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  1. I use 壽屋,飯島, 関刀剣and神戸商店
  2. All 5 NCO sword under my name in your database are not mine. I will try to find out the numbers of my Type 95's some how. The problem is , I stored my swords at my friend's place since I'm out of the country for a while.
  3. Chris I do not have 154826,154529 and 154800,I think those are Aluminum handle with the blade no fuller and Wood handle with the fullered blade that I found online and post them up for comparison.
  4. Niel That is a cool Gunto! I think 深泥亦國恩 could be translated to Even the swamp is bestow from Motherland,meaning your country provide you everything, you should appreciate it. The translate you post"Even in the deepest swamp, you are obliged to your country", more go with 縱陷深泥亦報國恩. I like to hear the opinion from other members , Thomas, George, etc.
  5. There is a phrase in Chinese 落花隨風而逝-Falling flowers gone/die with the wind. Kind of similar meaning as the poem on the wood saya of your digger.
  6. Michael That small banner "皇纪二千六百年 " is inverted.It should be like the photo I posted.
  7. Looks legit to me, that Kanji should be 名
  8. George There is a canvas-covered wood saya for sale on eBay, it might not be exactly what you looking for, but you can check it out.I'm not sure if It's ok to add link here. You can search WWII Japanese SAMURAI SWORD SCABBARD ONLY #C31 Trystan
  9. 正行 Masayuki Tag says 曹長 Staff Sergeant ,the owner should be carrying NCO sword instead.
  10. Steve I knew these PLA cavalry swords are mainly in the US, but also seen in Canada &UK. I assume there must be some get to Australia.
  11. Steve Do you saw any of the PLA versions of Type 32 in Australia?
  12. Please send me some photos,Thanks!
  13. It seems you got it from PCAY. This sword is not the Chinese version but the real Japanese Type 32 甲 . It could be captured by PLA and reissued to their cavalry troop before they start to make the replica. But not 100% sure, since this is the only Japanese Type 32 painted to PLA green I ever saw. Here is the Chinese version
  14. 特殊鋼以井戶秀俊作 Special Steel Made by Ido Hidetoshi
  15. More possible is the repair team smith uses a local blacksmith shop to make the sword if they can instead of made the sword on the field.
  16. In the movie "俺は君のためにこそ死にに行", there is a pilot when he going for last mission, he gives his Gunto(full-length )to his father before take off. It's at 0:50 in this clip.
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