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    Armor evolution video

    Thanks JP..learned a lot. I know very little about armour.
  2. Nice little feeds on the main NMB page too, showing top downloads, and new ones added too.
  3. Just a reminder all, to check out the downloads section in the header above. I am constantly updating and adding articles there. This is a wonderful new way to share them, and there are some top class additions. Check out the new ones by Mal Cox, Paul B, Martin, Mauro, George, Guido etc. You can also now rate them and even give a review. There will be lots of books added as well. Don't miss it.
  4. Pietro....I wonder if they really believe that's a mushroom?
  5. Glad the image has an attribution at the bottom. Vital to give thanks and credit where it's due. In this case, David Pepin,
  6. Steve, I LOVE the way you take the time to format your answer and even highlight in colour. I think I speak for us all when I say huge thanks and we all appreciate it.
  7. Why not indeed. I would have paid $20. I do have a few pieces like this, and even though they are not viable swords, they are nice to mess around with. Make a good utility knife too. Try some Evaporust on that.
  8. Glad you made it Dave. Also important to do these intros for guys you may want to buy from to alay any fears. Enjoy the forum, lots of like minded martial artists and sword enthusiasts.
  9. If I find a fake account, I change the name myself and ban it. Good logical thinking there Pietro. Adam claims to be setting up new accounts to prove "he can change" Adam...now is not the time. Now is time to sit back and chill and get OFF the radar. Starting fake accounts will make me take very bad actions against you. Just CHILL and go quiet.
  10. @Dave L Please post an intro in the General Discussion thread...it will help, since with one post you aren't going to get many sellers trusting you. Always helps if you know some known people in the community. We are justifiably cautious. Thanks.
  11. That really isn't an excuse for lack of communication and partial orders. Would like to hear from the website to see if this is isolated or a growing problem. It isn't rocket science to keep clients updated, and refunds for short delivery shouldn't be an issue.
  12. To clarify, NOT Pier's one. The one linked from Aoi. TBH..I am really not even sure what we are discussing anymore. What else is there to debate?
  13. Piers, That is so far from reality that it needs no reply. And he can't anyways, as he is on moderated posting and I only approve vital ones. Ignore that. Every one of us wants your sword. It is a beautiful sword, in polish, with classic sudareba, nicely signed, clearly shoshin, published in a famous book. How many of us can say that? If you ever think it's worthless...I'll gladly take it off your hands at cost
  14. Bazaa, you may well be right. The material is thick, and the wooden core can be taken out and it is still heavy. I think it can’t be thin pressed brass. Yes, cast is likely as it retains the weight. There is signs of lead soldering. Curious little beast
  15. Ken, I expect it was glued in with pitch or something. But a little encouraging allowed the blade to come out of the wood inner. As expected, it is not traditionally shaped, but does show age. No mekugi-ana. Bearing in mind the nakago is similar size to a kozuka one..I think it still points to the above theories. Pictured with the tiny habaki next to a regular habaki for a small tanto. So meiji period export tourist piece, or post wartime shrine trinket or tourist purchase? I guess with the patina etc..I'm leaning towards at least 100 years old.
  16. Have seen a few myself. Just a yasurime preference by some smiths. Usually Seki wartime ones.
  17. George, Thank you for that answer, and it certainly does make sense. Now I have a bit of a confession. I played a slight prank on the members. I wanted to see how people would respond. I figure many thought "tourist item, doesn't he know the difference by now?" and keep quiet. Or maybe they just thought I am delusional and need to study more. Love to hear from people what they thought. Truth is I did find this on local eBay, and did a deal on it with the seller. Yes..it cost me 1200...but Rands, not $'s. So about $75. Which I am very happy for . And the reality is that this is SMALL. larger than a kogatana, smaller than a kaiken. It is do darn cute that I love it. Nagasa is 13.5cm. But feel heavy due to the mounts. I'm betting it doesn't have a hamon....but will uchiko a bit and see what it shows. Anyways, nothing fantastic and I think what George said is very possible indeed. I bought it because it was cheap, cute and displays well. And the work is very nice too. So here she is...little cutie at not much money.
  18. Another piece popped up locally on FB, and i grabbed it. I know these pressed brass mounts are associated with late Meiji period export pieces and sometimes souvenirs etc, but couldn't resist this one. Has some nice brass decoration. Unusual, I usually see the same old aoi mon. Quite intricate too, even though just brass plate punched from the back I assume. Have not removed the blade and seen the nakago as there is no way I can see easily. Likely glued in there and the blade is possibly with no hamon or oil quenched. We don't see Japanese stuff here, so I was prepared to pay the 1200 that was asked. Will make a nice addition to my other Meiji pieces. Definitely Japanese I assume...nothing Chinese here I hope.
  19. http://www.ricecracker.com/info/yoshimichi.htm
  20. 150 message limit...check sent messages too. Gold membership takes that up to 500 messages. (Gratuitous advert)
  21. Really sad to hear that, and to see that it was deliberate. I hope you get it back. I make my sellers triple tape parcels now...basically make it so difficult to open that they give up. Even taping the inner parcel to the outside. Just a tip. There are evil people out there.
  22. No, no forum in the world has that option. Leave that up to me.
  23. Wow...nice tanto John! This should fly. And if you have 2 organizations giving it the same attribution, I think the papers are safe. Good luck with the sale.
  24. Hi Yurie, Please keep up the fantastic work! I deleted the comments about the spelling. You do amazingly well, considering English is not your first language. Assisting with corrections I am sure is helpful, but there are better ways for our members to do that, and perhaps it does not come across as polite as it is intended. Thank you from all of us. I hope oneday this whole project will be published.
  25. Sounds like he got it in that state. I won't comment on the mei except to say any ken are scarce, and should be carefully investigated. If it has a chance of being shoshi, then a repatination of the nakago is possible, and a polish would make it look great. It does have a well finished nakago, so even if gimei it may benefit from some professional work.
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