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  1. It's in chinese 大清康熙年製 Made in the Qing dynasty, Kangxi reign
  2. Roger, are you still looking for this kind of tsuba? I might get my hands on one
  3. Chōshū Hagi-jū Naka Tomomitsu(長州萩住中智光) http://www.sword-auction.jp/ja/content/af18414-鍔:長州萩住中智光-tsuba-choshu-hagi-ju-tomomitsu
  4. C0D

    Tsuba translation

    Usually the only reason to remove a mei on a tsuba is because it's gimei
  5. C0D

    Tsuba translation

    It seems there was a mei and was removed
  6. C0D

    Tsuba translation

    寛延三年八月吉日 Kan'en 3 (1751) August, a lucky day
  7. Would be more interested to know if NBTHK would judge it as mumei or not
  8. Did you try this procedure before?
  9. The sayagaki says "Ichimonji Yoshifusa katana 2 shaku 1 sun"
  10. Seiryoken Hagiya Katsuhira
  11. 三位有功 (Arikoto, bearer of the third court rank) court noble, lived from 1796 to 1854, it is said that he started to forge blades by his own because he was dissatisfied with the sword collection of his family, he was trained by the swordsmiths Ozaki Masataka (尾崎正隆) and Nankai Tarō Tomotaka (南海太郎朝尊)
  12. C0D


    It's a kurikara (倶梨伽羅) horimono, more info about it here https://markussesko.com/2015/03/18/kantei-1-sugata-4/
  13. C0D

    A gift

    It's a mochi pounding mortar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmSrULDVRPc
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