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  1. The work in old days is simple with rectangular patch. Recent work is worse, because the patch is done according with the layer pattern. Such work is done to trick beginners' eye. A skilful work makes it difficult to be disclosed. Be careful, because some books introduce this method as a way to repair flaws. Serious sword lovers never like such tricks. From usagiya.
  2. Thank you for the help, i thought the 住 was a rusty 正.
  3. I think F/K are a set but menuki and tsuba are from different locations ? I would say Fuchi and kashira are Higo ? What can you say about the quality of the items ? I think the tsuba is the best here or i am wrong ?
  4. Hi can you help me with this yari. I think it is "yoshu XXXXXX kunimasa saku kore" but cant find something useful, maybe someone can fill the XXXXX.(or correct me :D) The nakago was cleaned :/ How common was it to laquer a yari like this ?
  5. And what do you think you would get if you remove the signature ? 3rd gen ?
  6. I also think the gimei yasunori is a real nihonto or at least I wouldn’t call it a fake just from the images. The blade I have posted is made by Ozawa shigenori and won nyusen price 2017. Some people wouldn’t even realize the treasure in front of them being overly suspicious (Not me downvoting anything btw)
  7. I think the reason for that is that in most cases only the side without the signature was grind down to preserve the mei, then they make it straight again. EDIT: Jacques was faster. (The lines are not really acurate) Check the kissaki and if you want to find out more you have to put down that Habaki*. Try to hit it carefully down with 2 pieces of wood, their are other ways to losen the habaki maybe you can find something with the search funktion. I would also say its shinshinto tryin to look like a awataguchi.
  8. https://www.aoijapan.com/katana-yasunori/ i think this is what most blades of yasunori made at yasukuni should look like. Swords he made outside of yasukuni should be signed takenori I think. They had regulations at yasukuni how a blade should be made but the smiths was allowed to make exceptions sometimes I read.
  9. I have to confess that i was very lazy in my first comment and then felt kind of offended. So I’m sorry if I made you work to prove me wrong but that was at least what I expect. I’m not saying there is not stated wakizashi, I just wasn’t able To find the original Japanese source to proof. What I really wanted to say in my first comment is that the 60,6 and 30.3 cm definition is established by dealers. I saw some origami of the nbthk that say blades a few cm longer than 30.3 are tanto. And later the nbthk corrected that paper saying it is wakizashi now. Thanks.
  10. The video is also a good example for an acid polish
  11. I think its ware and the sword was discussed here
  12. Yea I know but where do they say that the blades allowed for not Samurai are wakizashi.
  13. Im just curios where the historical proof is if I’m so wrong ?
  14. I think that is a blister that opened, named fukure. More info http://www.ksky.ne.jp/~sumie99/flaws.html
  15. I don’t have read the Sesko article and i think that the intentioned purpose the blade was made for defines what it is. Everything else was added later and is more like a way for dealers to describe their products.
  16. Mhh does not look like Yokoyama so Ishido will be correct.
  17. There are over 60 smith that use the name sukesada from bizen. Your blade looks like like what others here call a "mass produced crap sword" dont take this too serious. Again others say that this swords are better for battle because they are less likely to break. There are different types of Mei Sukesada smiths in Koto times used. The Niji mei could mean it was made before they changed to the "bishu osafune sukesada" mei for not ordered swords or that it is one of the mass produced sengoku battle blades named Katzu uchi mono. After seeing the pictures on my computer screen, earlier i was using my phone, i think 2nd is the case. So it is nearly impossible to say wich sukesada made your sword. The other case would be that you have an ordered blade where the smith signed with his real name. Here i have a nice read for you http://www.sho-shin.com/sue5.htm I want to say again that the term "mass produced" in this case have nothing in common with what we use it today for.
  18. It don’t look like a Shinto sukesada work for me so Koto is right I would say. The nijimei indicates its earlier then 1500. This is just an opinion.
  19. Maybe someone here is able to read the whole signature with some good pictures ?
  20. I think modern smiths make them but in older das it was the only way to get a new boshi on a tip broken blade. just want to add this pic from usagiya
  21. Looks like the rust on the nakago was removed?
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