do the same things that any other Japanese sword was made to do.
  4. Legit wartime made sword. They were not 100% traditionally made...so not forged from Tamahagane, and oil quenched not water quenched. But still a legit wartime weapon. The hamon is real, but has been enhanced with acid likely. Showato like this have real hamon from the oil quench, but they don't show all the activities you get from a traditional forged blade. In short, a genuine wartime arsenal blade that was crafted by the smith that signed it, but not forged and folded like Nihonto are. Value...around the lower to mid point of your estimates.
  5. Ford, So there was a soft metal plate over that mixture, which is now gone leaving the imprint of the back surface of the dragon etc? That makes sense. This was filler material/glue.
  6. It is NOT a problem at all to visit Japan without knowing any Japanese. I suspect the majority of us here that went, didn't know any Japanese. Trust me, it's fairly easy to navigate Japan without knowing the language. In fact, that is the first place you should go.
  7. Probably loading it from your cache. Pm me what you want it to say, and I'll edit it.
  8. Nice complete package with good fittings and decent polish. Congrats, looks like you did well.
  9. This hobby can ill afford to lose the knowledge of people like this. Sad news, condolences to those who knew him.
  10. Potentially a good sword. Take care of it. Even if gimei, it is an older sword, much older than the war.
  11. I would guess at a poor quality arsenal wartime sword. Can we get another pic or 2 of the tang, the side that doesn't have the date? Not sure if I can see a Seki stamp. Needs a lot of refitting, so value would be in the low hundreds if it turns out to be genuine. Has had a hard life.
  12. Brian


    I personally don't think anything was replaced. I think those lines are the remnants of carvings that were once cut deep, and have now been polished flat.
  13. Maybe someone will consider taking this back on topic. Not like any of you are going to convince anyone of anything. The relaxed members are those who learned to just ignore the trolls, elitists, and contrarians
  14. Yeah, just I think they wouldn't not have been allowed to use the Tower Crown symbol if not made there. I could be mistaken. Maybe @IanB has some input
  15. The Belgian proof suggests that this was not made in the UK like it is trying to be. They copied everything.
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