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  1. Adam- The current Administration here in the US is in the process of de-funding our Postal service for political reasons. It is shameful, but as it stands, I would not rely on USPS for the next few months. Apologies from everyone in the USA. We will be making a correction to our priorities soon. -- JT
  2. YAHOO!! I just took delivery of two fantastic swords from Aoi Japan!! They finally broke down and did some kind of deal with UPS (who had previously informed me on the phone that they do not ship "weapons" - no way- no how). I had to pay an additional $38 in customs fees, and provide my social security number to some lady at UPS over the phone. I am not in the habit of doing that, but whatever, got the shipment through. Whew, that was a rough 5 months, but I think worth it. I hope that the group will too, after I post a few shots of these swords next week. Thanks to everybody who followed this thread. --- JT
  3. Mark- FedEx currently has a 5 day delivery time from Tokyo to New Orleans. As I said earlier- I just got a delivery of an Ebay Wakizashi no problem. Japan Post/EMS is dead, but FedEx is up and running. That is the issue here. I would argue that Aoi is not being creative enough with shipping...Aren't they supposed to be the experts in exporting swords from Japan? Why am I conducting the shipping experiments? I am a total novice and have successfully gotten a Sword from Japan to the USA. I shared the results of the experiment with Aoi. Again - why is a chucklehead nobody like me advising Aoi on how to ship swords? --- JT
  4. Mike- As a craftsman myself, I have NO issues waiting for a craftsman to execute work that takes time. What I have little patience for is delivery of good sold by a vendor, even if that means taking a hit to meet a client's expectations (I do this as a matter of daily business). There are at least 3 NMB members waiting on deliverables....I would hope that Aoi gets the message - The natives are getting restless. -- JT
  5. Hey James- If you do a lot of business with them, do you personally know somebody there? Could you convince them to ship via FedEx? Like I said earlier, I had a sword shipped to the states with FedEx last month and it arrived exactly 5 DAYS after pickup in Saitama. I am not convinced that Aoi is making an effort to find alternate shipping, meanwhile our lowly Ebay sellers are shipping out no problem! My Ebay vendor labeled the blade as "Imitation Sword", FedEx took it, insured it, shipped it, delivered it to my front door in New Orleans, no problem! The total shipping cost was $150....I would gladly pay additional money for FedEx delivery, and offered to pay more to Aoi, but got no traction with my communication to them. -- JT
  6. Hey James- Thanks for volunteering for Sword Rescue! Looks like Mike may have a similar situation...If things get really bad, maybe we could both throw in together. Have either of Y'all had a sorta "standoffish" relationship with Aoi, or is it just me? It's my first time doing business with them, but have found that my low-end Ebay vendors actually are more responsive and go the extra mile to deliver. I got an Ebay sword delivered from Japan last month...The vendor got creative with the item description, and charged me an extra $100, but I got it FedEx in 5 days. -- JT
  7. Barry- I see that you are in Canada, I think that Canada is NOT on the "no fly" list. Are you aware of any kind of forwarding service from Canada to the US for this kind of thing? Thanks for your comment! --- JT
  8. Alex- The swords are still in their possession (I think). As far as I know, permission to ship from the Government has been given for one. I have asked on numerous occasions about whether permission to ship the second had been finalized, and gotten no answer. I sometimes wonder if I had bought a $50,000 blade if the service would be more attentive, communication more consistent, and shipping handled with more urgency and creativity. -- JT
  9. Friends- I am coming up on 3 months since I bought a couple of swords from Aoi. Both are fully paid for via bank wire transfer. I bought them at just the wrong time- right before the suspension of EMS, and right before I really got involved with the NMB and discovered Ray Singer's excellent matchmaking services. I have pleaded with Aoi to try to ship via FedEx and label these as "Antique Japanese Art (Nihonto)" not as "weapons" which FedEx will apparently not accept. I offered to pay more for the shipping. Aoi responded by saying that they tried to fill out the bill of lading as such, but FedEx would not accept the documentation. So the total I wired in to Aoi is not crazy money, $5,000, but was the last I had budgeted this year for sword collecting, and like most of y'all, I have a wandering eye. Lots of temptation to resist. Kinda like I got married, but had no honeymoon, then discovered that there was a strip club right around the corner. Anybody have any ideas about getting swords from Japan to the US during this weird time? Should I just hold on and wait? Should I ask for a refund? If I asked for a refund, would Aoi be pissed and not want to do business with me in the future? For what it's worth, I really like the 2 swords that I bought, I am just feeling a bit powerless in this situation with no idea when EMS will resume, and no sense of attentive customer service or engagement from Aoi. They have NEVER reached out to me to give any kind of update, I have always initiated contact and they have always curtly responded with a 2 line "wait longer" response. Am I the only one in this situation? Thanks for listening. --- JT
  10. Dang. I think I just lost my ranking as the plankton of the NMB food chain. Well, it was fun while it lasted.... Dong- On the recommendation of one of the great people here on the board (Ray Singer), I bought this book - https://www.amazon.com/Kokan-Nagayama/dp/1568365810/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=the+connoisseurs+book+of+Japanese+swords&qid=1593199721&sr=8-1 It is a bit of a challenging read for a total noob, but I think the best one that I have when it comes to having a text that can be used practically when identifying stuff. Also - When buying your first piece, be sure that it has a Yellow NBTHK certificate that matches the Nakago (tang of the blade). That way you can be fairly certain that it is at least authentic. -- JT
  11. Brian- Do you have an example of incorrect green paper attribution? I have read about it on the NMB, and everyone seems to agree that they are "worthless", but I haven't seen a post that shows a green paper that has a bogus attribution presented next to a yellow paper that has the correct attribution....Any past threads that illustrate this? Thanks --- JT PS- Is this a good example of "shintetsu" ?
  12. The offer to sell this sword was in jest...not at all what I am trying to learn about from this group of experts whom I greatly admire. I don't want to sell anything, I want to learn this material from the bottom up. If the general consensus is that these papers are accurate, would someone please post an example of AUTHENTIC FAKE green papers? (Hilarious thought, right!?) -- JT
  13. George- If the only automotive experience one ever had were driving Ferraris, would they be as special? One must test drive a few Yugos to have real perspective. -- JT
  14. This message board is crazy! I love the weirdness of it all! .....OK then, entertaining offers over $1,300 And I should move this post over to Nihonto For Sale...
  15. Gentlemen- Please allow me the space to make a fool of myself one last time. I think that I may have reached a benchmark here... Falling off a cliff, and hitting EVERY rock on the way down, without missing a single opportunity to make a mistake. Keep in mind - having a documented record of failure for posterity on the NMB is a great teaching tool for those who are un-registered and therefore cannot comment, and the timid newbies, that like myself, only a few months ago, were too shy to expose their own personal failings for fear of losing money on a bad investment. The greatest sin of all - is being incurious - I have a new enlightened paradigm, and this post is dedicated to the silent majority. To wit; My track record so far, has been to introduce to the NMB: A HanTanRen-To - Presented in a shirasaya to fool an unsuspecting buyer into thinking that a masterpiece of masame-hada construction could be had for $1200: http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/31840-what-in-the-cornbread-hell-is-this/ An altered Sayagaki attributing a $510 Wakizashi to Sadamune that was not even close: http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/32245-sayagaki-translation/ A geimei Wakizashi attributed to a famous smith that real Nihonto experts dismiss: http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/32344-rai-kinmichi-shobu-wakizashi/ An artificially aged Shinshinto nakago to emulate a Koto blade: http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/32388-yamato-hosho-tanto/?hl=hosho Logically, the last piece of the puzzle is bad papers. I think that I may have a Full House here, I hope that you will concur: I bought this one awhile back on Ebay (of course) for $1,300. I bought it for no other reason than it was the cheapest katana with papers available at the time. I am hoping that you will confirm that the infamous NBTHK green papers associated with this katana represent the low point of the 1970's NBTHK scandal and will therefore complete my collection of Bogus Blades, and Nefarious Nihonto! Thanks for your honest opinion! -- JT PS - These are my photos, so I hope I at least score some points for technical improvement.
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