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  1. Hi Bruno, I'm inclined to read this as Sukemitsu. https://onlineonly.christies.com/s/Japanese-craftsmanship-art-meiji-period/two-bronze-vases-two-pairs-bronze-vases-45/18327
  2. Could be "Megumi" (恵). See this site: http://www.smokingsamurai.com/UNKNOWN_MARKS2.html
  3. Hi Keith, The positioning of a sword on a stand, or even a fan in the hand, within the Household, was indeed a matter of some importance in Pre Modern Japanese Culture. The Sekiguchi Ryu tradition of Martial Arts and other Koryu (Pre - Meiji systems) contain elements of weapons training within the Household. Perhaps research the series produced in the 1970's by the Nippon Kobudo Shinkokai (Association of Ancient Japanese Martial Arts). Many of these are available on YouTube. The Ogasawara school of classic etiquette also detail such matters.
  4. Hi Chris, Keep looking on NMB For Sale section. Most members here are ok. The ones that are not, tend to shoot themselves in the foot pretty early on. Look for number of Posts as an indicator. Good Luck !!
  5. Hi guys, out of interest, have a closer look at the Kojiri, imagine it without the applied Pseudo Tokugawa Kamon. Looks like a repurposed Kojiri from a longer Koshirae. I wonder if we are dealing with early Meiji? If so, then this falls into the category of Hama Mono i.e. things from the Port, made up from bits and pieces to be sold to the Tourists. An interesting piece of History nonetheless.
  6. Hi Johan, Welcome Aboard!! You are very fortunate to have a strong South African Contingent here on NMB. Brian, who runs this Ship is also based in S.A. Enjoy the Voyage of Discovery!!!!
  7. Good afternoon Gentlemen, The image of the Skull Bones and Summer Grasses suggests that the inscription on the other side, is possibly a Death Poem, of either Jisei 辞世 or Jisei - Ei 辞世詠 format. It is beautifully cut.
  8. There is a list of Bonji here on NMB thread title Bonji : Fudo Myoo?
  9. Absolutely Agree. His Urushi work on Saya is also worth noting.
  10. Good evening Gentlemen Thank your for all your comments. The title of the thread was Buyer Beware. As an Antiques Dealer, of 35 years standing, known to have an interest in Japanese arms and armour, with a large Gallery in the City of Bath, UK. I have been offered suitably distressed versions of the type 98 that was produced in Hanwei a few years ago. These new ones are currently available on the manifest of the manufacturer in China, according to their website. The thread was no more than a heads up to the membership here, thirty years down the line, the next generation of collectors will encounter them. I believe that the Royal Armouries in Leeds often includes examples of fakes in its archive, to show as a teaching example to future generations of curators.
  11. "go to the international forum markets in tokyo and there are always nakago for sale. $30 " That sounds like the Oedo Nominoichi (Flea Market), between Yurakucho and Tokyo stations. 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, unless its raining (Sometimes on a Saturday, if clashes with events at the International Forum).
  12. Mornin' Oyabun I know it says FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!!! But he will not ship to the UK. I'll have to make do with the 4,000 sets of original Daimyo Armour worn by Tokugawa Iyeyasu, when he was helping out the Spartans at Thermopylae, that I was recently offered in an email, from Lord Chief Justice Michael Mainwaring V.C. , of The Lord Chief Justices' Palace, 131a Omugo Avenue, Lagos, Nigeria. As I only need one suit, would anyone like to take the remaining 3,999 off my hands for a reasonable price? PS, Any Yoruba Speakers on the Board will understand the address.
  13. Regarding the Kodzuka handles being repurposed. I was told that they were also stamped out specially to be mounted in cutlery sets by makers like Komai in the 1870's. You may find this link amusing: http://www.smokingsamurai.com/KOMAI_OTOJIRO.html
  14. I bought my Borescope on ebay for £5.95. $8.07 US including Free UK Delivery. Comes with a neat 45% attachment.
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