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  1. Id go with John T https://www.facebook.com/johntiradosayashi/
  2. Its mainly the black stain...id also consider couple options if the oxy fails. White wash it....and or tea or coffee stain for the aged antique look.
  3. Im still in true nihonto court but she's heavily abused blade might have been katana at one time. Light tapping on habaki to see whats under but possible its braised on.
  4. What i thought a wakizash with cobbled parts the tsuka chinese nco copy. If you show us the kissaki i might be 100% with Ray.
  5. Interesting https://www.catawiki.com/l/42280787-katana-sword-steel-unju-kanetomo-dragon-horimono-73-7-cm-edge-Japan-1869
  6. Glad you enjoyed it. Has anyone else seen a metal sleeve like that before? Nihonto always a learning experience.
  7. Im to sexy for my blade shiny sexy for my blade on the catwalk.. .ooops read the title wrong
  8. I think you'll be highly entertained by this first for me discovery of a metal sleeve in place of same* the samurai must have been a serious dude. Enjoy
  9. Stephen

    Found a tsuba...

    I really wanted to bid on this one but i had no power to back my bids. Glad it came here looking forward to results.
  10. Well crapola your first name is your post name....sorry back to my room again.
  11. somewhere in this new format ther is a profile once your in there it gives you a place to have your name at bottom of each post, so you dont have to sign each time. This new format is not for a old fart like me...i cant even find mine. someone will help im sure
  12. Thank god you didn't take it apart. WTG!! Enjoy your adventure. Be sure to sign your post per board rules.
  13. Please lotto Gods...oh wait it needs to go to a younger home. I vote the Good Adam. Not the evil one.
  14. I didnt catch the obvious. RR tie I know better than to play here...plus this new format that i hate...going to my room.
  15. Yep i see it under your avy on laptop but not on cell.
  16. Must be a cell phone thing or theme... But look at the above post Trystan Type 95 NCO ......sign name. Im talking about each post auto sign Not profile
  17. The all seeing eye. Please sign your post per board rules Tom
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