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  1. something doesn't look right- feels chinese
  2. Yes best Nagamitsu i have seen in a while. I hope it will end in good hands.
  3. Not fake. There is a great deal of variations in the Nagamitsu signatures. It's well done. I wouldn't be concerned.
  4. A togishi can do miracles with pitted blades, you could be very surprised. You could sent it to one of them at least to know for good if it can be restored, or not.
  5. Well, I have a SEKI RJT smith sword with several paint marks on the nakago too (which is a good antirust btw).
  6. Thanks, was training my eyes, yasurime and nakago shape ressemble to the usual Seki syle. Really like RJT blades, many fun to study.
  7. Smith seems to be TAKEHISA, average showa-to/gendai-to maker. http://www.japaneseswordindex.com/oshigata/takehisa.jpg The W stamp is often found on his blades.
  8. The wrap is an amateur job done post war. I have only seen 1 star stamped blade in these mounts but late war anything is possible. Blade looks forged- I think it is a genuine, late, star stamped blade.
  9. Star stamp looks ok to me. It looks like a showa-to though, but I think it is more due to the the fact it is a "RJT last ditch" sword. Let's wait for better photos of the blade and nakago.
  10. David McDonalds all the way. http://www.montanairon.com/swords.html
  11. Andy,, Very late blade, which coudl explain the pretty rough finish for a star stamped gendaito. I don't see any photos that show the complete mei: one shows the top Seki ju and the other the bottom, tomo saku, without any showing the kanji in the middle which is the first kanji in the maker's name. Can you post better photos showing entire mei (signature) and of the other side (date)? Thank you
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