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  1. Nice going Gwyn! I do hold my manhood cheap for dropping out of Shotokan karate as a lowly 1st kyu in the mid 1990s but, as usual, life and work got in the way. It's great to hear from some of the serious martial artists on here swinging swords and pounding boards in their 60s and 70s. Sorry for the hijack. I don't have my first sword but don't regret not having it. I like my swords but wouldn't be unhappy to part with them. I do, however, have some fittings that really speak to me and they would be one hell of a wrench to let go.
  2. A couple of decades in your trouser pocket should do it if you’re patient but I’d be reaching for the Hammerite.
  3. Hi Michael, Have you thought about making contact with this gentleman? https://yuhindo.com As well as selling some top class items he has some interesting views on collecting (have a read of his blog) and can no doubt advise on building a collection or a one item collection if that’s what you want.
  4. You're absolutely right Geraint. Joking apart though, I don't see enough swords in hand and so I spend too much time on Swordhub getting off on other people's finds and purchases. It can affect your eyesight can't it?
  5. Hi Okan, It's nothing to worry about. In most cases the shinogi ji is burnished, but occasionally not. Sometimes the polisher will add his signature (the thing that looks like a bar code) at the kissaki mune as in the picture in the thread linked by Jason above. Other times it will be at the habaki moto as in Jason's first picture. That the polisher hasn't burnished the whole of the mune in your blade is probably just the preference of the polisher.
  6. Hi Chris, Looking again, I’m pretty sure it’s Takayama to. The yama kanji is vague but the others are there. I know next to nothing about military blades so I’ll leave it to you guys to debate.
  7. I may have misread the first part of the mei. I think Jean is correct though. Any chance of some clearer pictures of the first part?
  8. The bit above is hard to see but looks like “Takayama to”. Some discussion here:
  9. A long kerikubi (the part between the blade and the tang) is usually an indicator of a koto yari. The one on yours is long so, yes, it could be muromachi.
  10. $1,362.46. Or this less the value of the mounts if the one you’ve been offered isn’t mounted. https://www.aoijapan.net/wakizashi-hayato-jyu-minamoto-yasutsugu/ $5k is way over the odds.
  11. I’ve looked at at again and it looks better second time around. I’m sure you’ve made a good choice and thanks for letting us play around at spending your money.
  12. Fair comment Jean. Sometimes my suspicious nature gets the better of me.
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