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  1. Dear Michael,


    this is a excellent Tsuba!


    i actually can not calculate the whole costs....i am but in, if i can!


    How is this thing with custom tax already?


    do these custum guys take custom taxes from us here in Germany already ?


    Sorry! i definitely did not longer follow this all dilemma our´s politicians in "Europe" did present us in last months...i do have my own problems in keeping my bysiness on life and on line! here in Germany! "


    how does this work with custom now ?????



  2. Nerikawa tsuba are an extremely interesting subject if you are interested in very old, and even ancient pre Edo timing tsuba. "New model " Nerikawa tsuba occurred mainly in the late 19th century, due to lack of suitable material. In the late Edo period they were actually out of focus, but occasionally appeared in schools as well. ( they will be papered! ) The piece in focus is neither Edo period, nor an early piece from the beginning of the last century. I think here rather of a modern "neuzeitlich gearbeitetets" part. about the 70s to 80 years taste of history. Further impressions are welcome - and it´s quite same with these attelages on this Ensemble of Mountings... Certainly! not authentic Antique! do keep on - gamblers! me
  3. Hi Bjorn, I think you should do justice to the stylism of your tsuba. Simple, expressive and focused on the essential. But that also depends on what kind of tsuka binding and koshirae in general you have here. I personally think that a good F.K. like this one from Ford could do justice to your tsuba.... It should be an F.K. made of iron. Soft metal always has a cheap touch for me.... Your tsuba is nice, but I wonder who wrote the attrubation here? For a Hoan tsuba, I don't think the iron fits, and neither does the stylism. (But of course I can be wrong....) i do but not think so. Hoan Tsuba are usually tsuba of the very best iron quality like you see in Owari, Yagyu and very early Akasaka. Your tsuba here seems to me but rather from the Shoami line to come... Iyo or Awa. Also you have to consider that the Hoan group made muskets in the late till lattest Edo period and no longer had the permission to make tsuba! So I abstain from an exact attribution of this piece. Either way- i personally would try to find me a nice iron Ensemble! Christian
  4. I'm happy to take Brian's suggestion and report back on my experience. Bought this very interesting tsuba from Ron. It is a very rare and early Uchigatana tsuba of the Muromachi period, and is in very good condition for its age. Early pieces of this time are extremely rare and I am of course very excited. The communication with Ron was very good and the shipping was very fast and professional. Summa Summarum - I am very satisfied! Thank you Ron! Christian
  5. Hello Michael, yes, i do see.... Your´s Tsuba in hand is Hizen definitely....not a old one of course, but a real one least you may browse this forum here for the thematics " Nanban " or " Namban " you will get overcrowd with info.... Next step would be for you, and i do promise! it will get a very time consuming hobby for you,after all - so to read the literature available onto Nanban / Namban! ( John Lissenden ) (there were others, they did but not had the insights like John! ) next would be Peter....https://www.mandarinmansion.com/about i am pretty shure he and his entourage can very well encourage you! nice Starter package! Yes! Hizen! Christian
  6. the Kyo-Zodiac Tsuba is equally SOLD! Thank you! Christian
  7. The Umetada Tsuba is SOLD! Thank you very much! Christian
  8. Dear Gentlemen, shortening my former collection i do offer 2 Tsuba for sale. Both Tsuba are very attractive and certainly very worth collecting. I do allow me so to use the pictures of the former owners, hope they do not mind with me! Tsuba 1 - Umetada Asking price SOLD! Tsuba 2 - Kyo Zodiac Asking price 250.-€ ( shipping extra ) further info on request-please PM me if there are questions Thank you for looking ! Christian
  9. It so seems the Tsuba found a new home....Thanks! and "little Buttom-Joe" is looking onto his banana-peel..... Christian
  10. It is OK for me Brian! please do not worry you! I definitely do not understand such behaviour ( as honestly speaking i even do not know this person at all - even do not remember me if i had some contact with, in past ? ) but well.... it seems to least make him happy! .....OK for me! i am well aware this Tsuba got dumped....i can not change it! but well.....least i am not depinding and secondly i do like it a lot myself....such speaking.... Please No Worry! Cheers! me
  11. i just think this Gentlemen is just jalous or just a bit misleaded...? maybe also ( my collegue with his books ) and myself are in the Gentlemen´s viewpoint dumping his selfexplained asking prices ???? ( as i personally really do not see anything negative on the offered books and also nothing negative on my offered Tsuba here ) jbw..... but to help "leveling" asking prices....i just allow me to dump my asking price i did give and do offer this Tsuba for 150.- Euro ( plus shipping ) now..... (because i can ! !) maybe still too low ???? LOL! Christian
  12. A fine Edo-period Tsuba for sale Old Sakura / Ume - tree under the moon Iron,Gold,Silver Dimensions 87 mm x 83 mm x 4 mm Very nice condition Price is 180.- Euro ( plus shipping ) PM me if interestet Cheers! Christian
  13. yes the wind..... it comes and it goes.... that´s but good either.... Big to you! Very nice catch!
  14. and! before i do forget about it.... DO bring me back my Cranes Tsuba! ( send me a message as soon you are ready....i think, some good wine will help ? ???? ) don´t tell me you do not longer have it! Chris
  15. you just had luck! my friend!....you just had Luck!.... Laugh! ( still no wine smily available here....and you do know! I love a good Bordeaux together with authentic Cassoulet au Canard! )
  16. now the mentioning "Migaki-ji".... this is a modern Edo expression by one of those three late atributors who did origami and evaluations for arsenal swords... ( Honnami is one of them f.ex.) much more historic and accurate would be the expression Kagami- ji ( "Mirror - done" ) or better Kagami-michi ( Kagami / Mirror ) it would be more wise to use Kagamishi instead of Migaki....as there is seemingly lack of knowledge in modern collectors circles...? ( also the Jap. Migaki which is meant here by those inventors was traditionally made of polished stone or brass.../ a traditional Kagami was made in Bronze- same like old Kagamishi Tsuba ) old days- Kagamishi or Kagami / new style "hype" Migaki.....both is the same meaning per se. - does but get totally diffused and misunderstood todays... Christian
  17. Ko-Sukashi may depending on circumstances also mean " Old " - Sukashi. such speaking a " older " Sukashi Tsuba.....if such discussions are done about Edo-times schools or artists.... Tsuba in Sukashi done before the Tokugawa reign....so far. Such old terms are always to ben taken individual in view to the writing /- and, or date such writings were published. Christian
  18. Thank you! yepp....good home i think...thank you Grev- those are very kind words!....and do hurry you for the Sadahiro before i will hurry myself again.... Steve is a good old Tsuba collectors friend...since many years....and i just do second Jean here in full heart! me
  19. Oktober ??? or in english October ??? a bit late so to call a warning - NOT ? bu well.... i personally noticed that ad.
  20. extremely strange! ( i do repeat me ) i had myself some change in Tsuba collection with Grev in past years! I never had any complaints! neither from custom, neither from providers and last but not least by customer..... as i say! i never personally had any such complaints yet.... UK or US.... Thank you for the warning!
  21. OK! Thank you Brian! i got a bit confused reading this.... as i do have 2 or three " Grev`es" here in the collectioners interest. OK! i do see! even worser!
  22. sorry, i do but not really understand this story here! i do confess! Those both Tsuba were dispatched via the US - comming from France... right? Again dispatched from the US to Great Britain....right ? so back to Europe again / hopefully in full contract! eitherway.... very strange! i never ever had any loss during my collectors career yet! always thought reading such is rather nomenclature to the average level..... as i say, this is very strange!
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