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  1. Kmad

    Mumei Wakizashi

    The story gets worse and worse. looks like they did a right job on the poor sword REgards Ken
  2. Thanks both Totally mislabelled in the auction but I am sure several others will spot them I will let you know shortly how things work out Regards Ken
  3. Hi This is the only image i have of the tsuba with no chance of getting any more so can any one tell me if any of these are worth having a bid on of around 100 euro or so Not much to go on i know but i might as well ask Thanks Ken
  4. I Kenny I am very un knowledgeable about Japanese swords but the scabbard leather does not look 70 + years old to me. especially where we see the fibres at the top of the Saya, this invariably gets stained and gets dirt/grease ingrained. where was the sword kept to be in such good condition? As I say styles etc of scabbards etc, have not got a clue but I think I am OK at guesstimating the age of things Looking forward to the education if i am wrong Ken
  5. Hi All, For cleaning inside of scabbards I use brazing rods with brass or bronze wool 2 or 3 mm rods are perfect You can bend the brass to hold the cleaning wool firm to the rod Use brass rods because they are softer than steel rods and they have some good flexibility. I also use bronze rather than steel wool as it will not scratch steel but will remove rust Regards Ken
  6. Tsuba arrived. v prompt delivery time and very easy to deal with this seller Many thanks Ken
  7. Hi Thanks all for all the info. I will have to try and translate the new words. I forgot to mention this cord came with the sword Might this also be original to the sword as all the other parts look un messed. Thanks again and I will be back with more questions after work. Ken
  8. For sake of completion this is the Tool I used
  9. Well I got it apart the peg . It was a friction fit in two parts just pushed together, very tightly I made a dowel that fitted the larger hole and pushed out the smaller diameter inner sleeve came apart reasonably easily I think someone may have tried to removed handle with some force as the copper or brass was a bit dented No markings on the tang but holes from a re mount you guys will be able to discern something from the shape I hope. The tsuba is quiet nice and intricid So can anything be learned from this development Any extra pictures no issue. Thanks all for your interest. Ken
  10. Hi Stephen I am meeting with an Irish collector once we arrange a suitable time, so i will leave well enough alone in the interim. Ken
  11. Yes Stephen I can see daylight through the hole Now one thing I did not mention is that the Tsuba is loose and there is space from either missing seppa or the handle has slipped downward but if I can see through the hole this implies (in my mind) the holes in the tsuka is lined up with the hole in the tang so the blade is not held by anything other than friction (or rust) the hole for the menuki are different diameter from one side to the other further implying the wedge shaped menuki would have gone here at one stage Thanks for interest, Ken
  12. Hi Luis, quiet an unusual post to be honest. I am a very infrequent poster here but I am quiet up to speed on "Honourable forum etiquette" from other forums. I read your comment as trying to hinder a sale or get the other purchaser to lower their offer. to observers the following is the Time line of interaction between Luis and I. I never offered the sword in question for sale, he instigated the potential purchase, I inform him what others are offering with no mention that I was going to sell for that price and then he slams the door and walk away like a child. I read PM interaction as personal and to be left there. To Luis: Maybe your purchasing technique works, I deal a lot, I collect a lot and I find being fair, open and pleasant works a lot better, maybe you should try it and see if it works for you too. Moderator I apologise for the miss use of a discussion on swords but I needed to say this. Again thanks to all who have Contributed to this discussion to Luis I say nothing. Ken
  13. Hi Ken I know study is important but I collect flintlock pistols not Japanese Swords. I have had 5 Japanese swords so far in my life and have sold on two so I am not a collector just a v interested observer who loves the history of these swords. I happened across the two swords I have up on the forum as a side purchase along with some muskets. I reckoned the deal was good and purchased the two swords if I turned down the deal or said I would come back later I knew both swords would be gone so I made the gamble. A semi educated gamble but a gamble paid off. But you are right and I will purchase an introductory text to Japanese swords. I tend to have regretted more what I did not buy over what I have bought so far I am ahead and I have a nice collection put together. Regards Ken
  14. Thanks for the extra information. I can’t see any more damage but I do not realy know what I am looking at to be honest. I will look back over previous posts to see if I can decipher some of the posts. With r3fer3nce to hitting the books I may do sometime but I am getting more of an idea as to what to purchase when they come along Kind regards Ken
  15. Hi Bazza There are no vice marks it is a line of file marks I am using kitchen spotlights for the pictures on an I pad so the images are terrible Cheer Ken
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