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  1. http://www.japaneseswordindex.com/teruhide.htm. Not a real mystery 😉
  2. Transportation tag, often confused to be a surrender tag, when they very seldom are.
  3. Did a deep search to no avail for images of my old (Shischi sai hokoku, seven lives for my country) if i find it on Main PC ill share
  4. If you haven't seen the update auction is ending early Sunday 12:00 noon Central standard Time thank you for your support!
  5. Not just images. For page to open. But once opened images can just sit there and take forever too open.
  6. ive always thought petals blowing in the wind on that one.
  7. all i know is its getting very very tiresome. to the point where i dont want to hassle it. current auction probably my last hurrah.
  8. Not recent as from you getting it...but yes recent. Someone started to drill it and change ther mind it's pretty obvious. And no nothing fell out inlays not that deep.
  9. Yea who the hell pays rent or mortgage.... Always wonder how much junk I'd have if I had money to burn not saying this is but you know what I mean
  10. Auction time again. https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/39268-auction-time-again-please-keep-here/
  11. Few may remember my collection of tsuba with blossom petals in stream and wind. The newest member.
  12. tried to respond three times finally in. im not the ito police, but looks good to me!
  13. Tried to respond to this earlier with i thought it was just me, but it wouldn't open and now Brian has done something because when I opened up Bam Bam Bam everything opened. I don't know
  14. What we live for. Well done!
  15. Gareth It's fairly new. When i was srarching for one i ran into many. Didnt find one for right price n right shipping.
  16. I've had a working relationship with Woody longer than I've known you Bruno. I touched base with him he's just doing the top of your blade to bring out the hamon he's not doing all of it. And yes hes not doing Gendaito anymore.
  17. Have you talked to Woody of late? Afaik hes not doing anything from WW2 era. Please update if things have changed.
  18. Seriously yes! Markus is a big boy I'm sure his skin is thicker than most, his reputation and knowledge is supreme, go back you're knitting needles. Jk
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