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  1. Hi I have seen the cutting test cuts before but never noticed the loin cloth. Looking at the Drawing of the test victim I find it quiet bizarre/ironic that they are clothed. I wonder did they cloth the person or corpse when they were performing the cuts? Regards, Ken
  2. Thanks John So the smith is Iyo ju Fujiwara Munesada and sword dates from late 1600's Regards Ken
  3. Hi All Please see attached images, a mate rescued this sword from an estate auction. It is obviously in very bad shape but he would love to know more about it, if possible Can anyone oblige, he put some pictures up on a face book page and some details came back but I have not got the details provided. I will get dimensions later today off him Many thanks as ever Ken
  4. Well on that vein here is something I am going to bid on at auction. I am no high end collector and I actually preferer Ethnic items. I will be bidding blind on the one picture, I reckon Thai Mounting of a Japanese blade Might be something nice/interesting ???? regards to all Ken PS as for your sword Brian it depends on the price, everything has value.
  5. Many thanks to you both for your assistance. Keep well Ken
  6. Hi All Would anyone be able to tell me what is written on the attached flag and 1000 stitch belt Many thanks, Ken
  7. I think it is a good idea to limit non Gold Members to one sale a Month. Personally I will probably never contribute much knowledge to this forum as I know damn all. However, I am a Gold Member and will contribute to the forum as a way of thanks to you members who have been so generous with their time and knowledge. I want you to all be still here on this fantastic resource for a long time. That is me being selfish as I know for a very small contribution I have 100's of experts who will advise me on my purchases or acquisitions in a field that I just have not the time to study. I have acquired some great pieces (well to me they are great) due to the kindness of forum members in advising me both on PM and on the forum I will probably not sell on the forum for a long time but if I ever do I would think 5-10% would be a fair hosting fee as it is a great captive audience where sales are exposed to 100's of genuine buyers. Kind regards to all and thanks again , Ken
  8. Hi I think it depends on the price you buy the item for, before a judgement can be made on investment item or not. I have had 7 Japanese swords and sold 3 at a good profit and sold one on at a slight loss, all sales within 6 months of purchasing the swords. For the 3 I have kept I have been offered many multiples of what I paid but I have decided to hold on to them at the moment. Look back on my posts and you will see some of my aquisitions it shows you what can be found. Maybe I am just lucky but my strike rate is similar on other collectibles I purchase and sell on. I buy from car boot sales and sites similar to Craig list but I think if you have enough knowledge and are prepared to wait deals will and do come along. I find the trill of the hunt far out weighs the waiting. best of look on the searching, regards ken
  9. But if you see nothing after removing the nail some of the context is lost, bit of a dilemma?? The owner is not a member but is following the thread and I can put up pictures for him if required Regards Ken
  10. more pictures, sorry took on my phone last night so not great at all Keep well ken
  11. Hi Now here is a interesting item A Japanese wakizashi blade length of 62 mm with what looks like a satsuma rebellion wrap which has then been wrapped in sacking and cowrie shells. From family history it mat have come from W Africa where some relatives served after WWII but some some of family who served in WWII. Menuki is replaced by a nail but a good bit of the wrap is gone Blade is terrible condition and not sure if removing the nail will reveal anything and also will it ruin the curiosity of the piece (or even if it tells anything is it worth doing) So what would the next steps, I think doing nothing except maybe soaking in oil to remove red rust but I like v ethnic items. Anyone ever seen the like and what do you think owner should do, not mine but posting for a friend. Regards All Ken
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