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  1. Ichi Tomonari gojūroku-daison Bizen Osafune-shi – Yokoyama Kaga no Suke Fujiwara Sukenaga saku (一友成五十六代孫備前長船士・横山加賀介藤原祐永作)
  2. I have some extra i can share and since i'm in the EU you won't have customs fees
  3. More than Gassan this looks more like Shitahara, also nakago shape would fit
  4. i read 一風子 (Ippushi? child of Ippu?) can't find any artist with that name, the only similar is 一風 "Ippu"
  5. It doesn't say anything about Soshu or Masamune anywhere, on the hakogaki it actually says "Awataguchi" 粟田口
  6. From the research i did online for a name with those specific kanji they all turn out as Yoshimasa, so i'm quite confident that would be it
  7. The most likely pronunciation of 祥正 i think would be "Yoshimasa"
  8. I do use Wise, very convenient and fast also to transfer money to Japan. A suggestion when sending money to Japan, ask for kanji/katakana account name or it can cause problems for transfer. i leave you my link so you can have a free transfer up to 500€ (and i can get some cashback ) https://wise.com/invite/u/manuelc927
  9. looks like 需應佐々木重輔 which should mean "on request of Sasaki Shigesuke (or Jusuke)" Seems he liked his swords being custom made https://jref.com/threads/request-for-help-translating-kanji.251744/ https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/33601-help-needed-with-mei/
  10. btw here's a beautiful documentary on how kettles are made traditionally (you can also see how complicated is to get a good one that way)
  11. Cast iron has a melting point of 1250+ °C (which was hard to achieve with ancient bellows) while copper have 1085°C and brass 900-950°C (depending on the composition of the alloy), moreover as said previously cast iron needs to be heat treated after pouring to ensure workability and toughness. Charcoal wasn't cheap even in those times, so would have been a double waste, the work of a person to make a tsuba from scratch was probably cheaper.
  12. A little tanto habaki i have since a while
  13. they do look quite new, maybe Meiji or modern
  14. A pretty unique one from Aoijapan https://www.aoijapan.com/wakizashi-mumeiunji/
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