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  1. Thank you so much, Moriyama san. Giuseppe
  2. Hello all. I have recently purchased a nice published tessen which bears script inscriptions on both sides. They seem signature (or owner's name) and date (Kan'ei?) If someone can assist me, I would be very grateful. Giuseppe
  3. Thank you Gearing, but actually that discussion was about a differente kind of butterflies tsuba...
  4. I recently had a discussion with a friend about the real representation of this well known Higo tsuba. I have always thought of it as a couple of butterflies, but this friend told me that some say it represents two dragonflies and the large holes are the moving wings and not the large ones of a butterfly. I had already heard of this but never been very much convinced. Then recently the argument came up again on a Facebook discussion and I reminded of a painting I have, made by Otagaki Rengetsu in the 19th century with two butterflies. Well, the painting shows a very similar stylization that convinced me that these are really butterflies and not dragonflies. Anyone knows where the dragonfly theory comes from?!?! Giuseppe
  5. Lovely! Thank you for sharing.
  6. Yes, 29" is not that long, so the hi could have been added on a first suriage... I agree we can not assume at all this was its original length.
  7. The hi looks so oxidized on the nakago that it might well be original, isn't it? Assuming that, how long would the blade be? Giuseppe http://www.giuseppepiva.com
  8. Great work! I'm doing my payment right now...
  9. VAT on import is different from VAT on sales in all Europe. If I buy an item from outside Europe (e.g. Japan) I can have a special vat rate on import (it's 10% in Italy, 5% in UK, etc). But when a gallery or a shop sells something the applied VAT is the regular one. Of course if the buyer wants the item shipped outside Europe, VAT can be fully deduced. Cash is a different matter: in Italy we are not allowed to take 1,000€ or more. You can imagine how fashion people can be happy about this, with all the Chinese and Russian buyers around full of cash...
  10. Bruno, it's all about VAT (22%). If I sell within Europe, price must include VAT. If I ship outside EC, VAT is deducted. Giuseppe
  11. Done! Sorry about this; I did not know I had to do it
  12. Hello everybody. I will soon add a nice shakudo Soten tsuba with unusual nanako rim to my website. You can see a preview in my gallery's Facebook page. Price is 2,500€ (within Europe) or 2,500$ (Outside EU).
  13. Very nice topic! Let me contribute with my gimei! Giuseppe
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