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  1. Nice blade, and a nice find! A Type 95 NCO sword was my first true Japanese made sword. Careful, they're addicitve!
  2. Beautiful, and a nice bo-hi on this one. Do you have any photos of the nakago?
  3. Adam, I love the TV in the fireplace...with the virtual fire burning! Ha! I currently don't have the space to display...in an apartment with roomates. Also, always worried about theft. I keep mine locked up in the gun cabinet.
  4. The Doctor had a very nice sword! Very cool!
  5. It's really cool when a sword can be placed to a specific veteran, recovered from a specific battle. Lots of good detail, thanks for posting!
  6. Thanks Klaus! I'm actually already in contact with him now.
  7. Good to know! I find myself in need of one of these now as well. I'll send an email to Mark.
  8. The fittings look legit. But that nakago....could it be a showato arsenal sword that had the nakago ground down to fit the habaki and tusga, instead of them being fitted to the nakago? I've seen a few examples like that, wartime production rush work.
  9. Just signed up. Was very simple and easy. Honestly, I rarely donate to sites. But I have to say that I've learned a LOT here on NMB. It's really been an invaluable resource. Especially for those like me who are fairly new to Nihonto and Japanese Military swords of all types. And frankly it's saved me plenty in avoiding some bad purchases that otherwise would've been made out of ignorance. As for a name, Gold is fine. (I like the little ryo image a lot). But if you really want to change it, maybe "Daimyo"?
  10. I'll bet a .30-06 bullet will fit that hole perfectly
  11. I'll have to leave the details to others more knowlegdable than I. Cool blade though, definately an older one. I like it. Even cooler with the veteran's old box.
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