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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/124947464368?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT This 滿洲國有鐵道 Manchuko National Railway Gunto without scabbard sold for $2800, it's going to China.
  2. Tsuka marking is 柄平卷 The company logo it's very similar to 山本軍刀店,but a little different. It look like 幸 rather than 山本, maybe another logo for 神户軍刀店?Since the owner‘s name 神户一幸。We know 合名會社 神戶商店 make Type 95 NCO sword using K or 一 inside the Cherry blossom mark, perhaps not many people know it also called 神戶軍刀店(hence they both use the same phone number)?
  3. The photo is too small,I can only make a guess-陸軍造?
  4. 昭和己卯年(Showa 14),1939.No season on this one.
  5. With way lock set up,it can't be put upside down.
  6. The mark besides Naval Acceptance Stamp, One is from 中野商店,one is 松山由造‘s .
  7. As a 造兵刀&NCO sword lover, I've been observing the price for many years(also bought many), like John said that 造兵刀 sold for$2000 was all because it's the minty condition, so does the recent two mint condition Type 95 sold for over 2K, keep that in mind, the regular condition ones will NOT be sell for that kind of price.
  8. This is a early 造兵刀 http://ohmura-study.net/206.html
  9. I agree, it looks like later war 造兵刀 instead of early ones. @Kiipu
  10. 東都住人石堂是一十代孫藤原輝秀精鍛造之 「石堂是一は長運斎綱俊の甥で、初め綱俊について鍛刀の技を学び、後に石堂家の七代目を継いで是一と称しました。作風は大別して備前伝と相州伝の二様がありますが、やはり彼の本領は石堂派の御家芸ともいえる備前伝であり、傑作も多く残されています。
  11. Very nice 石堂輝秀!If there are some full tang photos would be great!
  12. I'm going to leave that puzzle to Thomas&SteveM.
  13. The signature reads 大仁田厚,should be a made up Japanese smith name.
  14. Hope you didn't pay too much for this Chinese fake.
  15. Agree!Only the MINTY ones sell price go up a lot more.
  16. The brass tsuba type 95 in average condition would sell for 700-900 no problem ,better condition of the blade and paint should go over 1K and more.Keep that in mind,same condition Iron tsuba is cheaper tha brass tsuba.
  17. I saw many Type 95 show up on eBay and another auction site recently, most of them the listing price on the high side, the market will tell what are they really worth. I think it's not going to be a big jump on price for the regular /so so condition ones because that minty 95 sold for the high dollars.
  18. @Bruce Groyn‘s Mantetsu is 昭和(16)辛巳 1941 instead of 昭和(15)庚辰 1940 。
  19. Many collectors in China love to have Gunto and Nihonto. So, there are quite a few guys in China doing that biz, bought Gunto from overseas, and use special channels to smuggling them into China. Because technically it's against the law to own such a sword in China. They sell replicas to the west and keep import the legit ones for themself.
  20. Not all Type 95 are on the high price,only the minty ones are getting very expensive.
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