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  1. i will not be able to comment until we see pictures of your Copper 95
  2. Agree would look great mounted @Curran - roosteryears tends to have some good stuff
  3. Auction hasnt ended yet, but seems steep to me? But im not an expert by any means https://www.jauce.com/auction/n1047538334
  4. ah! @kyushukairu its AWESOME! Thanks for sharing! Also @JohnTo thats a great Tsuba! The stance is great and defiant, agree - great!
  5. Thanks Dale for that! I looked there and didnt see a seam anywhere, "seams" odd to me?
  6. Thanks for the share @MauroP Now I know what the inserts are called! That example is WAY nicer than mine!
  7. Hi Everyone Picked this one up recently at auction. I have never seen shakudo inserts and a mimi on a Heian tsuba before, thats what drew me to it. Interested in any thoughts on modification long after forging, other examples of Heian tsuba with Shakudo, basically more education. The mimi is unbroken with no visible seam.
  8. Saw this blade for sake with a Kicho paper from the 70s. I know, "green papers are bad". Well, i scroll down anyways and see this for the tang - thoughts?
  9. Congrats Mark! you outbid me on these glad to see they are in the NMB family https://www.jauce.com/auction/v1034688566
  10. hard pass. looks nothing like mine. cant see arsenal stamps in those pics. saya is incorrect. no numbers to be seen
  11. its a toothpick Dale, not a kogai
  12. the ana look weird on this to me @Spartancrest agree?
  13. https://www.jauce.com/auction/e1034245405 Interested if you all see any gems in there....
  14. When I sold stuff on here, i used some of the proceeds to buy a gold tier membership. And will do so again, should I sell anything else. That was my way of supporting and visually showing my support.
  15. The three kingdoms story is enthralling - love this piece!
  16. Want to hear more of this story. Found with a metal detector where? In the ground? In a box in a wall?
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