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  1. Is 360mm classed as a large tanto or short wakizashi? Late muromachi shobu zukuri. Sori 16mm Nagasa 360mm Nagako 100mm
  2. Hey Pnsshogun No tsuka just as the pics show
  3. It's short with a 370mm blade length I thought.
  4. Thanks Phillip, ok yeah I probably paid more than it's worth then approx $500 USD. Not into resale value purely bought as a beginning to a new collection.
  5. Hi Ian, I'm a newbie at this. Can you explain the forging flaws please. What makes it not collectable? I don't mean to be blunt (no pun intended) as I said I'm new to collecting and any info helps. Thanks
  6. Can someone tell me if this looks right please. Not in my hands yet, pics supplied by seller.. Description provided in pics. John
  7. Thank you all, I will get additional pictures & add.
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