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  1. Condolences, and thoughts go out to those who knew him.
  2. Brian

    Tanto w/o mei

    Nope..as per Grey
  3. People try literally translating Japanese into English. Doesn't work that way. I'm betting it is just a name, or the smith's name with kore as "made" Likely an attempt at a surrender tag or identification. I wouldn't put any stock into that translation.
  4. Can't tell from the pics how much of the tip it has lost. CVan we get an overall pic of the whole blade from directly above?
  5. Very poor horimono. Amost certainly put together for resale. Likely Japanese though
  6. Speak to Paul Martin. This is the place to find out, but unfortunately English doesn't seem to be on their list of priorities: https://www.tousyoukai.jp/
  7. Congrats Manuel! Well done, and a lovely tsuba.
  8. That's an odd one. First thought is that someone took a Gunto koshirae, cut down the tsuka and tip of the saya, and mounted the blade in it. But with the awkward shinogi-zukuri shape, maybe it's the tip of a katana converted anyways. Otherwise it may be a fantasy piece/fake. Other than those 2 choices, I don't have any other possibilities, as it certainly isn't official.
  9. You could do a lot worse than pick up a copy of this book and the translation. https://japaneseswor...rs-with-translation/
  10. Sunlight is damaging to urushi and tsuka ito?
  11. Indeed. It seems as though they were all very proud of the workshop, and I bet it was considered a status symbol to be able to work with him. They must have been very disciplined, capable and trusted prisoners to be allowed to work under him. Also, some of the areas of that sword are still in very good condition, with nice polish. Doesn't need much work at all, can be appreciated as is. Hamon is textbook Emura (school)
  12. Awesome! So glad to see this play out and that it seems there will be a great outcome. Keep us updated Colin, and thanks Mark!
  13. There's always that risk. But to fully appreciate Japanese swords, I think it's important to know what is involved in restoring and preserving them. It could also show novices how much is involved, and WHY you need to be trained to do this. So overall, I consider it a must-have book and one of the more enjoyable ones.
  14. Pretty sure that is saku (made) and the one before (I'm likely wrong) could be kore or something related to the "made"
  15. Try calling the Token Society, maybe they know of a collector with a similar name? Could it be Peter Cook?
  16. Bruce, that hamon pattern closer to the machi is just fairly distinctive for Nagamitsu and Emura. Not to say there aren't many other smiths out there similar, but it's a good clue. As you mentioned, hard to say when exactly. But 1943/1944 would be a good guess. Emura had many apprentices/prisoners helping him work, and often signing, hence the wide range of signatures. But either way, it's considered his work, and a good find. Since you got it cheap, I would spring for a shirasaya and display it with the fitings in tsunagi to show its lineage. The mounts would cost too much to fix up. Oil, wipe, and a bit of careful uchiko, and the blade will look much better.
  17. Yes and yes :-) https://www.japanese...dindex.com/emura.htm
  18. Did we call that right or what? Congrats! A nice solid Gendaito. You did great.
  19. How about you have a look at Narcissus' law. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissism You think you're an educator. But you're just an agitator. You could easily post "That school is not applicable because XYZ...." But instead you choose the easy route of refuting without evidence instead of elaborating. You're really not as clever as you think.
  20. Jacques, if you have anything of significance to add, then by all means post it. If your response is directed at the poster and not the item, put down the keyboard, step away, and go for a nice walk in nature. I'm not going to allow personal attacks anymore from anyone. You really do work hard to confirm your reputation, don't you?
  21. Many thanks to you Chandler, and the other member/s who assisted. Really appreciate it.
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