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  1. thank you very much now i have research to do...you guys rock,,,,joe
  2. new ko waki i just got can anyone read the mei...i sure cant....thank you joe decius
  3. some better pics of my antique rescue...with more to come soon
  4. no...im not a polisher....not gonna start that stuff again...i do work on them tho..i mainly study for now
  5. i switched out the tsuba....i have a moko peace that fits this blade and it matches the habaki ....the one it came with was way too lose but very nice and fits perfect on my hizen to....
  6. now i don't want anyone thinking i bend swords but this one needed to be straightened out just a tad....and o kissaki wen kissaki is much longer than it is wide....in a few days the polish should be able to tell more of the story.....but still not bad for 300 bucks?
  7. i found this and bought it for a good price it was a nice black tone , now i side is cleaner ...any thoughts on age school ...i welcome all opinions...its s little on the thin side and not as stiff as most of the swords I've had...my ko mino uchigatana was about the same as far as them being thinner and more flexible than the blades I've has that wer not as old....also o found 2 very small umegane its impressive how small they are an some tiny hada ware ...im impressed that and the o kissaki had me interested off the bat...it shows all the tell tale signs of being repaired at least a few times in the kissaki and monouchi area monouchi is almost straight and very little turn back is left in the boshi....i think its old and o suriage and should turn out nice wen restored
  8. lol ok im down with that...ill send you any of the stuff I cant make any use of,as it comes in
  9. the waki on the table is a mino blade but it edo period, this blade however I cant tell you much about, perhaps you could give you opinion
  10. it was an old ko bizen den tachi that was cut down to 22 inches, my sword guy said mid kamakura period.verry hi quality,this was only a two hour evaluation so he couldn't tell me what smith made it but he new the school and said that if I could give him a couple days to go threw his books he could tell me, but I sold it before he got the chance..this was wen the market crashed so I got it cheap ,I like the shape, and its hada very tight ko itame hada and a very well done hamon with no flaws and the fittings wer awesome, I got off ebay in 2007 for 1100.00. it was listed as edo sword.the worst listing ive ever found..I had it evaluated and was told that cause of the market it was only worth 5 grand, and that was on the low side......but I find this kind of stuff alot but never get to keep any of them for to long.to bad cause if I got papers on this one who knows what it was realey worth. but I hate money, and do not sell swords for a profit im just trying to trade up to the right katana,if im not selling them for food or rent
  11. hear are some of my goodies some I had to sell to pay rent and so on...life is rough like that ...but I truly belive that no man can own a koto sword...I believe that you pay a lot of money to have the honor and privilege of being steward to that sword until the torch gets passed down yet again, these are some swords wich I had such an honor to care for, tell me what you think....thx joe
  12. ok I seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot with this, I don't polish swords,i don't want sympathy, the pics I mentioned are of a knife I made. a 5 year old knife that the tip broke off so I did a Japanese temper on it and thought someone may want to see, thats the kind of stuff im referring to wen I say i polished ,except for a tanto I made for my selph that a real togi was going to throw away, and some plane blades from blades that wer fubar in evry way...im a kind man that loves the art of the Japanese sword and feel the same as you as far as amature polishers wrecking swords so why so hostile, I came hear to talk about the thing we all love nihonto,ive ben a member hear for all of 29 and already pissed people off,agian I am sorry and will never bring up the topic of untrained polishing again...joe decius
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