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  1. Thank you very much gentlemen! I’ll post pictures of the blade and mounts when I get home later today. Thanks again? Tom
  2. Hi All, I just picked up this sword and am hoping the forum members can help me out again. Thank you all very much in advance! Tom
  3. Thank you all very much for your information. Bruce, I actually have Dawson’s book and didn’t think to look in it! I’ve been looking at mons. Thanks again, Tom
  4. I started this thread in the translation section and one of the members wanted to see the whole sword. It has an interesting mon that I cannot find in any of my books. Has anyone seen a mon like this? Thank you for any information, Tom
  5. Thank you John. Have you ever seen this mon on a sword before? Tom
  6. Ok, thanks again John for your expertise! Here are more pictures, if they should be moved to a different forum please let me know and how to do it. Also, does anyone recognize the mon? I cannot find it in any of my books. Thank you very much, Tom
  7. Thank you very much John and Jean. Can you also please tell me what the rest of the characters mean on the signature side? Thanks again, Tom
  8. I recently bought this sword and am hoping someone can please help me out with the translation. Thank you all very much for any information. Tom
  9. Luis, thank you very much for your advice. Tom
  10. Hi all, I really appreciate everyone's expertise and advice as I am a novice at this game. As far as restoration the blade is 19" long, can someone please give me an approximation as to cost for such a service? It does appear to have a nice hamon under all those "scratches"! Again thank you all very much, Tom
  11. Hi all, I'm a relatively new member and am hoping the members here might be able to help me. I recently picked up this sword that was sitting in a basement for many years, and as you can see in the pictures has condition issues. Can someone please help with the age and translation of the tang and saya? Also it it worth restoration? I will be extremely grateful for any comments and advice. Thank you all very much, Tom
  12. Thank you very much gentlemen, yes, I guess it very well could be a cadet sword as it is small. I'll definitely look into the possibility of making a replacement screw. Thanks again, Tom
  13. I recently picked up this shore patrol sword and I think it's unusual because it has "ears" on the back strap like a sergeant's sword. I'm wondering if anyone here can enlighten me as to what exactly this is? The mekugi screw was already broken and I'm also wondering if any one here can direct me to a replacement screw. Thank you all very much for any comments and words of wisdom. Tom
  14. Thank you all very much gentlemen, I'm also inclined to think Masatoshi although it does take a bit of stretch. Sincerely, Tom
  15. Thank you both very much for your input. I sincerely appreciate your help. Tom
  16. I recently purchased an army mounted sword with this mei. Can someone please help me with the translation? There are no other markings on the tang. Thank you very much, Tom
  17. Thank you very much Stephen, I went to the site you posted and followed that to another site and found my exact stamp. Mukden from 1943 on. Thanks again, Tom
  18. Thank you both for your help. I've added a couple more pictures of the inspection stamp that I cannot identify. It's not very clear on the tang and my camera is not the best, but I hope you will be able to see it clear enough. Thank you again, Tom
  19. Thank you all very much for the information. Bruce as requested here are pictures of the blade. It is a parade chrome plated unsharpened blade. There are no manufacturers marks anywhere and I also thought that was a sorghum emblem hence why I was thinking Japanese manufacturer. I see no way of removing the hilt as the nut seems peened and polished. Thanks again for everyone's help. Tom
  20. I'm hoping someone can help me with the translation of this mei and identify the stamp on this tang. Thank you very much. Tom Foster
  21. I picked this up several years ago and still have not been able to find out exactly what this is. It looks like it could be made by a Japanese dress sword company but the only markings are the serial numbers that match on the drag and the handle. Does anyone know what this is? Thank you very much, Tom Foster
  22. Stephen, thank you very much for your insight. Yes, it makes complete sense that it is assembly marks and not a mei. Tom
  23. Hi all, I picked this dirk up years ago and figured the great people of this forum might be able to help me. It has an unusual shaped blade and an upside down tang signature. I believe it translates Yahori. Has anyone else seen an upside down signature and if so what does this mean?
  24. Thank you very much Dave for that link. It's very interesting. Tom
  25. Thank you very much Steve, but what is a RJT smith? Sorry for my ignorance. Tom
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