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  1. 2 gunto fuchi and 1 lock asking $125 shipped in the US a little more for overseas. can get measurements if needed.
  2. On hold. the wrap was silk but through use and elements it feels close to leather.
  3. 26.25” gendaito signed yoshu hojo ju Hiromasa saku. A few hakobori and two light abrasions on the blade. Shingunto koshirae with an interesting detail on how it was worn by the officer. $2850.00 plus shipping obo
  4. 28.5” shinshinto mumei in koshirae. Tsuka has a little play and the saya is fragile but in one piece. A couple tiny areas of discoloring but no flaws. $2500 plus shipping.
  5. A few tsuba sold as a lot, signed myochin katana tsuba, aizu shaomi wakizashi tsuba, shaomi with plug, Large tembo tsuba. I will add dimensions in a bit, can’t find anything to measure with now. $1000 shipped in the US or plus shipping if outside of the US.
  6. I will get a pic of the blade later but it’s way out of polish. This was in a collection for 40yrs and just sat in a closet. The nakago is very dark but the not as dark as in the pic. Thank you guys!
  7. Can’t find any smith that just signed Fujiwara no daijo Masanori. thanks in advance!
  8. Looking to buy or trade for plain shibuichi handachi saya fittings, pieces or complete.
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