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  1. Here is another Hizen Yukihiro katana! Mint condition, premium workmanship, NBTHK Hozon papers I have many many others too I can offer. Please send me a PM or email mdiddy8000@hotmail.com. Thank you!
  2. Here is a Hizen Yukihiro katana, mint condition, premium workmanship, NBTHK Hozon papers I have many many others too I can offer. Please send me a PM or email mdiddy8000@hotmail.com. Thank you!
  3. Here are a couple of nice Bizen Sukesada's I can offer, both mint condition katanas, signed and dated 1500's, excellent workmanship, NBTHK Hozon papers. I have many many others too I can offer. Please send me a PM or email. Thank you!
  4. Hello Carlos, I recommend looking at these two sites on eBay for nice swords: 1. https://www.ebay.com/str/soheiantiques 2. https://www.ebay.com/str/ericowazamono Please let me know if I can help. Best, Matt mdiddy8000@hotmail.com
  5. Mei: Suke___ (not sure about the 2nd kanji, 'Hiro' or 'Sada' possibly) Nengo: Showa Jyu Hachi Nen Jyu Ni Gatsu (December 1943)
  6. Hello Andrew, Proceed carefully, that koshirae has problems. It is missing the ishizuke endcap, probably missing seppas because the tsuba is clearly loose, and the saya has been painted gold (ouch!). Given the lack of activity in the hamon, it is probably an etched hamon and not a real hamon. I agree with Grey too that we really can't tell you more unless we see the nakago (tang). This is the Shin Gunto you want in your collection if you are on a budget, like $500 or $600. Good luck!
  7. I'm very sad to hear that Paul has passed. I really enjoyed my conversations with him at sword shows. He was extremely knowledgeable and happy to share with others what he knew. He always had that extra nugget of really good insight about a sword that you had overlooked. He will be sorely missed.
  8. I think you did ok on this one. The sword looks older to me, maybe Shinto ca. 1600's given the straighter sori. The hamon reminds me of Koto so maybe even older, also given it could be o-suriage. Very nice condition mounts with the family mon too. A pretty good deal at $1200 imo.
  9. Hello, I'm looking for a couple of Type 95 NCO Scabbards. Nothing fancy, just standard. Open to all conditions and price ranges. I can be messaged here or at mdiddy8000@hotmail.com. Thanks and stay safe. Matt
  10. Emura and his shop worked in a number of styles. They are underrated in my opinion. Here are pictures of one that I will not have for much longer, but has a big choji gunome hamon.
  11. I do. Katana, wakizashi, and tanto by Chounsai Tsunatoshi. Bonus, check out all of the doranba!
  12. Thank you for your consideration. I am open to the moderator’s discretion and decision. I’m happy if any of my swords are used to further everyone’s understanding of these fascinating items.
  13. It spent time in the presence of Emperor Showa. There is no activity, the blade is arsenal made. It was not intended to have hamon and hada. Not all high level military or political mounted blades have signed nihonto. Even Emperor Showa carried a parade saber which I doubt contained Ichimonji Norifusa, Gassan Sadakatsu, or even Seki Kanenori.
  14. There is also uniqueness in the designs on the saya furniture. IF you’re in it for pretty things, the Meiji export tsuba stand is right around the corner. BUT, if you want to collect something of historical significance, which would you prefer: the possession of a hospital bureaucrat or an item that spent time in the presence of the pinnacle of power? Tough call I suppose…
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