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  1. I would call myself a Tosogu noob but i bought an old Tsuka with damage on ebay in Germany for only 60€. I dont have a picture of the whole Tsuka but the Ito was damaged and i dissasambled it. It is really nothing special but i like the workmanship and it was my only Tosogu acquisition this year. I used the old Same of the Tsuka for a new knife i made. I just dont felt comfortable with throwing it away
  2. DoTanuki yokai


    I had no idea and looked up a few things but Inoue Shinkai would have also been my best guess but with this Jigane i was sure i would be wrong. I would have loved to had the time to do more research but im sure now, knowing the answer i wouldnt be successfully. Thanks for showing this interesting blade.
  3. I think he just dosnt know that only a traditionally forged blade using Tamahagane and quenched in water is actually called a Gendaito. (in a timeframe from the meji to the liquid shinsakuto period ) So when someone here says the blade is a Gendaito, this means that the blade is (in his opinion) fully traditional made using the old methods and Tamahagane as material. This blade is a Gendaito, in my opinion.
  4. In my opinion the blade is gimei. http://www.japaneseswordindex.com/emura.htm and some stuff i have found, one of them is also only signed with E.
  5. Maybe this is all reflected in the price. With condition i mean about possible flaws like what is seen in the Bohi at the Kissaki (only visible on the scan). It could be removed rust spots or ware or whatever and the overall condition of the Polish is not really appealing to me. This is just my opinion and is only based on the pictures.
  6. I would say it is not random but the Moon over the Sea. Just some more about it that i found: I like the blade and the style but dont know of pricing. The condition is not perfect and i think i have seen better executed blades by sukenaga in the same style. This is just what i can add and is maybe only my personal preference.
  7. Today i have read about Katakiri-bori engraving on Tsuba, a technique where a wide and angled chisel is used to create a line of varying thickness that emulates the appearance of brushed ink on paper. It becomes popular in the beginning of the eighteenth century and i think your first tsuba is made with this technique.(?)
  8. Im not really educated on Tosogu but 2nd looks like what is called Nagoya Mono but i think the first one looks really well made Maybe the Tosogu section of this forum is a better place for your questions and someone could move it there.
  9. "In 1832, Doi Toshitsura, the feudal lord of what is now Ibaraki Prefecture, publicly released his findings of 20 years of researching snow flakes and crystals."
  10. From the link that grey posted " Most problems caused by contact can be solved by using interleaves" In my Impression dry wood does not really react much with the air and the blade in the dansu should be fine in its shirasaya no matter what wood your dansu is made of. Ph is the potential of hydrogen and dry wood will not have much hydrogen left in my opinion. Just take something that is not full of resin and looks good. If im wrong i would love to learn something EDIT: I think cleaning the room where your nihonto are with something (cleanser) else then water is much more dangerous.
  11. I dont think this is a legit signature. The placement of the signature the finish of the nakago and the signature itself dont match with what i have seen but im no expert. From the blade i would not say it cant be made by sadakazu after he was known for his ability to make blades in every style but with this signature it is very unlikely. http://www.nihontocraft.com/Gasan_Sadakazu_Tanto.htm only 4 years later then your example http://www.sanmei.com/Pictures/Sword/T302101_T8620_PUP1.jpg In my Opinion your Tanto seems to be older.
  12. Did someone actually saw neon genesis evangelion ? I did many years ago and i have to say that there are no swords in this. The spear is the only authentic item at this exhibition. The only piece i really like is the "2nd Impact" Tanto, sadly you dont have pictures of it in your album Francois. But your pictures show that even this anime themed Koshirae and Nihonto are of very high quality. For the demon slayer Blade i would say it fits the descripton as an art sword perfectly, i think on a checklist for art pieces you can check off frequently "practically useless". So why we stop looking back in long past times and enjoy how the future will bring us an equivalent of streetart in nihonto. While you wait you can check how the time pass by on your [G]assan-Shock watch. https://watchesbysjx.com/2019/09/casio-g-shock-gassan-interview.html
  13. Thanks for the photos Jeffrey, its always nice to see a good bizen blade. I would love to see more detail but i remember that it took me like 5000 pictures to learn how to photograph nihonto.
  14. Hi, nice blade do you have pictures in more natural light. From what i see on the auction site it looks like it would also get Tokubetsu Hozon but im no expert. You dont have to take photos just for me wanting to see more of the blade
  15. Mhh, i could imagine that the blade is osuriage and this is a horimono.
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