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  1. Hello Marco, I tried to send you a message but always got an error message. Apparently you can not receive a PM?
  2. Come on, Guys, Nr 1 is the real deal!
  3. Nr. 6 on hold pending payment.
  4. This is the second file with my offers with lowered prices and a lot of new stuff. As always feel free to ask for better pics. Do not hesitate to make a realistic offer. Peter Tsuba and Tosogu 2.pdf
  5. Thanks a lot, this is all valuable information!
  6. Hi John, Great, thank you very much!
  7. I recently acquired these Menuki which depict a rarely seen topic on sword fittings: Yokai. These have been very common as a motif for Okimono or Netsuke, but I guess that a Samurai would not show them on his weapons. They would rather be an enemy of a Samurai if they existed or maybe the topic was too childish for a serious Katana Koshirae... Here we have a Kara-Kasa (the Umbrella) and one from the Family of the Tsukumo-Gami (old household-goods), a bowl and a mortar for grinding ginger. They are obviously late Edo or even Meiji or Showa, were never mounted (maybe thought of as a gift) on a Tsuka but glued to a piece of cardboard - and they are very well done, it's really fine work. Also they are signed - can somebody help me with the translation? Thanks a lot! Peter
  8. You should post that in the "Want to buy" - section, makes more sense, I guess.
  9. Looks really bold and heavy, also very interesting way to depict mountains, very nice Tsuba.
  10. Rodenbacher

    Omori Hisanori?

    Somebody in Germany tried to sell me another example of the rooster Tsuba which was exactly like that in the Bonham's auction and he even told me that it was the Bonham's piece, he won the auction. In fact it was just another copy of that. I had it in hand and on the first glance it looked okay, but on the second I could see that it was not made by a tsubako, no traces of chiseling, no nuances, no traces of wear or age - anything very lifeless, very industrial. But it was nearly perfectly made, don't underestimate the fakers, and I think without a lot of experience someone will easily step into that trap.
  11. I see Geese flying in front of the full moon. If you look at the Form in the blue "circle" (sorry, just a quick try) you will see what I mean.
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