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  1. I don't think so. Sasano describes Kanayama Tsuba in his golden book which are even larger (more than 80mm).
  2. Another one with a two-tone background. You will see these more often: one side is the day-side, the other represents the night: https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/34452
  3. Ah, yes, an orchid! Thank you very much, Pietro, you are a Gentlemen, too! And no Peony but a Chrysanthemum, right (I don't own a garden...). I find this Tsuba really stunning! The idea to use 4 Metals in the Background is rarely seen. here or there you might see two metals, but 4?
  4. Dear fellow Board members, today I want to discuss this Tsuba from the collection of the MMoA: https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/34423 Unfortunately the MMoA collection does not give any further information about the Signature, school or the topic shown here etc. I guess it's a depiction of the four seasons: the peony blooms in summer and bamboo survives winter, the plum for spring - but what's that flower for the fall? What do you think about this one? Regards Peter
  5. Really nice Tsuba, Justin. The design is called "Ya-Guruma", that means arrows (Ya) which are laid in a circle, looking like the spokes a wheel (Guruma). It was the Mon of some families of the Genji Clan. Also it is used in the "Tango"-Festival, it means that a boy child is born and the family asks for protection of the gods. It is a very old design.
  6. Come on, Guys, Nr 1 is the real deal!
  7. Nr. 6 on hold pending payment.
  8. This is the second file with my offers with lowered prices and a lot of new stuff. As always feel free to ask for better pics. Do not hesitate to make a realistic offer. Peter Tsuba and Tosogu 2.pdf
  9. Thanks a lot, this is all valuable information!
  10. Hi John, Great, thank you very much!
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