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  1. kuni X ju munenaga i think ? Jp, Tsuba
  2. The people say this because the typical kanbun shape is the shape of a shortend tachi from earlier times. So they expect a koto piece and end up with shinto after further study.
  3. Acting on advise from a world famous Collector and writer of many best selling Japanese sword books . I do not have the sword with me due to Covid lock down but as soon as I do I will send you more photographs Thanks 

  4. For me it looks more like torii sori and most of all i wonder how u can see hataraki and utsuri or hada in this condition ? Can you make better pictures please ? And how can you feel that it is very old ?
  5. This picture explains what im talking about John.
  6. I was also thinking about this and after i watched this video i thought maybe some old layer interpretations are the effect of what the video is about
  7. This is the correct answer and "high shinogi" is the correct term. and this for better understanding http://www.ksky.ne.jp/~sumie99/shaping.html
  8. A little late but i think good for the topic http://www.ksky.ne.jp/~sumie99/tsubaradiation.html
  9. I think the color of the steel is most influenced by the nugui. Just read the descriptions https://www.namikawa-ltd.com/product-list/8
  10. I would say it was sold unfinished without polish and for unknown reason never saw a polisher. And if he found a flaw and stoped the work because of this i think it wouldnt be signed.
  11. I think the demage a sword blow does can vary
  12. Read this http://www.ksky.ne.jp/~sumie99/katanainfight.html I think your tsuba saw some battle. Sorry i have edited the post And a blade even with not much niku will get dull on impact and leaves a bigger scar. Nihonto have Niku unlike kitchen knifes. I made a little picture for a shinogi zukuri example
  13. I go for a shortend bizen tachi made in muromachi. I just think it looks like one.
  14. Green paper = no paper exists only in your heads. Everyone is free to have an own opinion. I Wonder do you guys burn green papers ? And if not, why?
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