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  1. These are some better pictures. Does this help? Thanks, Brandon
  2. Steve, Do you know if it is available in English. Or do you know a way that I can translate it? This is all very fascinating. I wish I could read both sides of the tang. Thank you, Brandon
  3. Tom, It feels extremely balanced. Is that good if it is mitsu-mune? Here are two more pictures. Brandon
  4. Here are more pictures of the Kuniyuki Wakizashi. Thoughts? Thanks, Brandon
  5. I have held different swords, but out of all of them it looks and feels amazing. Thanks, Brandon
  6. Is it possible that this is a Monju Shigekuni sword. That would account why it has an inscription instead of a name and also why is was shortened. Just wandering. Please be patient with me. I am just trying to learn, Thanks again, Brandon
  7. Here are a bunch of pictures of the sword. Sorry about the latter pictures. They were not as clear. In my opinion it is the finest sword that I have. Any information would be greatly appreciated. It almost looks as if the man who owned this before me put powder on the mei to make it easier to see. Any idea who made this? With these pictures can the mei be completely translated? Any idea of the age of the sword? Any information on the Habaki? What does it mean if it is silver? What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance, Brandon
  8. Thank you for taking the time to research this for me. I was wandering if these will help. Thanks, Brandon
  9. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brandon
  10. It seems surface rust not terribly deep. Here are more pictures of the tanto. Many thanks again. Brandon
  11. Dear Geraint, Thank you so much for responding to me. I appreciate any and all advice. Is it possible to tell which Kuniyuki made it. Also I have a tanto that i have been told might be worth spending the money on to have it restored. I would love to have feedback on it.
  12. I am trying to date this blade. I can't figure out which Kuniyuki made it. I am also trying to figure out if it is worth the money to do a full polish and mount. Please help. I am new on here so bare with me.
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