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  1. Any chance you still have that 3 rabbits tsuba?

  2. I have a Masayasu in fresh polish... Very heavy blade with original and #s matching marine mounts with interesting black Nitrocellulose samegawa. Has one spot of battle damage to side of blade just above hamon. Looks like small shrapnel hit, does not really detract. pics available at your request.
  3. Brian, As far as i can tell, there are no other Masayasu wartime smiths (other than his students) . I checked the gendai and showa databases, there are no other Masayasu smiths listed. .. Aspects of the mei are consistent with known examples... especially the "yasu". The 45* angle to the Yasuri mie is consistent with Nakirishi Mei.. Soshin examples seem to always be horizontal and with the noted punch mark at the bottom of the nakago. As I already have a Soshin example, im thinking it may be interesting to have one made by a student as well.
  4. Brian, Unless i am mistaken, which i very well could be, It is my understanding that Masayasu (and his students) only made Gendaito. Slough only lists medium grade Gendaito being attributed to his work.. I do wish there was some more detailed information available about this particular maker and the shop that he ran. There does appear to be Hamon. The turn back on the boshi is fairly well pronounced. What i meant was that I could not see hada or hamon up close in the picture, as there is no close up shot, not that it was not there to be seen.
  5. To revive this topic, I have the opportunity to pick up another blade Signed Masa Yasu, though it appears to be Nakirishi mei. It also only has a 2 kanji Mei. Blade is in good polish in wartime mount with no apparent issues. Cant see the hada or hamon up close but pretty sure its Gendaito.. no stamps.. Crumbling leather cover over wood saya. Seller is asking 1495.00. USD.. Is that about market for Nakirishi Mei or is it a bargain?
  6. If i had seen this while i was in Japan i would have lost my mind... and my savings.
  7. I'll weigh in here as i am actually a student of Ninjutsu..I can't validate anything about the man in the above video other than that he runs the "ninja" museum in Iga but I study Genbukan Ninjutsu under the seal of Shoto Tanemura (https://genbukan.org/home/masters/267-2/) and call tell you definitively that Shuriken are 100% real. They came in all different sizes as they had varied uses. Some were used as hand weapons, some used for distraction, some could be used for climbing. The needle type mentioned above are called Bo-Shuriken. Most were never really used as you see them in the movies as lethal one shot throwing weapon. It could be done, but was more of a secondary consideration. As for ninja being peasants, yes sometimes they were, but more often than not, they were actually samurai. I put out a request through my teacher to see if i can get a picture of some of the ancestral pieces Tanemura Sensei may have in his possession so that we can study them.
  8. I have a fuchi with a locking hole in it.. Its in reasonable shape off a type 98. Its a touch bigger.. measures 38.3 x 20.74 I have a few other odds and ends floating about as well. Matching kashira (Kabuto Gane).. a semegane off the saya and 2 late war ashi hangers with loops. Kurt If it works , pay me shipping and make a donation to the board.
  9. That is certainly a fake.. Take a moment to read the info in the link provided.. It shows you may of the tell tale signs. http://jssus.org/nkp/fake_japanese_swords.html Kurt
  10. Well, radishes were used in the process of making tsuba... Other than that? I do recall reading (needing citation) that many samurai would have themes or designs on their swords that were a bit of an inside joke or a reference to a story/poem.. Hard to say . Nice piece though.
  11. What kind are you looking for? Theme to match? Materials?
  12. Having paid almost nothing for it i would think it's worth the cost of a polish and shirasaya regardless, if it's healthy enough to take one that is. Wish i could trip over a score like this. Nice find.
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