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  1. I like David R point that they look like top of button release. Catch that small stamp to the right of it?
  2. Thanks Peter Exact same mounts even down to menuki. Bruce did you see small stamp on outside of mon?
  3. Hey Charlie does that printing have list of Oshigata donations? in front pages? i should have bought a doz back in the day
  4. hold the blade to a light bulb looking down toward the bulb you'll see if the plains are flat n smooth it was done right. if you see wavy or worse a washboard it was done by amateur.
  5. Tell them youll pay full price if they pick up shipping fees
  6. Guys you cant go wrong with the Hiromasa. Ill have to check my mail but the guy who wanted a true nihonto in gunto mounts here ya go. Great lineage I'll have to dig up the chart to show you line he came from.
  7. Has the loooks of civilian sword taken to war. Nice pick up hope the polisher knew what he was doing and didnt leave you a washboard.
  8. I like the blow up Bruce but would like chrisp close up.
  9. Looks very restorable. Oil well and wrap in tightly rolled newspaper. Saya is no longer protective. Maybe keep in hard gun case or stiff tube.
  10. Better than what i came up with. Malaysian Sun
  11. I was going to ask for clear shot of the menuki. Looks like sun or something ive seen before. Better shot will till
  12. I dont see modern. I know forced aged and this isn't. Nakago is nothing like fake chinese from that era. Shots of kissaki please. Also any activity in the blade.
  13. The Enomoto guys were very popular back when i was making the circuit. I think Chris B was working with the family and often had ther swords for sale. Yes they were getting those prices.
  14. Always one more....nice to see a old friend of mine or two
  15. Rayray is NMB top go to seller. You need a nihonto fix go see Ray if he dont have what your looking im sure he will still help.
  16. John long time friend from same time as Barry. Folks ya cant go wrong with John One of the good guys.
  17. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/v771441347? Runner up wow https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/m464146272?
  18. I fail to see what is funny by post #3 I pray its translation issue.
  19. Become quite the grave digger Bruce...lol
  20. Initially I was wondering if that was Shu on the side I've never seen it like that before Thank you all
  21. Thank you Uwe Not having shu is what's throwing me off Welcome any other thoughts
  22. Thank you my friend...now to look them up to see where from
  23. Rayray better shot of kanji after Kane Really dont see yoshi
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