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  1. I like especially old koto blade, but on each era there are wonderful blade to study and if possible collect
  2. pica

    Mumei Tanto

    The link was removed from ebay, but i have the photos of the blade where is cleary visible the yasurime are changed
  3. pica

    Mumei Tanto

    The blade is very nice. But was on sell on Ebay and there was the photo of torokusho where result the nakago was signed and not mumei. I thick the mei was removed and the yasurime changed.
  4. pica

    Gassan Sadakazu Katana

    The nakago is signed : Osaka ju Gassan Sadakazu Kore tsukuru (August 1893) Meiji 26 year - 8 Month - Horimono made by himself
  5. I've fond this katana at an estate, the horimono is well carved and also the sword seem to be well forged, hamon it's a very good choji with many hataraki, and also it seems to have also midare utsuri. The nagasa is a bit short only 64,5 with 1,8 of sori. What do you think about it?
  6. I've found this blade it will be shinshinto, have a nagasa of 56 cm and a kasane of 0,9 cm and the nakago is 26 cm, and over the horimono the blade became u no kubi zukuri, the mei is not totally readable but have a kiku shoei. Anyone hava an opinion about it? _____________________________________________________________________________________ Stefano P.
  7. Thanks a lot for the help ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stefano P.
  8. Thanks for the information and sorry for the orientation of the photo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stefano P.
  9. Can anyone help me on traslation of the tang of this nakago, on the ura side is write Shigemitsu, on the omote side i've tried to translate Meiji 13 ........ Thanks on advance -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stefano P.
  10. Sorry but this sword before the suriage was an odachi? I ask that beacouse is about 70 cm of nagasa with only 1 cm of sori the kasane is very big for a kamakura blade and also there isn't any funbari and the width at the kissaki is too large for a normal tachi. Stefano P.
  11. Thanks, but the problem is i won the auction and i want the sword, instead the seller he don't want sell the sword at the price of the auction. Fortunatly he have refound me but is not what i want. Stefano P.
  12. I have contacted ebay and i hope they make something. Stefano P.
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