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  1. Very nice Ian! Good quality and condition.
  2. That sword needs to be investigated further. Looks to be a high class traditional sword, and is 100% NOT a mass produced low quality piece. Put some pressure on them to have it evaluated.
  3. Beautiful polish, lovely looking sword. Congrats. Something to enjoy that will survive for the future.
  4. That was Chris I believe. Still need to add it to the FAQ
  5. Aoi mon are probably the most common symbols used out of all the mon, and rarely signify anything. Used profusely on later koshirae, nothing to do with the Tokugawa in 99% of the cases.
  6. During the war, I'm pretty sure Emura didn't have any significant reputation and no-one would have faked his signature. This must have been long after the war. Even a student wouldn't sign like this. This is just fantasy.
  7. Consider the size of those mon. The pics make them look large, but in reality they must have been a few mm across.
  8. I edited it. People should choose the "paste as plain text" when they copy paste. Otherwise you are copying the source formatting.
  9. Quality of the work was high...not tourist quality. But agree, that is too much to spend on unknowns.
  10. Phillip, received with thanks. Really appreciate each and every supporter, and glad we can make a difference.
  11. Lots of sales lately....I am starting to become aware of how much "behind the scenes" trades and sales happen too. Hundreds of messages and comms daily. Good to know...the market is active. So just a liiiitttlllleeee bump
  12. Nope. Assuming pc, just click the 3 dots and choose "share" There's your link.
  13. @jt nesbittYou should start a new thread in the Izakaya telling us about the process/experience building this, or just your interaction with Jay etc. Love to hear more about it.
  14. There is zero chance of ever finding who owned it or returning it. Just make sure your family takes care of it. Potentially a good sword. Fittings are good too. Someone will advise you how to remove the tsuka and see if there's a signature. As for the story of how it was acquired, I suspect the story changed over time, no offense. This is not the sort of sword anyone in WW2 would have been carrying in battle in those fittings. Maybe acquired after the war or in Japan. It's a nice sword and better than most wartime ones would have been.
  15. Are they allowed? No. But they do. Lots of collectors in China who quietly collect and don't make it public. Yes..there are warehouses with WW2 stuff still sitting there. But govt controlled and no way to get access. I don't think they care much about it.
  16. Rules require pricing please. You can edit and add, @Fathergascan
  17. Drafting up articles is still the best place to put single subjects. You compile them, I host them. Better than wading through threads, and that is exactly what the downloads section is for. We still have a nice STORE feature here that isn't used yet. If someone wants to put together monologues or something, and publish it, anything can be sold here with a proper storefront, even downloads...and maybe even at a low price of a few $'s...which I can pass on to an author. Just a thought for those who like to do articles or small books.
  18. If I was the seller, I'd be pissed. The signature can mean the difference of more than 100% of the end value. I wouldn't gamble without a nakago pic.
  19. That is all done with acid etching. No folding involved. But it makes a nice conversation piece and decorator. You'll find you first real one here on the forum when you are ready.
  20. Real Japanese swords won't show folded steel. I'm afraid this is very likely a fake
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