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  1. Very good photos of your swords Neil. Great sword.
  2. Hi members, I am looking for a Japanese flag. a big one would be desirable. Please send pm with asking price. Michael
  3. Hi Matt, are you so kind and write me (photos) which 10 swords you have.  Thank you very much


    1. matthewbrice


      Hi Michael.  Yes, let’s see.  I have two Kunimori, a Nagamitsu, Kanezane, Akimitsu (as I recall), etc.  You can email me at mbrice@stcroixblades.com.  You can reach me more easily there.  

      Thanks Michael!




      —Matthew Brice




  4. Hi ronnie, Thank you for the post. I am grateful for any information.
  5. by the way. Mr. Bowen has the matching tanto, same date , signature kazuyuki.
  6. that's right. otherwise such a rare sword would never have come to Germany.
  7. one of my favorites in my humble collection Tsukamoto Kazuyuki Oshû Iwashiro-jûnin Tsukamoto Kazuyuki Tôyama Mitsuru'ô no teinai ni oite Showa 13, August
  8. The Tsuguhira was at my home for over 1 year. A great sword.
  9. Hi friends, Steve M was (again) so friendly and translated the Nakago. 栗原昭秀作  敬呈 岩上金三郎君 昭和十二年一月二日 Kurihara Akihide saku Keitei Iwakami Kinsaburō kun Shōwa Jyūninen ichigatsu futsuka The middle line says, "Presented to Mr. IWAKAMI Kinsaburō". In other words, the middle line is the name of the person to whom the blade was given. Blade 21,9cm Kasane 6mm
  10. Hi I am happy to have found a Kurihara Akihide Tanto.
  11. Hello, this is my only Kai Gunto with the following signature. Hattori Tanto Jo Saku
  12. Naohiro translation, please help me translate the nthk paper. many thanks. stay healthy.
  13. http://sanmei.com/contents/media/H4912_S2682_PUP_E.html very nice find.
  14. Thanks to Markus Sesko for the translation. Made as a gift for the Imperial Armed Forces of the Sino-Japanese War. Akiyama Chozaburo ( Recipient / bearer of the sword) Sword for the protection of the fatherland, carefully made by Yoshimasa, resident in karakuyanoseki in chikuzen. On a happy day in October of the twelfth year Showa (1937)
  15. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Japanese-samurai-sword-katana-nihonto-koa-isshin-mantetsu/203264183751?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  16. 1919 , Shigetsugu Tachi made for Tanaka Giichi, Baron, Minister of War, Prime Minister, Tanto by Shigetsugu.
  17. Hi guys, life isn't always fair. In the summer I wrote that I would sell my two Tanto, Kajiyama Yasunori and my Toshihiro, both with Kanteisho. I still show pictures of Kajiyama Yasunori. What do the members think is my Toshihiro worth?
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