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  1. Can someone confirm that observers are allowed to watch s shinsa in action?
  2. My first thought was that it is an owl. Owls are quite rare in Japanese fittings.
  3. Welcome Joanne. I look forward to seeing your swords. Let's hope that there is a gem among them. Sorry for the error that I needed to correct.
  4. I agree both the ana and the mon lead to Higo.
  5. Polish, papers, habaki shipping and shirasaya together are almost the full price. He is giving the blade away.
  6. Looks like cherry bark to me.
  7. I still see wings not fins.
  8. I think that people go for a combination, shape, hada and hamon. People also try to avoid flaws and over rusting of the tang.
  9. The one above seems to have wings rather than fins. Great face on this one.
  10. The lines are put on by a polisher. It may identify his work to other polishers or collectors who know what a specific polisher uses. You can also sometimes find such line on the kissaki area mune. The lines are made with a burnishing tool.
  11. Typically shirasaya do not have lacquer applied to them.
  12. You could also use plexiglass. A plastics shop could make the inserts to order. Paulownia will probably be difficult to source.
  13. Last I heard, volume 3 is going through its first edit. I have been doing the second edit but have not received any of volume 3 as yet. I also heard that vol 3 and 4 are both being worked on at the same time so that both volumes would be the same size. When I get sections to go through I make it a priority.
  14. Without the oar, I would have thought it was a jingasa.
  15. One warning for you. If you try the blade in an old saya it may scratch the blade. Getting a koshirae that fits well be difficult. You might consider getting a complete tsuka(handle) that fits and a tsuba and two seppa that go with the tsuka. You can then get a new saya. You can also decide if you want a kozuka and Kogai. The tsuba will need to have ana (holes) for those
  16. I used a hard case for golf. There is plenty of room. Air lines used to not charge for golf clubs. I'm not sure about now. Since they are oversize they tend to be put on last and come out first. They also have a different area for golf club pickup.
  17. Try to consider only blades that got have studied in hand.
  18. Thrift shops often have bamboo knitting needles. You might be surprised by how common they are
  19. Lovely piece with a lovely story! Thanks to both of you. George you continue to amaze me with the breadth and depth of your knowledge. Thanks for sharing both of you.
  20. I missed this a lot. Did Ford Hallam make the one with the dragon fly?
  21. Best of luck with this new venture! Mark organizes a great show that treats both attendees and table holders exceptionally well. Just as the Chicago show has grown I expect this one to grow too.
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