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  1. A little tanto habaki i have since a while
  2. they do look quite new, maybe Meiji or modern
  3. A pretty unique one from Aoijapan https://www.aoijapan.com/wakizashi-mumeiunji/
  4. Tsuba with the shape of a bundle of noshi (Tabane-Noshi, Noshi are narrow strips of dried abalone bundled together in the middle, it was the ritual offering to God in Japanese Shinto religion.), there's some trace of leftover silver zogan around the hitsu ana. Dimensions: 65x64 mm Thickness 4.5 mm Price 150€ plus Paypal and shipping
  5. That sword looks like an utsushi of the famous Yamatorige https://markussesko.com/2018/11/29/the-yamatorige-sanchomo-山鳥毛/
  6. Probably someone tried to test cut his sword against the tsuba
  7. That is actually a ken (straight double edged sword) it represents Fudo Myoo
  8. what's your budget for tsuba? Which size you need? Iron or copper?
  9. Price reduced to 200€ plus shipping and Paypal
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