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  1. @Bruce Groyn‘s Mantetsu is 昭和(16)辛巳 1941 instead of 昭和(15)庚辰 1940 。
  2. Many collectors in China love to have Gunto and Nihonto. So, there are quite a few guys in China doing that biz, bought Gunto from overseas, and use special channels to smuggling them into China. Because technically it's against the law to own such a sword in China. They sell replicas to the west and keep import the legit ones for themself.
  3. Not all Type 95 are on the high price,only the minty ones are getting very expensive.
  4. Smith on this one says 友広(友廣)。 But his handwriting doesn't look very good, maybe that mark is サ(Sa)for Semarang?
  5. It's all about the right price, Fleebay has one for sale right now, actually, it was there a while ago, the seller took it down and put it up again, can't move for 3K. In most cases, he priced his Gunto a lot higher than the market price anyway.
  6. Including the one showed in that thread, I saw two of those 斉燮元奨刀. The other one says 總長斉燮元奨。
  7. The last one looks like an NCO sword but add 石突 and 責金 from Type 98 on NCO scabbard.
  8. Thomas I think the Kanji on this sword is the same as the other one, either 恆 or 悟.
  9. Is 日本特殊鋼合資會社 and 日本特殊鋼株式會社 the same company?
  10. @Kiipu Maybe that mark relate to 日本特殊鋼合資會社? 日本特殊鋼合資会社(読み)にほんとくしゅこうごうしかいしゃ 世界大百科事典内の日本特殊鋼合資会社の言及 【特殊鋼】より …以降,特殊鋼は兵器の材料として軍需を中心に生産された。大正に入り1915年に電気製鋼所(現,大同特殊鋼),16年に日本特殊鋼合資会社(現,大同特殊鋼)と民間の専業メーカーが設立された。しかし軍需中心は変わらず,第2次大戦終結前の生産のピークである44年の63万tは戦争継続のための増産によるものである。
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