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  1. Hi Bruce [drum-roll................] and the nakago!?!? All things in due time........... (The mounting is very firm and I'm gently using the specialist wooden tools for removing tight tsuka)
  2. This all looks like old work leaving me with the thought that both parts were, as Brian intimated, made from dome headed Brass screws. I put this theory to the esteemed membership for your consideration.
  3. I’ve tweaked the exposure and contrast slightly to show the glue-like residue at the mouth of the Mekugi Ana.
  4. Good morning Gentlemen, I've removed the Brass pin which is actually two tapering pins of slightly different diameter and, it was remarkably simple. The mouth of the Mekugi ana shows evidence of a whitish glue like substance, which may be rice starch. There are also traces of this on the “barrel” of the slightly larger pin. I’m drawn to the theory of a field repair, as the barrels of both parts show much filing and angling to get a tight fit.
  5. Its in reasonable condition after 77 years, the blade having been covered with the British version of Cosmolene. WD40 on a soft cloth has worked its magic, next is a light application of sword oil to stabilize. I think that Brian and Grey's suggestion holds water, and the groove is deliberate to indicate which is the "top" so to speak.
  6. Thank You Gentlemen, It looks to be in its original polish Non Traditionally made, I think. 68 cms nagasa There is a slight thickening of the Tsuka towards the Tsuba.
  7. Good morning Gentlemen, I have recently acquired an Officer’s sword surrendered in Singapore. It has an unusual metal Mekugi, which I think may be screw threaded. Before I apply gentle persuasion, I wonder if anyone has encountered this type before.
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