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  1. AH Does that mean you have a prototype Board track racer.
  2. Absolutely Beautiful I love the car what is it reminds me of a Bugatti.
  3. He just offered it to me for $3500
  4. Here is my Komonjo for comparative.Endo Mitsuoki your one looks legit to me but then again i have a lot to learn.
  5. Hi All i have been declined to bid at this auction i would have loved to buy theses books HAWLEY, W.M. Japanese Swordsmiths . Vol 1-2. Privately printed, 1966-7. plus more hope someone here can win them. HindmanAuctions.com
  6. Steve you are a champion thank you.
  7. Help with this mei please
  8. Yoshida Kaneugi Listed on page 72 John Scott Slough.
  9. Wow that is one great collection
  10. Looks like a few are getting around this one sold recently at auction at a huge price, Blade does not even have a hamon
  11. Intersecting hawk feathers in a circle. Used by Asano, Otani, Abe. Found this Tsuka for sale on the net.
  12. BaZZa. 66.5 cm cutting edge i think it looks longer in the photo.
  13. Maeda Yoshiteru A student of Tadayoshi i think if you have any more info on this smith let me know.
  14. Keep them coming Neil how many Beautiful sword do you have????
  15. Hi Grey. Thanks for that.
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