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  1. https://nihonto.com.au/product/morikuni-katana-made-for-his-royal-highness-the-crown-prince-of-england-future-king-edward-viii-of-england/ this could be interesting for you.
  2. I would expect such a uniform sanbonsugi in a later date and I think this is a Shinto piece. A picture of the boshi would help.
  3. Kanbun yokoyama sukesada is my guess, but I can’t see the Boshi and a picture of the hamon at the hamachi would help
  4. 10000$ for kotetsu is a sign Compare the work and not the mei.
  5. Could it be that this polish is acid etched ? I think their is too much visible for the condition of the polish. This is just my opinion.
  6. With 7mm left space in the tsuka i think it is a refit. And i think yaki-otoshi on an old blade would always be with funbari.
  7. Your knowledge sounds to me like western tv shows. simple basic science and u got it all wrong.
  8. Actually I was only relating to the modern nbthk tmahagane but forgot to say in my 2nd post. As far as I know, the process of creating bainite on the spine of a L6 blade is lowering the edge hardness without exceptions. My conclusion is that the nihonto will still holds the Edge better. It’s not possible to create a steel that is more shock resistent and better holding the edge while more flexibility. And iron with carbon is steel. They don’t found steel in Europe as ore or anything. Also the process of folding the steel with tamahagane reduces the carbon content.
  9. Ok i check the sellers listings and don’t see it up again can you show me in a link maybe ? Ok i don’t know why but I can’t find it without your link, so this could be a bug on eBay ? You asked the seller what is going on ? this is a video showing a tamahagane blade. Not compared to L6. But what is steel ? And what is good steel ? Tamahagane has less impurities than any other steel in the world because of the traditional process. L6 bainit has sulfur for example what is just impurity with no benefit. And ofc many high carbon steels can be tempered to be a spring steel but will lose more hardness for flexibility . How good a blade will be depends more on the smith then the steel. The reason why Japanese blades are so desired is not that they make crap steel into something useful, it’s the artistic value. And also old European blades had differential hardening in some cases even if not visible while they are not polished like Japanese. Also your L6 Blade is differential hardened, what is the reason for that if it was just invented for bad steel ?
  10. Yes even a nihonto will stand this abuse. Modern nbthk tamahagane has nothing to do with bad steel. If you can tell me why any other steel should be better for swords pls educate me. I get some babu flashbacks now :D To the topic the seller has sold 6-8 blades since the one in the start of this thread. And from a far they looked the same but where different. A hira; shinogi and Shobu zukuri and 2 yoroi doshi and one osuraku zukuri. I don’t even get what you talk about when you say he relisted it.
  11. You can try this https://www.google.de/amp/s/www.aftership.com/amp/ it shows me only little more information then the Japanese tracking but I think (hope) it will show me when the ship arrives. Waiting actually 58days for some tamahagane
  12. I would say it’s original but would like to see the whole tsuka.
  13. Yes, i think it means that the swordsmith was 63years old when making the sword.
  14. I think i once saw a blade where something like this was tried (?) and in the end it would have looked better with only the hagire. Im not sure what they tried on this blade or if the damage have something to do with this activity but maybe someone saw something like this before ? The hagire is still visible.
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