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  1. Yes probably not as fine as Mantetsu-to. Though they were considered made with superior quality steel. AFAIR, on Ohmura's website or elsewhere (not sure where) there is the results of a resistance test that show Gunsui-to won't break as easily as older blades.
  2. Thanks Trystan. It is not too expensive I think though I would not buy from this seller. At a time, I too wanted a Gunsui to, they are scarce and contrary to the Mantetsu to, there is a wide range of quality level among them. Some are pretty crude wether others are very well made.
  3. Out of curiosity, how much did it go for?
  4. Takayama To by signed " Kinsaku Takayama-to, tosho Masanao, togishi Kaneoki" + original habaki. No koshirae, just the blade and habaki. It is a quite decently made blade by Ishihara Masanao with typical "fat" kissaki and long nakago. It has suguba hamon, a bit faint though due to the old polish. Blade is in fair condition, with stains and signs of use. 950 Euros Sori : 1,5 cm Moto haba : 3,2 cm Saki haba : 2,3 cm Moto gasane : 0,7 cm Saki gasane : 0,6 cm Nagasa : 65 cm Whole length : 93 cm If you need more photos or have any questions, please ask in pm. Payment via Paypal "between friends", buyer pays shipping cost, free shipping cost within France.
  5. I agree with you Curran. Ebay is risky but there are still some interesting deals.
  6. Seller just told me the winner of the auction was....SHOWA22. That makes it even harder to swallow! He will ruin the sword again with his acid polish and resell it.
  7. JP and Chris, yes I thought that too, but have checked the conversion, it does not match at all. I am sure I did bid in $ and not Euro. And I bid two times whereas historic shows only one bid. Still strange...
  8. Yes John, one is never too cautious on this website. Not sure what exactly happened in my case, wish I could know.
  9. I agree Barry, Ebay is strange and opaque. I won't bother to write them as like in your case, they won't do anything. That's too bad as there are from time to time interesting deals there, when you know what to look for. The one I bid on was one of them... Hopefully it was a scam bidder and the seller will re-list the sword.
  10. Hi, Yesterday I bid on a showa era blade from a well known seller. I bid twice on the very last seconds. My first bid was at $605 and the second at $630. I lost the auction. The strange part is on the Ebay bids historic. It says the best bidder (winner of the auction) put $950 and I am the second best bidder at....$940! What bothers me is that I have never bid $940, my max bid was $630. One more weird thing, is that none of my real $605 and $630 bids appear on the bids historic, only the fake $940 bid. Has this ever happen to anybody else here? Thanks NB : I am following this seller's sales for years, and I know pretty well at what price his swords used to go. And this one went for way more than usual considering its condition.
  11. Hey Bruce, How many Mantetsu-to have you referenced so far?
  12. Can't agree more Stephen. Also, there are also those special orders Mantestu-to with extra inscriptions or Konan Issei Mantetsu-to. They are holy grails too!
  13. These Mantetstu-to with fresh nakago free of any sign of use, are really nice. Yasurime are much more visible so as the inscriptions. I wish mine would be like that.
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