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  1. Thank's Bruce and John. I can now start to research Kaneuji
  2. Thank's to you all for your help and support.
  3. Hi John there is no stamp to me it does not look like anything has been removed but then again i am only a amateur.
  4. Thank's Jean. So it may be a hand made blade.
  5. Thank you Steve I will try and do some research i am glad it is not a gimme.
  6. I think i stuffed up again is it a gimme
  7. Hi all picked this one up today in fair condition will be restored one day thank you to every one who has helped me over the past couple of months.
  8. vfc

    Date help

    Thank you John
  9. Hi all still learning does this say showa 1944
  10. Hi Brodie are you the new owner, It was a bit over my price range, it is a beautiful sword.I would drool over the photos every day.
  11. Blade needs a polish but other wise fair condition.
  12. Wow that was fast thank you Matt.
  13. The harder i try the worse i get help please.
  14. Hi all thinking about buying this blade only, but i do not trust the mei .
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