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  1. Definitely a shinshinto blade...hope this is one of those happy finds!! Beautiful blade either way.
  2. Corry Is that on the Kanekaga? Bit close would you pull back and show location on nakago please.
  3. What was that site i used to get the dagger wire rewrapped?
  4. Better save your money??? You say this now as its ending??? Not 😎
  5. Congrats Nick??? Watched bids, stayed at $3250 so $4250 with fees.
  6. No worries Chris, one in every crowd. Some were not brought up with honor and respect. Thank you for your service.
  7. Lots and lots of Norimitsu back then, enjoy the blade...oh lots gimei too 🥴
  8. Should be moved to Nihonto, don't belong in military. Nice bring home sounds like your family is going to honor it well. Grey gave good link The handle is made to come off...but steady as she goes.
  9. Nope not even close .... Nihonto god's are in your corner brother
  10. Roy the nakago is not all lost, it can be brought back.
  11. Bruce is going to want to see the stamp/ numbers on the top of the tang....hope its visible.... nakago s a mess.
  12. Just the quote s reply to you post Corry. We just read what they wrote no need to quote them ....makes for a lot of unnecessary bandwidth use. Ill be patient get some rest.
  13. Admin, anyway they can quote just pertinent sentence, not the whole post with photos?
  14. Too many quotes makes for read. The first photo with blade. How long is the nagasa? O-tanto?...my eye doesn't see wakizashi.
  15. Dont see a need for polish. Maybe shirasaya. Paper down the line.
  16. SADAHIRO (貞弘), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Nara – “Kita Minamoto Sadahiro” (喜多源貞弘), “Washū Ikaruga-jū Minamoto Sadahiro” (和州斑鳩住源貞弘), “Yamato no Kuni Yagyū-shō Minamoto Sadahiro” (大和国柳生庄源 貞弘), real name Kita Hiroshi (喜多弘), born February 9th 1922, he entered in 1939 an apprenticeship with Gassan Sadakatsu (月山貞勝) and worked from 1943 as kaigun-
  17. Student Of Sadakatsu... Sadahiro if you collect lineage. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/d1006824840?
  18. Well well Nick i have to say your a blessed AH. Bob paying 7K peaked my interest. So I went back to find that tanto you posted on. Fun read I wish you the best of luck , seems your gut whisper is to be listened too.
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