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  1. Thank you both for your guidance it means a lot to me sharing your knowledge on this subject
  2. Thank you for your assessment and attribution. In hand and viewing the blade it appears much older especially by the nakago. I have a few blades from around that era and definitely there is a marked difference in their appearance in a side to side comparison. Hard to describe but they just seem so much more crisp and different in structure/shape and patina established on nakago
  3. Here is best pics I can get of boshi. The original boshi was quite obscure and hard to make out-see previous pics of original boshi in this post before polish. After polish one was visible. I asked David was there a boshi there or did you make an artificial one. He said the original tempering on the blade wasn’t the best but the original boshi was intact. I know a blade of this age has condition issues. The boshi is the part that makes the attribution difficult on this one.
  4. Should I get this blade repolished when I send it for papers. I am more knowledgeable regarding polishing and had the blade just finish polished a couple years ago by David Hofhine which was just finish polish which removed very little metal. I know when being judged especially when eventually trying to attain higher level papers they will know the difference between a Hofhine polish and Jimmy Hayashi polish. Once again the geometry of the blade is still intact I had just finish polish done at that time. I am assuming the blade is prob Soden Bizen or Soshu blade hoping.
  5. I am not sure if it was drawn by Japan or west. It may have been a cartoon or colored sketch. It was posted randomly in a post here
  6. Trying to find a picture or sketch I saw a ways back in a post of a Japanese WW2 soldier charging with a katana chasing a soldier running in horror. I forget which post it was in. My mind not as sharp anymore. If anybody remembers please post. Thank you
  7. Thank you, Yes I read the thread but just was curious if he decided to sell. I know he wasn’t ready at that time and turned down offers as high as $27,000
  8. Just curious, has anybody heard anything about the Mitsutada sword that was discovered on this board a year or so ago. I believe his name was George or sign on as Virginian. It was definitely exciting that such a treasure was recognized on this board. I don’t know if anybody heard anything since the last post
  9. I am sorry for your loss John. I will keep an eye out for it. That one was a beauty. Sooner or later it may turn up. The nihonto community is a tight knit one.
  10. There is a Sue-Naminohira smith named Shigesumi if taken into account no kanji above shige and agree sword was shortened. The blades remaining nagasa 28 inches.
  11. Thank you yes that makes sense. Here are pics. It’s hard to tell if naminohira work from limited pics.
  12. The character missing above shige seems to faintly be there. I guess Tomoshige but can’t make out characters at the top
  13. The character I can make out looks like shige at the bottom. Any thoughts on the rest.
  14. Came across this one online a few years ago. Kind of rare to find another one quite like it. If anybody comes across something similar please post.
  15. Gorgeous blade Brandon and Nice hada!! Definitely looks like a promising candidate for shinsa!!
  16. Just curious how many collectors out there got stuck with a blade that had hagire not seen in photos nor disclosed and spent thousands on it. It happened to me….
  17. Hello Geraint, maybe auction houses have their own set of policies. It is more or less confidence or reputation of the auction house or seller which builds confidence on those bidding. I figured a lot of dealers out there would have their perspective from a sellers point of view. I recently sold a Gunto that was obviously in relic condition which the buyer had second thoughts due to deep pitting which I already showed him. He had the blade in hand as I drove to meet him sale on OfferUp. He then changed his mind and contacted me which I refunded his money 4 days after the sale. He prob got advice that it wasn’t salvageable by polish. If sales are done over there without recourse or absolutely no protection for the buyer then I’m sure there are a lot of swords we can ship ya. I know there is a lot of focus on this part of the post due to a lot of sellers on this board that do not want a precedence for this. I don’t know if you are a dealer or not but I think it is up to the seller of what their return policies are. Some sellers on eBay state no return which a buyer might be reluctant to buy attracting less buyers and interest in an item. I know a lot of feathers will be ruffled after this post
  18. Also to add. I don’t know if it was common but brass rivets were holding on some of the hardware instead of screws like the rest of Gunto I have.
  19. If you look closely at the samegawa you can see red paint like an attempt to clean it off with residual red paint remaining.
  20. I think you are right bazza but more specifically the metal fittings over the saya and metal fittings or furniture over tsuka and a few seppa underneath
  21. Yes, the saya also had a fairly recent paint odor as well as some of the painted fittings.
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