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  1. Thank you to all who answered. I had seen the new $10 ones and just thought this might be old as was better made. Thanks again. Still wondering if some of my old friends are still living/ Good health to all Richard
  2. The reason I need one of them for help is what I think is an older Japanese practice sword a Priest gave to a neighbor years ago. Here is a couple of pics: I have more. Richard
  3. 10 and 20 years ago I found a few GOOD swords. I'm over 80 now and don't go to shows but still collect older (mostly WWI & WWII USMC) I was lucky I found my password for this site. There was a very nice guy (who I believe owned a furniture store in Mich or Minn) that helped me and bought a few swords. So I'm trying to recall him also Troy Baxley or Keith Hostler or Roy Strohacker. Maybe they are still around and posting on here. I believe someone who went to Tampa Show told me Troy had lost his eyesight. Thank you Richard Marquette
  4. Well --- No one wanted to express an opinion on value so I just guessed at $595 - $695. and traded it for a marked 1918-19 USMC green wool tunic and pants with ribbons and sgt. majors chevrons. I'm happy and I think the trader is also; so that is all OK as we helped each other's collections. Once again Thanks to you all and I'll see you as soon as I find another Japanese sword. Also Grey: No more me taking on to help someone sell a possible National Treasure sword as that did not work out for either of us! Just helped the so and so who made promises and then took advantage of my contacts and your knowledge. Best Wishes and Happy Father's Day Richard
  5. Well different opinions, and I thankyou for them. Some think it is old, some think it is partially old (the hardware "for lack of the real words") and no opinions as to value. I will decide what I will list it for in your for sale section tomorrow, Saturday. The machine made 1930's - 40's military swords, that up until approx 5 years ago I could not get $200.00 for, are now bringing 2 + X's that amaze me. But I will figure out a good profit for me and quote a selling price. Thank-you Richard
  6. I know Brian wants poster's to say if they intend to sell the sword shown. Whenever I get a Japanese sword I always post it on this forum first and after I find out about it as well as approx. value I then offer it "FIRST" to members of this forum. I hope to trade this for WWI USMC item or sell it and I will not quote anyones opinion from here without asking first! Ed Marshall, Grey Doffin and Ted Tenold and others have been nice to me in the past. Thanks Richard Marquette the old retired guy in FL
  7. Last pics unless you want more of the blade. Thanks Richard
  8. Some of you know that I collect WWII and earlier USMC, mostly from vet's families, so I get 2 or 3 Japanese swords a year. Many of you, especially Grey Doffin have been helpful. So here is one I just got with capture papers and Discharge of Army T/5 Melvin Stinnett, Anti-Aircraft Art. Battery. His service of about 3 1/2 years included 3 Battle Stars for action in the Solomons and Liberation Philippines. His nephew says the sword was acquired along with a pistol and binoculars in the Philippines or Fiji Islands. I have alot of photos but will try to only post enough so you can tell me about the sword. (sorry but I can't remember all the Japanese words for sword parts). It has a 2 hole tang that I see no markings on. The only Japanese characters are on the iron tsuba. The length from blade point tip to top of sword handle is 37 1/2 inches. From the point to the top of the tang is 33 3/8 inches. The engraving looks like the body of a dragon on one side with the tail carried over to the other side. The cap on the top of the handle as well as the metal part around the handle's base have inlay and are fancy. I hope the photos tell the rest of the story. Thanks for you input. Richard the old retired guy in FL.
  9. Curran: I tried to send you a PM (private message) It shows in my outbox but I do not know if you got it or if I am doing it correctly.
  10. :D Thanks everyone especially Grey and Steve I'll keep looking for those WWII vet bring homes and let the forum know. Please let me know if you find any Marine uniforms, insignia or medals before WWII. Richard
  11. STEVE: Thanks for taking the time, I will try your suggestions next time I try to photograph tang markings. Is it usual for a blade to have different kind of short grooves on each side of the blade? From what has been said the blade is approx 300 + years old. The maker's marks Kunitsugu or Kuniyuki are probably counterfeit, but old, and the blade is in poor condition. Is this as you understand the remarks to this posting? Of course the big question is can I get $350.00 + for it? Thanks for your help. PS: I do not collect Japanese swords but sometimes get them that vets brought home. I collect older Marine Corp items, maybe I can trade it. Richard Marquette an old retired guy in Florida
  12. Jacques: Here is an overall shot. I can not remove the habaki it is rusted and frozen to blade. I tried soaking in WD40 and tapping but it started to dent the edge so I left alone. Also there is a possibility that the tang was broken near the middle hole and repaired a long long time ago.Richard
  13. JOHN: Requested a whole upright photo of Nakago: Hope this is better Richard
  14. I'm sorry if I have posted too many pics, but last time I was told not enough. So, I'm trying to do better. Richard
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