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  1. A few tsuba sold as a lot, signed myochin katana tsuba, aizu shaomi wakizashi tsuba, shaomi with plug, Large tembo tsuba. I will add dimensions in a bit, can’t find anything to measure with now. $1000 shipped in the US or plus shipping if outside of the US.
  2. I will get a pic of the blade later but it’s way out of polish. This was in a collection for 40yrs and just sat in a closet. The nakago is very dark but the not as dark as in the pic. Thank you guys!
  3. Can’t find any smith that just signed Fujiwara no daijo Masanori. thanks in advance!
  4. Looking to buy or trade for plain shibuichi handachi saya fittings, pieces or complete.
  5. As title states I’m looking for a long shinsakuto 28.34”+ nagasa. I have a koto mumei papered fuyuhiro in koshirae for trade.
  6. First one is a strangely shaped kurigata. Just curious if anyone knows the theme or has seen a similar shaped one? Second is this kojiri, mon or cross? It looks like a Christian cross but.... Thanks in advance!
  7. I’ll check to see what seppa I have, if it/they work they’re yours.
  8. With help... 皇敵貫骨 Kou Teki Kan Kotsu Pierce the bones of the Emperors enemy. The third kanji is slightly abbreviated.
  9. Thanks again! I appreciate your time!!
  10. Thank you! I thought the first character was “ko”.
  11. Can’t figure out the first part of the mei. Thanks in advance!
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