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  1. Sure, though its only interesting as a curio. Saw it in a local shop, someone had recognized what it was and priced it for $20, so I thought 'why not'.
  2. Its sad when people cannot see past their prejudices to what lay beyond. Art is art, no matter the format.
  3. I've got a wakizashi that's been cut in half, heavily rusted. Signature exists but I cannot make out the strokes. Cut was done recently judging from lack of oxidation.
  4. Simply gorgeous, no words are adequate.
  5. I am really digging the extra-long quillon!
  6. "For sale, one o-suriage guitar! O-suriage performed on stage by guitarist. Guitar is a real veteran!"
  7. Absolutely brutal to see this blade and not have any funds to lift a finger.
  8. A very attractive package overall!
  9. "Wall guns" are more of a European style of musket. They were large and had very long barrels, best suited for use upon fortress walls, thus 'wall' guns. They were typically too cumbersome to carry onto the battlefield.
  10. Looks like a gendaito to me just from the fittings alone though has it lost one of the seppa I wonder? Usually seppa come in pairs.
  11. I imagine he mailed it back home Bruce. They were then found in his widow's affects after she had passed. That's a pretty common story (though no less amazing! Proper provenance is awesome).
  12. Thanks Stephen! Had no idea uchiko could turn yellow like that! And I *think* I finally got a decent picture to show some detail up close. Let me know if this works or not.
  13. Also, quick question: does the signature contain some traces of gilding in it? It appears to be gold from my examination, I just assumed it was. Its definitely not a powder as I cannot remove it with a cotton swab and I am not aware of them using any kind of yellow lacquer.
  14. Still trying to capture a decent picture! Haven't given up yet. And upon hearing Sukehiro, I just assumed its gimei. The chance of me coming across a real one is approximately zero. Regardless of it being gimei, I bought it for the workmanship which seems to be fairly high.
  15. Given how fragile uchigatanas are in general, their relative scarcity, and the fact that you have core-steel exposed... it might be best to just leave it as is. It will have centuries of life left like this; who knows if it can take another polish?
  16. Thanks Juan! I'll try that first in the morning.
  17. I'll see what I can capture. Is there a particular angle where it might show up best at? Or just fiddle with it until I get it? Thanks!
  18. Thanks Ken! I'll see what I can do. Can anyone else glean the school/possible maker from what I've got already?
  19. Its alright! I just had to work at those photos for a while on a miserable humid day.
  20. I get what you're saying, but I could without the attitude. Thanks, I'll do that next time.
  21. Ah... probably gimei then? Mmm big name like that, probably gimei. But, I did buy it for the shape and the hamon pattern anyways, so no bother!
  22. This filesize limit is a real pain in the rear also... is that a feature of the gold membership or just a site limitation? Here's more:
  23. Hey guys, Been a while since I posted a blade, and while I am strapped for cash, this is a blade that I got in my trip to Arizona a while back from a gentleman by the name of Brian Quinn. A real stand-up guy and he sold this to me at a really fair price. Its fairly nice to look at and while the polish is not particularly great anymore, there's enough to enjoy. It measures 28.5" nagasa and has a mostly complete signature. I'll let the pictures do the talking since I am crap for words anyways. What I'd like is a name attached to this blade and an opinion on the signature itself. Anything else is gravy!
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