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  1. Stegel has told me that he has a big database about Typ95 with pictures and details. So it makes no sense for me to start a new one. Why to reinvent the wheel
  2. Nice fittings Inna. The assembling of the seppa is wrong. But overall looks good. The blade is mumei and the tip is brocken. Could be an older blade. With machi-okuri.
  3. Webtranslator makes https://webtranslation.paralink.com/Japanese-Translation.asp Ashiya Shoten Co., Ltd. (Shimba, Shiba-ku, Tokyo) But i can write Suya Shoten no problem. I change it.
  4. I look on the ohmura site and let translate this 株式会社壽屋商店 https://www.bing.com/search?q=Japanese+translator&form=ANNTH1&refig=cf5375f4c5714566b9df0d818bb08826&sp=1&qs=AS&pq=Japanese+tran&sk=PRES1&sc=8-13&cvid=cf5375f4c5714566b9df0d818bb08826 Google Translator makes Tsuya Shoten Co., Ltd. (Shimbashi, Shiba-ku, Tokio)
  5. Bruce i dont know why i use the name. Its in my brain and i thought this is the name. Maybe i complete wrong.
  6. Thanks Bruce i will fill it! These are the factories i know 1. Ashiya Shoten Co. Ltd. (Shinbashi, Shiba-ku, Tokio) Suya Shétten 2. Iijima Swordsman Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Kanasugi, Shimoya-ku, Tokio) 3. Kobe Shoten (Katamachi, Yotsuya-ku,Tokio) 4. Sekidato Co. Ltd. (Sekimachi, Präfektur Gifu) e.g. Seki Téken Co. Ltd. 5. Kobe - (Kobe Shoten with ichi) i think a second fabrication ground in Kobe. Are these not correct? Its filled:
  7. I delete the list screenshot because some data are incorrect Stegel. Bruce the arsenal stamps are not important for me. I will take the focus on the producer companies.
  8. I understand Trystan. I thought the swords here are in collection. I delete the screenshot for the moment and record only the numbers, type and producer.
  9. Ah thanks Trystan i correct these
  10. I collect data about Type 95 NCO swords. It is interesting to collect the serial numbers, the stage, producer and maybe the time of purchase and the price to get an overview whats going on in these type of collection swords. If the sheet is filled with more data i would like to bring it on here for reference. You can follow the production range from different makers during the wartime, where are all the swords now resides and maybe a price development in market. If you want i fill it with your data. It is also maybe a good idea to have an record on the ownership if a sword gets stolen.
  11. I would say it reads like that Bruce. But nakirishimei
  12. You find some poems in that book. The nobility of failure by Ivan Morris The longest chapter is about WW2 Kamikaze with a lot ouf background that many never had heard.
  13. Hi Luca, no i have no information about the tsuba. It is on shipping to me. I wait that it will arrive here. The Kozuka has the same design, wow. I thought these are vine leaves but the longer i look on the pictures it can be butterflies. And what are these silver sprinkles around the leaves. Your Tsuba looks nice too. Looks also nearly pauwlonia. I dont know. Maybe its a mon?
  14. I search for a fuchi/ kashira that fits to that tsuba (for a restoration project). But i have no clue what the motif is i search for. Any help would be appreciated. Is it leaves, a mon or butterflies?
  15. What the hell Bruce is that sacred sword in the left corner? It is better to store the swords horizontally so that the oil does not accumulate at the top and drips into the saya
  16. Thats hard. These are the only strokes i find out.
  17. http://www.schmucker-info.net/#5._(Taguchi)_Masatsugu_正次 Great Job Mal. Thats a great work and ressource file. I enjoy it very much. If you need pictures or anything i would be pleased to help.
  18. Its a normal showa-to. I see nothing what makes it special or interesting for that price. If you like it i would not pay more than 1100 EUR for it.
  19. Overall i don't think it is a fake sword. The no. looks good and i think is see a stamp on the blade.
  20. Your pictures are to small to see anything. Make shots from the stamps. Fuchi und Blade. The No. on the blade looks good from the far.
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