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  1. Hi all, not sure on this but think its script rather than kangi. Auction is still going and I have not bid as yet. Opinions please. Many thanks to all who give their time and expertise to us all. We really do appreciate! Even if we dont Say. I am so pleased to be apart of this group and really appreciate all the help you give me.
  2. Hi Grev, sorry for late reply. So Tadayoshi- mei or mumei? The tsuba has mei so either shoshin or gimei! I know some collectors who only go for mumei- cant be gimei but have seen blades with 3 different appraisals- I have one with 2- may put it up again and see! Cheers
  3. Hi members, Thanks to George, Steve and Barrie for their input on this tsuba mei. As I have not had any further responses with regard to samples of mei for Mitsunori 1651- 1692 (2nd master of the Genbei Goto line) I must assume that I will have to send to Shinsa. Thanks again for all who responded and to those who visited .Tsuba has landed so can now forward pics if your interested. Regards Mike.
  4. Thanks Jean, thought so but was really unsure. Thanks for the NMB links I am working my way thru them. Cheers
  5. Hi all, have this tsuba and not sure if the mei is Kunihiro or? Dont have many kanji resources but not sure if its right. Would appreciate any help you can give. Many thanks
  6. Dear George, Much appreciated for that info- I will try to source but dont know anyone with those resources. Might get lucky! Thank you so much for taking the time to share. Regards Mike.
  7. Dear George, Many thanks for that- thought there maybe a different line and this maybe one of them. Interesting its earlier- using info supplied unfortunately and its not papered obviously. Dont suppose you have a mei at all? Thanks once again. Mike
  8. Hi Steve, Many thanks for this example. Thats what Im looking for- as many as I can find so I can form an opinion on it. Regards Mike.
  9. Hello one and all, have come across this and am finding trouble sourcing a mei fo ( Im told?!) Goto Keijo ( Mitsumori) 1739 - 1804) have searched the Board but to no avail. Anyone have a mei for this Goto? Opinions welcomed and desired if possible. Many thanks for any assistance, Regards Mike
  10. Hi Mark, Bit late to this but I waited and waited until I could achieve what I thought of as a matching koshirae. I purchased a daisho koshirae with a dragon theme. All fittings are shakudo- fuchi kashira match but the dragons are in different positions and I strongly suggest they were made by the same hand- mumei. The menuki are the same - made by same hand , different poses and sizes for the dai and the sho- may even be the same maker as fuchi kashira - need papering! Also tsuba are a matching set but are a different maker as style of features on dragon heads vary from the others and background is not nanako as the F/K- when I get some decent pics I will post. Mind you It has taken me nearly ten years to find this daisho but I am extremly happy with them- my unicorn! I have other koshirae and have always been disappointed on the mismatched fittings- even though I greatly appreciate the craftsmanship of each piece. My feeling is that unless a koshirae was special order they are nearly always mismatched due to the many reasons already discussed. But they are out there! ps. Hope the poor pics I have at present load. Regards
  11. Hi all. Congrats and thanks to admin of the board and all who offer their expertise freely- much appreciated! Looking for a large fuchi- 44mm outside and 36mm kashira. Not common size! Am not committed to theme but just asking whats out there?Thinking I'll need to pay up to $1000 if that helps. Many thanks to one and all. Cheers Mike.
  12. Namikawa Heibei- usually has all timbers and great to deal with- highly recomend.
  13. Hi Richard, Just for interest was any info given on the tsuba? NBTHK or one of the others? Personally I think it is a great piece and anyone would be happy to have- pm if you want to be rid of it!!! Hahaha! As others have said good nanako and extremely well done dragons- great scales! Enjoy Mike.
  14. They arrived on the 29th! Great packaging - even tsuba bubble wrapped to outside of box! Cheers
  15. Hi all, just an update- tracking shows the parcels have arrived in Sydney on 23/3 so only 54 days from Japan using surface/ sea mail. Thanks to all.
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