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  1. Hi, name please, The sword is real and signed Bungo no Kuni no Ju Sadayuki. Resident of Bungo Province Sadayuki. Grey
  2. Hi Tom, You would be very smart if you went slow on this; don't be in a hurry to get it to an "expert" who will polish it for $200 and tell you what you have. Nothing wrong with Boston MFA but, since Mr. Ogawa no longer works there, hard to know who you'll end up with and what knowledge he might have. As Brian said, wait for one of the members here to read the signature and then take time to learn a lot about Japanese swords before you do anything with this one. Here is a care and handling brochure you should read: https://nbthk-ab2.org/sword-characteristics/ Cheers, Grey
  3. Hi Tony, As soon as possible or even sooner, replace the mekugi. Without a mekugi the blade can fall out of the tsuka and badly damage its kissaki or your foot. Whittle a bamboo chopstick. Grey
  4. It is my understanding that usps has halted priority and 1st class shipping to Australia (and Australia only, due to a lack of space on the few flights from here to there); priority express is still available. Just last week I sent a book to Oz by express post and I have had no indication that there will be any trouble other than the normal for pandemic times delay in getting the package out of the US. If I had tried to ship the book by regular priority it wouldn't have been accepted at the post office. Cheers, Grey
  5. Hi Frank, Here is a link to a care and cleaning brochure you should read twice: https://nbthk-ab2.org/sword-characteristics/ Don't be in a hurry for a new polish; they are expensive and very easily damaged in the hands of someone without experience in handling the sword. The polish doesn't protect the sword; clean off the old cosmoline with some alcohol and a soft cloth and then apply a very light coat of machine oil to the surface (except for the tang) and all will be fine. Take some time to learn a lot more before you start throwing money at your sword. The more you know the happier you'll be with the results when you do have the work done. If you'd like someone you can ask a dozen questions at once with feel free to call. Grey 218-726-0395 central time
  6. Hi Gareth, Please post a picture of the nakago (tang) against a dark background. Your camera is adjusting to the white background and we can see no detail on the nakago. Grey
  7. Hi Ben, Tokubetsu Hozon it is and looks to be legit. Grey
  8. Hi Tony, The book originally sold for $50 but then went out of print and won't be reprinted; the price went wild. There was a time when a copy in good condition would bring $500 or more but, Jim Dawson came out with his book: Swords of Imperial Japan 1868 - 1945 Cyclopedia Edition, and the price for Fuller & Gregory dropped. Last time I had a copy in stock I had it listed at $175 when it sold. Grey
  9. Hi Gabriella, The whole signature is Yanagawa Ju Hisakuni Saku: Resident of Yanagawa Hisakuni made. Your sword is signed on the side of the blade that was used, with a few exceptions, for early tachi form swords (before 1400) and the signature looks to be very much younger than that. As your sword doesn't fit with any of the exceptions I'm aware of, I suspect your sword's signature is bogus. Anybody out there have a better idea? Grey
  10. Nick, Your question is much like the one asked of an older lady on the streets of New York by a young man with a violin case under his arm, "How do I get to Carnegie Hall." Her answer, "Study." What Barry wrote makes sense but there is so much more to it. Study. Grey
  11. Hi Kenny, If you take your pictures on a dark background we'll be able to see details. As is, your camera is calibrating off the white background and the nakago is left in the dark. Grey
  12. Hi John, I am a bit bothered that an iron tsuba that comes across as being of great age shows no evidence of having been mounted: no divots or copper inserts in the nakago-ana to adjust the fit or cushion the nakago from wear. Grey
  13. Hi Jose, I believe this possibly was made as is or, more likely, fashioned from a broken sword tip with the horimono added, done shortly after WWII to sell to someone in the occupation as a trinket to take home. Grey
  14. Hi Tor, Definitely not an oil quenched blade, I see no reason to suspect that the bottom of the tang has been messed with, no evidence either that the tsuba has been replaced (maybe it has but no way to know): no reason to call this anything but a samurai sword that was traditionally made sometime between the 16th and 19th centuries. Resist all urges to fix it in any way; leave any restoration to those with proper training. See if you can find someone with years worth of knowledge to look at it in hand, which is the only way you're likely to learn much more about the sword. Cheers, Grey
  15. Hi Dave, Here is a care and etiquette brochure that will tell you, among the rest, how to remove and replace the handle: https://nbthk-ab2.org/sword-characteristics/ You and whoever will end up keeping the sword should read it twice. Cheers, Grey
  16. This is a 100%, honest to God, true fake. Grey
  17. Hi Jon, I can't see every character clearly but if the smith was true to his form it says, Noshu Seki no Ju Ni JU San Dai Fujiwara Kanefusa Kore wo Saku. Grey
  18. Yoshimune is the mei and Showa Ju Ku Nen Go Gatsu (April of 1944) is the date. Grey
  19. Brian Tschernega lives in the Seattle area and he can do the work. Grey
  20. Maybe shinshinto or later but could be earlier. As you say, not much to go on. Grey
  21. I agree with Stephen; for things of value within the US it has to be registered mail from the post office. Beyond what Stephen said, if the package spends a night in a post office it has to be in a safe. And it isn't expensive. I'm about to ship a large tube with 5 swords and some boxed fittings to the east coast. 10 pounds and $20,000 on value will be about $108 with full insurance. Registered can't get lost; as my guy at the PO says, "If you lose registered you lose your job." Grey
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