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  1. this is totally real, its just a island version of a emura
  2. you would think the chinese would have some sort of allergic reaction to gunto consider the past aplications
  3. you get lucky sometimes, i snached a neat example for 600 for a mate. but retail, most dealers know what some peaple will pay. if anyone has read what ive posted over the years i have always stated type 95nco were over priced but after collecting for more then 20 years this model has attracted a solid following for some reason. but hey thats the beast. early imperial is my interest
  4. i think your off, ten years ago nco 95s were still 1000 aud, and at the dti pre covid they were still scratching these silly prices
  5. s**t no, if that was in Japan, i think it would have been closer to 4000 usd
  6. wow, interesting, with out diving into the books im suggesting early meiji police??
  7. it dosnt matter what you paid as long as its the best example you found that you can afford. always by the best you can. then press repeat, and when you have got 4 of each then your in a good spot in life hahahahaha
  8. I have bought from Neil many times. and i will say this..... i have NEVER been unhappy. his swords are always far far far better in hand then his photos present.
  9. [PPP] Bare copper ground paulownia crest engraved tsuba "Ichijo" sword fittings art sword petite kōgai | Jauce Shopping Service | Yahoo Japan Auctions. EBay Japan
  10. i have in parts a transitional 1873 to 83 sword for petty officers and it was very simular to my once owned and published admirals flagsword which both didnt fit in either groups. they were both Japanese made and were closer to the completed 1883 models
  12. Its a mid transition type8 to 19. I have commented on these locks in the past. In short itsba owner preference as it makes drawn/ strike faster as griping the tsuka releases the lock. No silly thumb stuff required
  13. its a dress version, so its so common and affordable you could either replace it or butcher one for parts. but be warned the wire will be brittle when re wrapping
  14. Why such thin skins. You pontificate like a robustly educated and experienced connoisseurs but are allergic to criticism. I wasn't aggressive or rude. I take responsibility for what i write BUT not how you interpret it. Its Latin, there's nothing offensive in Latin I have had my some of my opinions called bullshit by 3 members here. 2 of which I still email regularly. I don't cry into my pillow afterwards. Its there right to voice there's. All my observations are based on sound observation and 2 decades of collective study and collecting.
  15. oh so now you have such a good eye you can deduce the natural origins of a fake too?? so discounting all the other 3rd world countries that mass produce fakes, what wonderious traits point this item to "Probably is Indonesian copy of a Japanese sword."???? i think the term Bubulum stercus is what your talking
  16. this is modern junk, with some extra parts slapped on it to fool peaple. what pisses me off, is peaple keep trying to comfirm this as a genuine ww2 relic. there is no real age or patina to the steel or evan the tang to indicate this EVER spend a year in the tropics. the same hasnt evan sent onto the handle. no sign of mekugi holes or placement. the idea of them getting Japanese parts, and fill in the gapes with 'SO CALLED" island parts. pffft please. these are at every gunshow in town prior to covid. FAKE FAKE FAKE.
  17. It looks very poor in the way its cut. And not typical of that you see on either sue koto or early shinto. But what would i know, i could be talking out my ass
  18. Former Japanese Army ★ Openwork tsuba center push ★ Face threading ★ Residual ★ Guntō sword | Jauce Shopping Service | Yahoo Japan Auctions. EBay Japan
  19. but not its a really cool pirate swoooord grrrr
  20. its a head scratcher as to why, but also take not that all parts are of the time peroid. so many possibilities, but the ito work looks good compared to DIY back yarders. couldnt be worse then this RARE! Antique Japanese WW2 1899 Short (Dagger) Cavalry Sword All Original LOOK! | eBay
  21. does any one have this book? and if so, whats it like for tassel and knot information. regards H
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