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  1. Hi Joe good to have you aboard again. You’ve been surely missed.
  2. No other marks just the Mei, date, assembly number and the star stamp.
  3. Akitaka (昭孝), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Niigata – „Akitaka“ (昭孝), civilian name „Nakabayashi Fukutarō“ (中林福太郎), born 1910, he worked as rikugun-jumei-tōshō This is a very beautiful blade. In my experience many/most blades in type 3 mounts are very robust but this is very elegantly shaped and light in hand.
  4. Date: Showa ju hachi nen ichi gatsu kitsu jitsu (one lucky day in January 1943) Nagasa : 24 1/2 " Sori: 15.0mm Width at the ha-machi: 30.5mm Width at the yokote: 20.8mm Thickness at the mune-machi: 8.3mm Construction: shinogi-zukuri Mune: iori Nakago: ubu Kitae: itame Hamon: gunome Boshi: maru
  5. CHIKAHIDE (親秀), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Shizuoka – “Ōta Chikahide” (太田親秀), “Tōtōmi-jū Ōta Chikahida” (遠江住太田親秀), real name Ōta Harutoki (太田春時), born March 20th 1893, besides of his hometown Inasa (引佐), he also worked in Tōkyō and in Ōsaka, jōko no jōi (Akihide), First Seat at the 6th Shinsaku Nihontō Denrankai (新作日本刀展覧会, 1941)
  6. Mei: Toei Ju Ota Chikahide Date: Showa jyu shi nen hachi gatsu hi (august 1940) Nagasa : 27 3/8 " Sori: 18.0 mm Width at the ha-machi: 31.6 mm Width at the yokote: 20.7 mm Thickness at the mune-machi: 7.7 mm
  7. Any news? Now would be a good time reading a book.
  8. Collecting evil eyes from my wife and I must say I’m most successful in the field. Just had one of those glares and saw the opportunity to immediately add it to my collection or rather accumulation...
  9. Bump Here’s another shot of mine...
  10. Don’t think this is the same Akitaka(Nakabayashi Fukutaro Akitaka).
  11. After reading Ray’s post I had to study mine again. While it’s true every dog has it’s day I find it hard to believe this smith had two exeptional days by ”accident”. Both Ray’s and my blades at least in my opinion shows very good workmanship. When viewing the blade I’m once again struck by the Hada and Jigane. The Hamon is also quite striking and very similar to Ray’s example so he must have had a good control of the process... As Ray I would be extremely interested of seeing additional examples. Regards Daniel
  12. Very nice Ray! I have a blade by the very same smith. I’ve only seen two blades by Nakabayashi Akitaka, my own and now yours. Mine is also in the same style Type 3 koshirae but with a leather combat cover. Interesting is both yours and mine has a sarute which type 3’s usually don’t have... Regards Daniel
  13. Daniel

    Gunto screws

    Try Kevin at ryujinswords.com. I bought a replica screw from him a couple of years ago which fitted perfectly... Regards Daniel
  14. Mei: Akitaka Date: Showa ju hachi nen ichi gatsu kitsu jitsu (one lucky day in January 1943) Regards Daniel
  15. Omar, regardless of the type of mineral oil used the answer is repetition. I would apply a light mineral oil daily for a couple of weeks after that once a week etcetera. As said repetition and supervision... Good luck Daniel
  16. I agree, I’m very sure this is a fake. Even If real and this is not, a standard gunto in this condition isn’t much to hang in the Christmas tree...
  17. Daniel

    Gendaito Shapes

    George I had a Star stamped Kanetoshi(Noshu ju Kanetoshi) with the miniature Seki stamp which I presume is the same Kanetoshi. It could very well be a Seki thing indeed as I’ve seen Gendaito from Seki smiths in this type of mounts before... However what differs from the usual low quality Type 3 mounts with steel scabbards and poorly done Ito-Maki in most cases unlaquered is that the low quality mounts containing a Gendaito blade always had the double button relese. I have never encountered a Showato in the higher end Type 3 mounts or in the low quality WITH double button release. Regards Daniel
  18. Always hard to make judgements based on pictures but I really do like the hada of the Akihisa. As said before there are many good works from the Aki smiths. Congrats to your swords and a very nice web site... Regards Daniel
  19. That’s a beautiful blade Ed. Had my eyes on it for quite some time now.
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