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  1. https://tosogu.cz/?p=1485
  2. Just found this in an old catalogue Mrs. H.O. Havemeyer, donated over 150 tsuba to the Metropolitan Museum, some of their best. The estate of Mrs. H.O. Havemeyer. Japanese & Chinese art [Part III] Publication date 1930 The description is a little off! 28. Bronze tsuba, Large oval form for great sword, embossed and parcel-gilded with figure of an old magician evoking a dragon from a smoking koro; reverse engraved with a pine branch. Signed SHUNMEI.
  3. Spot on that is correct. Check out - I took the liberty of revolving the kozuka and enlarging it a little. Notice the headpiece on this tsuba. https://www.zacke.at...ters/?lot=38593&sd=1 Three Sake Tasters—Shaka (The historical Buddha), Koshi (Confucius), and Roshi (Laozi) May as well include a Kashira https://www.liveauct...a-confucius-lao-tze/
  4. I can't translate the caption on this tsuba taken from Zabo Tansen by Kenichi Kokubo & Kenzo Ootsubo The dragon is once again 'lowline' and for me at least looks a lot like a very thin lizard! There is another tsuba on page 223 of the same book very similar to the one posted by Colin H. above.
  5. A nice katamenuki - Cicada nymph https://www.jauce.com/auction/f1141663851
  6. Just a wild thought here - could the tsubako be covering BOTH bases? It would double his clientele and if we can't tell the difference, would the tsuba buyer have been able?
  7. I agree with Jean, a legit piece - but as otherwise stated the tagane marks were not done by a specialist and may be much more recent - it is lucky more damage was not done. [cover with a seppa no worries!] Rakan Handaka with Dragon https://www.lempertz...te-19th-century.html The dragon has gone lowline in this remarkable piece
  8. https://www.nihontoc.../Ko_Goto_Kozuka.html And a blast from the past Helen Gunsaulus "Japanese sword-mounts in the collection of Field Museum" 1923
  9. Hawkshaw image [not very clear]
  10. https://www.jauce.com/auction/s1141417672 Solid Gold! and no doubt worth every cent.
  11. Hi Ian, you might need to show us an image of the Kozuka so we know which one to look for, or can you give us the Hawkshaw catalogue number?
  12. Two from a Swedish Museum site. Formerly from Didrik Bildt Collection around 1914. The maru one Signed: Yoshisumi. The other Signed: Miöchin [Myōchin] Kino Munesuke. The one on the right From a different Swedish museum. : Gift of the Friends of the National Museum to NM [Nationalmusei Vänner]1912, The item comes from Oscar Björck's private collection. Wrongly described as a Wasp. Some menuki at a sale https://www.jauce.com/auction/p1125992196
  13. Something I could have made use of - tsuba wall hooks. Image from an old Yahoo auction. [one I missed]
  14. Spartan [not so sensei] still has much to learn as well. That is half the fun, imagine if we knew it all? What would we talk about?
  15. https://www.ebay.com/itm/235005954807 Like Jake has said - Chinese modern, If you paid the $55 ebay is asking you can buy real Edo [low end] for a little more money - [I suggest not through ebay though.] https://www.darkknig...ental-dragon-katana/ this shows the dragon tsuba made to fit replica swords. My advice if you see the box lid with RYUMON written on it - avoid!! What they don't show you in detail of the ura side! The company also doesn't mind stealing designs from Paul Chen Hanwei - modern copying modern. https://in.pinterest.../532621093405093939/ The Fuji-san one https://sbg-sword-st....com/product470.html Not very nice close up!
  16. I think your tsuba has elements of some Saotome style with Tosa Myochin, do you mean the general shape? I would put it down as Kawari-gata, irregular shape. I have a very large guard with the same rough dented look which I can't exactly fit to any specific school but I think is Myochin.
  17. Could the five dot mon pattern be the Maeda Kamon? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maeda_clan
  18. I hope Monsieur Louis Gonse doesn't mind me giving a little correction to the description in a 1924 catalogue. Octopus ? ? 34. Tsuba in iron, oval, roughly hammered and chiseled. Very powerful stylization of an octopus [Awabi, Abalone]. Work by Nobuiye of Echizen. 17th-18th century.
  19. Spartancrest

    Tsuba Help

    You have better images here - https://www.asianart...=detailAll&Id=152453 I think it is very modern - $60 a little too much for a reproduction but they sell really really bad copies for twice that much. About equivalent quality to this Alva Museum Replica Pendant. Attach a chain and you can have some retro 'Bling' https://www.ebay.com/itm/193470636738
  20. True for all nationalities - there are plenty in English, French you name it. It is fun trying to work out some subjects even when you know a little about them - the early guys were shooting in the dark. [Oktoberfest is wasted on me, I can't stand Beer! Unless it is Ginger Beer! ] Cheers! [Próst!]
  21. I found some more 'Octoberfest' translations. Once again grainy images but Vampires? Fist fight with a Tiger? Just how long were these writers on a bender? 1052. Browned iron, oval. Finely carved relief: insects below, vampire above. An early piece. 16th century. 60 mm x 50 mm. [Bat obviously] 1127. Brown iron, oval. Raised and openwork relief on both sides with copper and brass inlay: Half-naked man in a fist fight with a tiger, 17th century. 90 mm x 80 mm. [The Taoist Immortal Bukan and his Tiger] Who knew tsuba translations could be so funny?
  22. Spartancrest


    Swords are a special subject, some countries block their import or at least make you go through a long process to import them. Buyee and Jauce both have a policy where they put swords in the "too hard basket" at times - many so called blocked auctions can be 'opened' by a review of the seller. There is a blocked auction feature on Jauce [I am not on top of what buyee does] you can click on this button and they will get back to you in 24 hrs to say "yes the auction is now unblocked" or not. I have only been turned down once in seven years so it is rare. I don't collect swords myself so I have never had the problem of importing them from Japan. As far as trust goes, I have never been disappointed with any purchase, they always arrive and are packaged beyond belief! [over the top packaging, bubble wrap, cardboard box the size of your head with a single tsuba inside wrapped in three layers of just about everything - you could drop the package from the edge of space no worries about the content!]
  23. Spartancrest


    Pure stubborn determination - start with image recognition, but this often only links to European or American sites, so not much use for Japan. Try asking Google by using relevant Kanji rather than English [use google translate - it sometimes gets it correct! ] and then do an image search on the results. However I am also checking some of the bigger auction sites like Jauce.com [same as buyee] every day. Checking "New Arrivals" and also "Time ending soonest" - if you do this each day you know what is going on. [besides I have a packrat mind and always remember a 'face' - just not always where I saw it last ] Start with what you can find eg. Ebay then if the seller is from Japan or one of the proxy sellers is, then there is a really good chance it is listed either on Jauce, buyee or Yahoo JP. I hate to say it but ebay is for the unwitting "foreigners" who will pay much higher prices, as far as most Japanese sellers are concerned. [Some very good exceptions to this rule.]
  24. Spartancrest


    https://www.jauce.com/auction/f1108873810 or https://buyee.jp/ite.../auction/f1108873810 You can save a lot of money by finding the original sale on the Japanese auction sites. In this case buying direct from Japan at 50000 yen it would equal $320.64 USD. Why pay some third party an extra $250 for just changing a delivery address on an item they don't even have? [I really really dislike "Proxy sellers"!]
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