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  1. That's really interesting, thanks!
  2. Dear Roger, I accept all the kind of comments, even negative and especially if they are constructive. Your comment raised the Geraint answer which can be a learning point for many. So thank you both for the time you took for answering
  3. My pleasure Dan! I'm at the beginning into the path of learning so I can't say the exact time in which it migth have been done. Thanks Brian!
  4. Marco

    Mito tsuba

  5. Marco

    Mito tsuba

    7.8 cm x 8.5cm
  6. Marco

    Mito tsuba

    Good morning, I recently aquired this tsuba. Apart for the really good dark patina, the generous plate, and what it seems to be a Mito Dragon, I've no other information. What do you think? Do you have other Mito tsuba representing Dragons?
  7. Good morning, I'd like to share this tsuba with you and get your opinion about it: I'm trying to verify the signature into the wakayama and I found these: The seller, by describing the author says : "Sekijoken Oyoma Motozane is late edo artisan" and after that "Mototan Taiyama studied into the Nara School, in Edo and after being returned in Mito, he meshed different style like Nara, Hamano and Yokotani but he did really good work with the Akagiken School". Said that, I tried to look for these two names and I found some references into the Wakayama. I don't understand if we're talking of one man only or if there were two men that worked together on the same tsuba (so each of them signed on one side). The tsuba sounds (and is magnetic) like iron. Measures: 8 x 7,6. Any comment would be really appreciated, Thanks for the help
  8. Thanks @Curran for the answer. By searching for the “3 layers on akasaka tsuba”, I found this post in which they’re well visible (if this can help with this tsuba)
  9. @Curran @Brian I didn’t know about this “3 layers” “kantei point”. Are the 3 layers a distinctive sign of all the Akasaka tsuba? Certain generations only? Thanks in advance
  10. Marco

    Thunder tsuba

    Thanks Brian, it’s what I meant to ask.
  11. Marco

    Thunder tsuba

    Good morning, can somebody help me for identifying the theme or the Kao? Any info would be much appreciated.
  12. I’d like to buy this book at a reasonable price. here the link for reference: https://www.japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.com/store/books/b381-tosogu-gokecho-meihin-shusei-fukushi-shigeo
  13. Curran, the tsuba number 4 is very nice: it remembers me a Nishigaki design
  14. Marco

    Fuchi Kashira size

    Thanks Alex, this is true as well: often people uses names for conventionally indicate a group of objects having a specific attribute (ex: “wakizashi size” for a size <37mm). thanks!
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