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  1. You could ask Woody Hall to do a shiage.
  2. AFAIK nothing in Europe, contact David MCDONALD in Montana : http://www.montanairon.com/swords.html
  3. Peter, afair the kanji "sane" reads rather "Masa" when about the Kato group. I may have some docs about this family I could pass you if I find them.
  4. Nice find David. Original showa era (signed/dated) wakizashi are not so common. Always nice to see one.
  5. Try David. He is really good http://www.montanairon.com/restorations.html
  6. Last year Showa22 outbidded me on a bare blade RJT gendaito that Komonjo had for sale. Komonjo told me after, that Showa22 often "scretly" buy him blades under several different accounts names to re-sale them after and make profit. (Different names but same shipping address so not hard to guess) Indeed. Less than 10 days after, the not anymore "bare blade RJT gendaito" was for sale at Showa22's, fully re-mounted in random Type 98 koshirae, blade fully horribly cleaned so was the freshly rubbed nakago. To be honest, it was an average RJT blade by an unrecorded RJT Seki smith KANEUE. I was sad not because I lost the auction but because I could not save this one.
  7. Hello Curran, Very nice commemorative tanto, but not made for the imperial family. Actually on the picture, there appears to be no hada and there is no nie so it certainly looks like an oil quenched western steel blade. In the Taisho and early Showa period, many smiths were using western steel because tamahagane was very hard to get- Yoshichika, Minamoto Kanenori, Hayama Enshin, all used western steel in this era. Using western steel was not disrespectful for them
  8. We are too much influenced by social medias and their instantaneous answers that satisfy us. We have less tolerance for waiting than we used to and get more easily frustrated by that. I don't take a long wait of response as a lack of respect. A communication can be very good with only a few messages, while it can be useless with many. In the past I used to send work to talkative craftsmen. They were keep telling me how good they were and always sent prompt replie but at the end were not so qualified. Quantity is not quality. Once again, the most important is to have the best job done, and with David you will have it.
  9. Hello Craig, My communication is 100% by emails with David. Sometimes I wait one or two months to have an answer, sometimes a few days It depends. Maybe the time passes differently in Montana! It took several months to have my work done, it was not an important one. I always tell cratsmen I am not in a hurry so don't expect anything done fast. Plus as long as I know my sword or fittings are beetween his hands I don't worry. Maybe if you have ordered a more consequent work it is normal to wait longuer. I also think he has many customers and take the time to do an excellent work.
  10. Hello Craig, Yes David is not the fastest to answer I agree. Not sure why, but you don't need to worry about your sword. He might just be busy and communicate a little. This year he did some little work for me, shipped back the sword to me in France and...Never asked to be paid although I asked him a few times to sent me his invoice. I have another sword I will sent him soon. I totally trust him and accepted he is just not a phone or email guy. Just be patient, he is a quiet type.
  11. Ronnie, your gendaito collection is among the best. Nice one!
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