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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a Rinji/Type 3 gunto scabbard with or without the extra locking mechanism button. It could be the light brown metal version (see attached photo) or any of the wood lacquered ones. Important, scabbard sori must be 15 or 16 mm. Scabbard length from 70 to 75 cm. If you have one, please send me a pm. Thanks
  2. Thanks Neil! Quite happy to see a star stamped gendaito without the double chuho buttons. I am looking for a scabbard for my RJT Masamichi, and the single button version is much easier to find. When you wrote scabbard color is salmon pink, you meant it is a different color than the usual light brown one we used to see? I would be glad to have detailed photos of each parts if you don't mind. Tsuka, scabbard color , kuchigane, fuchi, menuki, ito etc... No need to rush, take your time. BTW, I am aware that a matching scabbard is hard to find, but with double buttons it is almost impossible.
  3. When buffed, 100% of the original polish is gone so not nice. Impossible to tell wether it is showato or gendaito. It will cost $3000 to have a new polish. That being said, if the price is significantly low, you can still buy it.
  4. Hey Neil, Out of curiosity, may you tell me if your scabbard has a chuho button on the kuchigane, or only on the fuchi? Thanks
  5. Buffed blade I would not buy it. It is an old debate but a blade is considered nihonto as long as it has been forged in the traditional way from A to Z. Some nihonto were not made with tamahagane.
  6. Put good mineral gun oil on the nakago and wrap it with cellophane. Wait a few days, then gently tap the nakago with a mallet. It should remove the active rust without damaging anything. You can repeat this process several times. A part from than I would not do anything else.
  7. Hello, I am looking for a Type 3 dust cap and a fuchi with locking mechanism. Also if you have a Type 3 scabbard (light brown metal or lacquered wood one) with a button on the kuchi gane, or even a pair of Type 3 black menuki, I'll be interested. You can contact me in pm. Thank you
  8. Hey Bruce, No date on this one which it makes it more suspicious imho. He sometimes has good deals but you must better know very well at what you are looking at.
  9. Another fake https://www.ebay.fr/itm/S717-Japanese-Samurai-Sword-IJA-Imperial-Army-Mantetsu-Gunto/143665486142?hash=item217321593e:g:7WYAAOSweYhfHGMy
  10. Nice score Klaus! Any infos as to who polished it?
  11. Super nice Chris! I am looking around for the cherry blossoms civilian set with the idea the have a koshirae made some day, hopefully with a nice gendai-to.
  12. Thanks Bruce! If you happen to find it again, I would be happy to have a look at it.
  13. Hi Bruce, Like you, I have seen one RJT star stamped gendai-to mounted in the light brown metal saya (double buttons & dust cover), it is a Nakata Kanehide that belongs to George Trotter. But as Brian said the rest of the "Type 3" gendai-to I saw, were mounted in wooden saya. So to be sure I understand you well, you also saw one star stamp RJT gendaito mounted in the light brown metal saya (without button on the kuchi gane nor dust cover), just one button on the fuchi, like all the Type 3 showa-to were mounted?
  14. Hi guys, I need your experience regarding Type Koshirae. I have seen some star stamp/RJT gendai-to mounted in Type 3 koshirae with the metal light brown scabbard and 1 button for the locking mechanism on the kuchi gane (plus dust cover). All the showa-to I have seen mounted in the same scabbard do no have this extra button on the kuchi gane, but only one on the fuchi and no dust cover. Do you guys have ever seen or have/had, a RJT gendai-to mounted in this kind of scabbard, without the dust cover and the second button on the kuchi gane? I am looking for a Type 3 scabbard for my gendai-to and do not want to make any "historical" mistake. Thanks for your help.
  15. Someone I know who is fluent in Japanese, bought it. He says there is nothing really more that is already on the website.
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