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  1. Yep I reckon yr spot on ... there was a big (no pun intended) difference in his weight between your c1930's pic and probably any of the later war pics. You would think the stress of loosing his grip on the Phillipines would have kept his weight down in the final years. Or maybe he took comfort in eating his worries away. Just an observation that is more noticeable with Yamashita than most others of similar rank. R
  2. thanks John. I just came across this rather impressive picture of Yamashita so will post for interest.
  3. Fascinating subject John....what rank do you think he was in the 1930's ? Rob
  4. Michael, thanks for sharing, I'm sure it not always easy to do that. Many of us could relate to your (and others involved) personal circumstances at the time of liquidating your collection. Not wishing to appear flippant, but I find it of much greater interest to know what actually happened, as in your case, rather than reading through the many threads about what members intend to do, or wish to do, or would like to do in selling/dispersing their collection. Notwithstanding, they are interesting in their own right. On occassions, when negotiating a possible purchase, I make it known that I am a collector, not dealer (no offence dealers!) because that's what I am. Like most, I am not going to on-sell. I have the first Koto I bought, and everything after that. But one day I ... we ..... will find ourselves in a position that is not dissimilar to yours. I can say without reservation, the collector friends I have made on NMB are exactly that, friends and collectors, not opportunists. Thanks again for your honesty and personal insight. Rob
  5. Hi Piotr, I know that many other NMB members have them but for your interest and comparison here are pics of your TERUHIDE Ishido mei followed by my own. No date or stamps on mine either. Rob
  6. From a 2017 thread courtesy @PNSSHOGUN showing the Kai Gunto of Lieutenant Kenshi Chuma, recovered from the midget sub that attacked Sydney harbour. Now held at the Aust. War Memorial. As the newspaper of the day stated "The copper guard is inscribed and is shaped to represent the rising sun" thanks Ian @Ian B3HR2UH . Not post war polish and unlikley to have been polished by the owner. The tsuba is thicker than the blackened version with possibly with a squarer edge (?). On balance, just higher grade fittings. Rob
  7. Peter, I have always believed this colour and metal was either early war material (quality dropping later) and/or personal upgrade by the owner. There seem to be enough of them around to suggest, at least to me, that they are 'as original' and not polished as you suggest. Interestingly, i have noticed the metal fitings on swords with these types of golden 'rising sun' tsuba/seppa's are also of a much higher quality than those on the more 'blackened' Kai Gunto tsuba/seppa. Accepting that all were probably gilded originally. Having said that, I learn something new every time I log in here so, open mind. John @PNSSHOGUN may have some ideas on this as well. The attached picture shows Yoshishige on the left, Mumei 'stainless' centre and Kaneyoshi on right. Rob
  8. Hopefully just confirmation.... Kai Gunto (ext. drag, early fittings & Ishime saya) I think it is Yoshishige and dated 1942 (Showa 17). Not too sure on that second kanji (shige) ? Approx. 5mm Seki stamp Interesting that the cutting of the date on mine bears a close resemblance to that of @Eds Kai (Daido) translation yesterday..THREAD..."Katana which I could use some help with translation. Just came in today" Thanks Rob
  9. Thanks for your comments Baz and Bruce. 'FWIW' that confused my for a moment Bruce ...... FTR (look that one up ) this Tenshozan tanrenjo (Kai Gunto) is unfortunately, not my sword notwithstanding my best efforts. Rob
  10. Thanks Bruce, I'm putting my money on scratches though.
  11. Bruce have looked and looked and cant see it....can you point it out in some way? Pierced Tsuba = nice. I believe this has an earlier aluminium saya. From the first pic of the nakago (5 of 5) the mekugi ana seems to be quite clean however the rust has ravaged the edges of the nakago quite badly to the point of it being quite misshapen. I find that interesting. Is it mumei or has the rust just taken its toll on any mei? My guess is mumei. finally, does anyone know why the ashi is mounted so high? Certainly a piece of WW2 history. Rob
  12. Fantastic Koichi you have made my day, and for me today, thats a very nice thing. Take care. Rob
  13. I just cant get my head into this at the moment and hoping someone else can. Sorry about lack if clarity, unable to get any better pics at this time, so very happy to receive any attempt. Rob
  14. Is it possible there are more of these tiny 'gourd' stamps on nakago's that haven't yet been noticed?
  15. Not wishing to detract from Jim's thread but I recently changed to Camellia Oil from Choji on the advice of a good sword mate. Good thick product tks. BUT, Steve us spot on in regard to Clove Oils anti-bacterial properties. If you need to kill mould (not just get rid of it for a while) then Clove Oil can't be beaten. Natural and so much safer than other products. [Dilution is critical] I miss the aroma Choji when maintaing my high end blades but its a win for the 95's that, in the past, only got sewing machine oil. 😊 Rob
  16. Well given all info so far Trystan, thats got to be a real possibility. Nice work.
  17. What Bazza said. With all due respect Jace, I just cant believe anyone even floats this question. Rob
  18. Yep that's the one and stainless alright. Found this old link as well in regard to the 'gourd' stamp.
  19. Bruce @Bruce Pennington appreciate the additional information and research possibilities. Although the blade is in quite good condition, the fact is that its a real 'plain Jane' Showa-To and while better blades may be more deserving of the research, its great to be able to identify the various markings. Rob
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