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  1. Looks like Fake. Can you show the nakago?
  2. David - The Tachi Koshirae holds no sword. Its a tsunagi.
  3. "Gassenhauer". Piers the sword in the initial photo. Look on the tsuka. The hands of the soldier are so tiny. He could not grab around the tsuka. The picture from the odachi had a correct tsuka for a normal tall man. I bet some beer that the soldier is not taller than 152 cm. I think he is much smaller and they made a fun picture with the swords.
  4. Looks like a tsunagi. I would buy the koshirae.
  5. I'm confused on the blade!! Before Now The koshirae is a Tachi. But very ripped.
  6. There are some things: 1. The dot of the blossom is not sharp outlined. 2. The small path should be highlined 3. The ito binding is wrong. That should be carved. 4. The Tsuka had no sharp lines. The small heighted Tip must be more sharp. 5 The clipper musst be flat and sharp lined There are some more. Like the screwhead that is to big. Brass handles are not common for Type95. I never heard about a brass handled Type95. The stamps didn't look good (but - i learned that the stamps are not a true indicator for the authenticity) Overall its a replica and not a real one.
  7. I think that was a very small soldier Look at the swords in front of him. All giant.
  8. I can only speak from my experience Matt. When it gets a fresh polish the line will be correct and the shadow is gone.
  9. Matt the dark shadow comes wenn the line is not polished correct.
  10. It is a nice blade. So many ara nie. That blade would look amazing when its polished. unfortunatly it was polished by an untrained collector. The dark shadow in the shinogi shows it. But it is a beefy blade so its not a lot of los of material. It is an interesting sword and i would really know the story behind that sword. There where some Masatsugu swordsmith. The signature is not that from Taguchi Masatsugu.
  11. Why should an officer put his real gendaito into a NCO koshirae? And how should an NCO recieve a gendaito blade. Overall such a sword didn't make any sense. We all know how restrictet the Japanese ranks are.
  12. This one is from the Ohmura study site. Same style stamped numbers. I think its time for me to search for a late pattern 6 NCO to have one in hand.
  13. Its a o-wakizashi. Not a katana. Funny Shinsa 😉
  14. The pictures are confusing. The pattern on the tsuka looks like dremel type. The screws dont fit for the type, the blade looks sloopy I'm not sure.
  15. Thanks for the additional pictures John. Bruce & Thomas are right it's legit. The Tsuka has a positive pattern and the Seppa shows the blossoms. Maybe you have a contact to repatinate the habaki, tsuba and fuchi with niage?
  16. I'm not sure with this. Maybe overcleaned? Fuchi, Tsuba Habaki looks like the others we discussed. No patination. The pictures of the tsuka shows not enough details to judge it. I think it's not genuine.
  17. Wow Ronnie, textbook Sadakatsu. Thanks for showing.
  18. Thomas i wonder about the price. What smith could that be? John, i was feeling the same. could someone read it?
  19. Thats correct Piers. I do exchange from swiss Franken to USD. The worth was 670000 Franken. Benken ZH: Antikes Samuraischwert eingeschmuggelt - Blick
  20. What we know from BZAG - Seller was from Stuttgart - Sword was made 1353 - worth 698.408,00 USD Consequences: + 56.289,60 USD vAT + 833.920,00 USD penalty order (for the Swiss businessman) + 6.567,12 USD for the smuggler New worth of the sword: USD 1.595.184,72
  21. Slough says rating 1 Mio Yen for Yasunori as Jean said.
  22. Looks good to me. Nice condition.
  23. Its a simple late Edo period wakizashi iron tusba for a poor ashigaru samurai.
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