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Sword Knots for sale, from Plimpton's swords

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I bought some of the sword knots from the Plimpton collection. Now that the book is out i see it pictures the knots and shows what swords they go with. So if anyone has a need for one of these knots here is a chance.  $150 each (plus actual shipping). The knots are in bags and some have information and Mr Plimton's notes. Most have tags with the reference number







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thanks for the suggestion. i will work on showing them individually. I have a few others but am not sure the values so will have to work on those. If anyone needs a specific knot let me know and i will look. They should be the actual knots in the book so at least there is a picture there

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Thanks for asking. Here are some others if you have the book you can check them. I had put them aside as I thought they were more valuable than the others  if anyone is interested I will figure out a price 


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