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  1. Hey guys looking at buying this one, it is presumed to read: Masanori, is it right? Thanks
  2. Hi Marcus, My Indiegogo shows that the Gendaito project is closed and I can't donate through that forum. Have donated directly through paypal though. Good luck with the project and hope to see your excellent work soon.
  3. Hey guys, I recently bought a very nice set of kai gunto koshirae with shark skin saya. I am now looking to get hold of a good quality gendaito blade (traditionally made) by an accredited navy smith to have it fitted. If someone knows of someone or has such a blade that they would like to sell please let me know and I will make contact. Oh yes and my budget for this is approximately US $3000.00. Thanks.
  4. Hey Steve, Thanks for the translation!!! I don't know if the date pic is going to be that clear but I've uploaded the unboxed pic up in my original post together with some inspection stamps. Unfortunately since I don't have other pics to upload as I poached these from the auction site Sincerely!
  5. Hey guys, Here's a Star Stamped - Rikugun Jumei Tosho gendaito that I'm considering bidding on but I'm not so sure who the smith is. Can anyone maybe help with the translation? Would appreciate any help. I've tried to translate the date inscription myself but would welcome any corrections :D Thanks.
  6. Hey Jam, Just be mindful when you refit it with new seppa (washers), the seppa to the blade's side is a little larger than the ones facing the tang side. Here's a good website to give you an indication of the order of the different washers and their sizes: http://ohmura-study.net/906.html It's a fine sword to start you off with to learn the terminology and fittings of a gunto.
  7. Hey guys, Just a quick question, it may sound daft but if you don't ask you won't know... so here goes: 1. Is it possible to find swords by smith's who made blades for the army inside naval mountings and would that be an indication of a "put together" sword? 2. Did certain smiths make blades for just the army or just the navy or were blades made for the whole military who then distributed them? The reason I'm asking is because I saw a naval kai gunto for sale but it had a seki stamp on. Also, I presume if it is a gendaito that does not have a seki stamp then it would be quite possible for the owner to have gone to a smith who was contracted by the army and request that a blade be made for him on consignment for his kai hunto? I appreciate your time and please share your thoughts.
  8. Hey Chris, ​ I'm just so happy I found one. I searched for hours before I found someone one who has an actual copy for sale. Can't wait for it to arrive, it's going to become my bible for gunto gendaito Regards, Hengu.
  9. I just bought a paperback copy (for an arm and a leg ) at: http://www.oakleafbooks.se/index.php?route=product/search&keyword=Modern%20Japanese%20Swordsmiths%2C%201868-1945%20%3A%20An%20Oshigata%20Book&category_id=0&q=1 But I also found a cheaper one here for anyone interested: http://www.motka.com/cgi-bin/motka/motka.cgi?Act=itm&item=_s_3943cc448c4_56bb6226
  10. Good people, Looking to get a copy of John Slough's, "An Oshigata Book of Modern Japanese Swordsmiths 1868-1945". If anyone knows where I buy one plse let me know. Thanks.
  11. I found a Gendaito guys, thanks for those who made offers.
  12. Thanks guys, Youre tremendous! I appreciate the help sincerely.
  13. Hey everyone, I saw a 'seki' stamped gunto and am trying to find the right kanji to read the tang. I think its cursive which is making it very difficult for me. I can't even get past the province name, lol. I can only make out the last two kanji saying "saku kore" (made this) but that's only because I recognized that most ww2 era blades end thus. If anyone could help it would be great. Unfortunately I don't have a better pic to upload. Thanks.
  14. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a type 98 shin gunto or kai gunto or both if the price is good. I am not really an expert but I would like to start somewhere and with something fairly decent. I don't know enough to avoid buying a fake on ebay hence my post here. Ideally looking for decent fittings and something that wasn't reassembled but an authentic whole war piece. Would like the sword to be a Gendaito (traditionally made as opposed to machine forged) and am looking for a blade in good condition, visible hamon and signed tang. I budget up until about US $2000 per blade. Thanks for any assistanhce and advice in advance.
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