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  1. Move past the F&G and on to Dawsons. Better in every way, except for stamp identification.
  2. the sword it self is a early 1883 officers sword with the "eleven leafs" i say its early because of the corrigated fuchi. something normally assocated with pre 1883 model dress swords. PS stop polishing it
  3. The shadow clan of yagu, off lone wolf and cub????? Hahahaha
  4. If buy mumei, you wouldn't have that problem hahahaha
  5. this seller is well known and is on a few proxy buyers mailing lists from Japan. so not a waste of time like if it was on fleabay
  6. hi guys, just a heads up on this seller. he backed out of a sale on a jingasa on JAUCE. the action was withdrawn. so just a heads up on seller
  7. there was a post in the past with a simular event, but i cant find it. so heres the link you guys Bishu Mihara Sumi Astronomical 18th year Army Corps of Engineers Tokyo Arsenal 9563 Engraved Former Japanese Army Type 95 Iron Scabbard Early Type Noncommissioned Officer Sword Army Swords | Jauce Shopping Service | Yahoo Japan Auctions.
  8. jauce is a shitty company, there fees are redicoius, and im not talking about a harry potter spell. there DHL extra charge ontop of postage takes the postage on a xxxxing tassel up to $60-70 every time im on kelly shimdts mail list. and so many auctions end as sold and appear on yahoo.jp with a starting price that was the same as the sold price.
  9. so you had 1 example, and that allows you to form a informative opinion. question if a type 32 ko saya fits a otsu but the numbers arnt matching is that correct??? its happened about 10,000 times but its not correct. get my notion
  10. if you want more photos please email, have heaps i can send via email,
  11. hi guys, selling a neat min koa isshin mantetsu in type 98 shin gunto this is a real treat, full SMR mounts and leather saya cover. it has a rare steel re-enforced tsuka, corrigated habaki, matching habaki to tsuka to blade combo. blade is in stunning condition and the nakago is most likely the best example on the market today. ill let the photos speak fot them selves. honsetly this is probably the best example on the market, world wide today so the phots were just me having fun, none of the props are included and i dont have time to redo the photos. ideally im want to trade to the value of $3000 usd, looking for almost anything, papered and polished. no emura, nagamitsu or under 1.5m yen smiths please, if you have tanto or waks. please papered in mounts hahaha ps sorry for the photo size, i was having pc issues
  12. ummmm no. my idea when starting this thread, was so that new collecters can learn from and aspire to own and preserve the better then average gunto. sadly due to the market levels the "averge" gunto now being lookied apon as being special or rare, which i disagree with. sorry that migh sound like me on a soup box. If the idea of low class gunto section was to be born it most likey will be filled with crap you can already see on "fleabay" or heavan forbid the obvious fakes that some members cling to in hope that they are genuine, being put in. thus distorting the line between of what genuine and wahts fact for the new collector.
  13. i got a silver foil habaki for $7 hahhahaha, no but i get your point
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