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  1. i may have something. does age or type of koshirae matter? Do you want me to post information here or in private message? Mark
  2. looks like an ugly fukure. if so the sword has little value. look closely
  3. sorry. these appear to be modern fakes http://www.jssus.org/nkp/fake_japanese_swords.html
  4. I am excited to announce a new sword show. This is in conjunction with, and part of, the Las Vegas Antique Arms Show https://www.antiquearmsshow.com/ I am organizing a Japanese sword section in the Antique Arms show. This is a huge annual show with 1500+ tables and thousands of attendees. When you enter the show the Japanese Sword section will be immediately inside on your left. Everyone attending the show will have to walk past our section. The Las Vegas Shot show is held the same week. Please check out the show website for additional information https://www.vegasswordshow.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Vegas-Japanese-Sword-Show-107936798578861 There will be additional updates, we plan to have demonstrations, possibly celebrity guests, etc etc. Just wanted to get the word out early so interested parties can make arrangements. We have not had a show this time of the year since Tampa and Las Vegas weather is better than up north in January. Also Las Vegas is a good destination offering a variety of entertainment and tourist options.
  5. I don't sell that much online. Mostly i sell at shows. I read the thread about eBay listings posted here so figure i will give it a try, This is a second model NCO sword with brass tsuba (first model was copper handled). It is near MINT, in 30 years of buying Japanese swords it is the best i have had and one of the best i have ever seen. There is the original leather knot (early type with buckle) attached probably worth $3-400 by itself but it was there so i left it as found. Numbers match. If you are looking for maybe the "best" NCO sword available to add to your collection here is your chance.Blade 26 1/4" cutting edge, 38 1/2 overall. sold
  6. just a reminder -- the auction is tomorrow morning maybe some good deals - we will see
  7. I would like to thank everyone who attended, set up, and supported the show. From my perspective it was a great success. Tables were at an all time high, attendance was near record, off just a little from the best year, but maybe due to lingering covid issues. But all in all i think things are getting back to normal. One dealer who has set up in Chicago many times over the years, and has set up at shows for 20 years said he had his best show ever, anywhere any time. Another one said he sold out by late Saturday. It seemed people were actively dealing and everyone seemed happy with the results. Next year i plan to be in the big ballroom upstairs with unlimited space to expand so i hope the future will be bright. FYI dates for next year are April 28-30, 2023 so mark your calendars and make plans early to attend. This year tables will not be an issue as i will be able to fit all who want to come. Special thanks to Grey who always is a big help and my sister and mum who stepped in to help as i had a grandchild a few days before the show so my usual staff were unavailable.
  8. Jim I live in Maumee, so next door. If you need parts or help let me know. i am at a sword show now but will be home next week mark
  9. i once had a tanto dated 1946 mounted as a US fighting knife. I guessed it was ordered by a high ranking US military person. whether there was special permission needed or the circumstances at the time i don't know
  10. The Chicago Sword show is just a week or so away. The room block was full and closed. So if you tried to book a room and couldn't i wanted to post this. The hotel just added a few rooms. So if you could not get a room try now. https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/group-booking/CHIRW/G-SWOR if you have any questions let me know. see you soon Thanks Mark
  11. a wild guess is it is trying to say Kawachi (no) Kami Kuni(suke) but doesn't look Japanese to my eyes for the little we can see
  12. The show is getting close. The hotel room block is closed but they said i can have a couple of more rooms so if anyone wants to stay at the hotel contact me and i will try, if you are staying elsewhere because the hotel was full and want to stay let me know and i will try and get you a room. All tables are sold, there are more that usual, i had to find some new spots to put a few so it will be busy. There are people coming from Down under, Europe, and Japan. Should be fun, i bet there will be at least a few undiscovered treasures found that end up Juyo, i know in the past more than a few swords bought at the show passed.
  13. are you coming to Chicago for the show? If so stop by, i have dozens of habaki and more seppa, you can go through them and pick out a pile
  14. The show is approaching so i wanted to update everyone: For basic information about the show see http://www.chicagoswordshow.com/ There are a few rooms available, here is a link for reservations https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/group-booking/CHIRW/G-SWOR Tables are sold out but if you want a table contact me and i will add you to the wait list, there are usually some late cancellations. No shinsa this year, it was planned but with Omicron they had to postpone as they need to make arrangements 4 months in advance and there was too much uncertainty in January about travel in and out of Japan. If things are stable i expect one next year If you have questions or need information you can contact me through the email on the website chicagoswordshow@gmail.com or nixe@bright.net It is looking to be busy, many vendors coming that have not been there in years and some i don't know that want to sell their collections There will be educational presentations on Saturday If you attend stop by and say hello, it is nice to put a name with a face if we haven't met
  15. Thank you Piers and Moriyama-san. At least it is challenging, i feel better not getting it. Maybe it was made at that Shrine? Someone had suggested it was saying something about an event but the place may make more sense. i appreciate the help mark
  16. any suggestions about the inscription on the blade? Thanks for the help with the mei mark
  17. i have a katana, suriage with some of the mei remaining. It also has an inscription on the blade, Mei: I can make out a place and Ju, then Fujiwara maybe Kin or Kane Fusa, but with kanji following i am a bit lost on the blade: i think i see Spring and maybe something about an event but can't make sense of it. The inscription was there before being shortened and probably polished so seems challenging (at least for me) thanks in advance for any assistance mark
  18. should answer http://www.japaneseswordindex.com/naga.htm
  19. The shinsa team had to postpone. still too much uncertainty what the travel issues will be in Japan in a April. Show is on, everything a go. Tables have sold out and it seems a lot of people are coming. There is no requirement to be vaxed. Whatever restrictions are in effect from the State of IL or hotel will apply but i doubt there will be any restrictions. Of course any thing can change so keep watching, but it seems news report are positive mark
  20. i got the following EMAIL (haha not snail mail) All, I wanted to make sure that there is not any misunderstanding on the most recent letter you may have/will receive in the mail from the NBTHK Japan. The letter you received in the mail introduces the ability to register online for items that you will want submit for shinsa in Japan. Part of this process is to set up your account at the home office of the NBTHK Japan. It is important to understand that this is a different process from our NBTHK American Branch website and account structure. They are completely separate and not connected in any fashion. There may be some confusion on this issue for many so if there are any questions, feel free to reach out to me for clarification. We will be posting some additional information about how this online process will work. I will send out a not to all with a link once this is completed. If you are contemplating sending items for registration, I would still go through your existing agent, who will be more familiar with the interim procedures. Best regards, Nick Kolick Asst VP – NBTHK American Branch
  21. Arnie where are you located? i searched NMB and found this "Takeo Seki is fully trained and lives in British Columbia Canada. " as i recall he has connections in WA hopefully you are restoring it as it has sentimental value. If you are thinking of the economic end then i doubt a polish makes sense, you will have more invested than you could sell it for. This is just my opinion form a few pictures.
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