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  1. Tokyo 1st Stamped M on a quite few Mantetsu , 武久,義治's Tang。Most of them also have 東 mark on Kabutogane.
  2. Michael Very nice one! Not many of these Gunsui swords around, I was looking for one for a while since I missed one last year also made by Akinobu. I'm lucky enough to get one a couple of months ago, but it only has Gunsui mei no smith name.
  3. Thanks Colin The condition of the blade now makes it hard to tell if there is hamon or not.
  4. Anyone know what this is ?It was found in an old Japanese camp site in China.
  5. Yamagami Munetoshi 山上宗利. He was a Rikugun Jumei Tosho from Niigata and the brother of Yamagami Akihisa 山上昭久, who was a student of Kurihara Akihide. He also spent time at the Nihon-to Gakuin training along with his brother.
  6. I know, it's hard to judge. It seems the bohi can be added after the blade is done. Let's leave the welded thing out. Is the bohi custom order form Mantstsu or some smith add it later? Pobroly we will never know.
  7. Peter You're right, some Mantetsu does have the cross line on the tang. I also agree anything is possible, but this one with Bohi is in doubt with more than a few people not only me. Not saying we're 100% correct though.
  8. @Bruce Pennington Cut off tang.And someone's replica 濾目 work of Mantetsu tang.
  9. Bruce This one is rewelded the cut off Mantetsu tang with another blade like the one I post a few days ago,but better work.
  10. Your sword seems to made around July 1939. I agree with Steve, that tassel is a repro.
  11. Very first 1937 Winter(丁丑冬)Mantetsu I've ever seen.
  12. This one is put-together by welding the original cut-off Mantetsu tang to a modern blade.
  13. Any comprising photos of the early one and the standard one?
  14. Kim Jong-un (金正恩)‘s 金 Kim .Could be owner's name .
  15. Cool!Seems 藤原岸永 use 正清 mei when he works at 湊川神社。Use 正永 at 七生刀鍛煉道場 when making the Army contract sword.
  16. 昭和十七年 1942 Smith 兼光 Kanemitsu Owner 岡田 Okada
  17. I don't recall seeing any of Nagamitsu and Emura's swords have Star stamps. Those blades were made by many training smiths under the name of 長光 and 江村, some are better than the others, the quality may vary ,maybe because of that, the Army does not supply them Tamahagane. So, even the swords were traditionally made Gendaito ,it still can't receive the Amry star stamp since not using 玉鋼。
  18. @Bruce Pennington @Kiipu Found something interesting. This 1941 昭和辛巳春 the 13th series ワ375, has Suya tsuba numbered H 一六二 マ. And the other 1941 昭和辛巳春 the 14th series カ353, it also has Suya tsuba numbered H 二二二 マ, only 60 numbers apart. Maybe they used the same batch parts from Suya. What do you guys think?
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