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  1. Context please. Used where?
  2. " I don't think it's a crafted hada, but just the result of the nature of the local steel that Mantetsu used. " this is correct. Bar stock will show fine grain....not hada per se
  3. It's more like he's not happy with high bid. Happens to me a lot. I've seen simluar tsuba at three times that price.
  4. Looking for daisho tsuba box. Used preferred condition ok to useable is fine.
  5. Mei on kogatana are seldom the smith. More like a tribute. Won't have anything to do with tanto.
  6. I'd like to know as well. I'll reach out on FB see if we can get a response.
  7. Stephen

    Coming soon

    Nice one Burno
  8. I once owned a gunto which saya was covered with same* then the hard lacquer. I don't think the saddle soap to harsh use just a mild mixture on a rag wiped on then off. Nice pick up. Love Emura swords.
  9. Nice double habaki leads us to older blade. Just the one pix??
  10. Stephen

    Coming soon

    I won't know until in hand but thinking the mei has/had been dimpled to remove?
  11. Stephen

    Coming soon

    Pleased to announce winning another close to same tsuba. Same school if not same hand.
  12. Way to go Crazy Bob. Let the market set the price! Handclaps
  13. Yes bugs in the discription...was wondering if same in origami
  14. You all know the more we get upset the more he enjoys it.
  15. Tks Ray Ray. Any indication on when it's made?
  16. Bobby Bobby Bobby you just don't get it. No words I can say that will change your mind. None of the above. Oiled proper storage and saved. Saved for the right person who will do the right thing.
  17. Hang tough Boss...only another forty to fifty years to go.
  18. Anyone who can read the papers care to give us some info?
  19. Which I assumed was contemporary. Seller states over 300 years old. Your take ?? https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/x776751862
  20. Stephen

    Shout out

    To a very understanding member who helped last Aug when I needed to raise $$ for my son. No need for names she knows how grateful I am. Two of my favorites to return before next month.
  21. God dame ol ladies shut fnck up Christ! Read Darcy post again!!!
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