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  1. Waiting, ones too bright, so dark it is chameleon dark is Way wacky
  2. Thanks guys kinda like ebay tons of cheap katana kake. Lots to weed though...hai domo!
  3. Trying to search buyee for a kake Im taking this is not correct kanji. カケ Tanks for any correct words in Japanese
  4. Updated pix from when i first posted. Ill see if same link https://www.rockislandauction.com/detail/83/1302?utm_source=Rock+Island+Auction+News&utm_campaign=1c6d280cdf-2021_07_24_September_Premier_Catalog7_6_2021_10_5&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_1f4b8db853-1c6d280cdf-149001157
  5. Papa Smurf is the other blade a Kotetsu? Probably not to much probably then. Lol. Lets know if you go then.
  6. Couple points. Habaki should be removed when measuring and showing sugata. Second your still measuring from nakago Measure from munemachi to tip. See line that shows sori.
  7. Fujiwara Sadayuki, My guess mid to late 1600s
  8. Alton not by a long shot, god bless you and peace to your mother.
  9. My opinion really doesn't matter because your going to do what you're going to do anyway. Patina on the nakago looks late shinto, the sugata remind me of a loyaltist blade. Good luck on future rolls of dice.
  10. Yes a shim of copper added to tighten the ana. Guys in tsuba we call it sekigana...do we call it the same on nakago. Don't think ive ever addressed it having it own name.
  11. When i put it in yahoo them changed to English. Tengen kozo What ever that could be
  12. http://www.japaneseswordindex.com/measure.htm
  13. I do sori from a direct line from the kissaki to mune notch. Measure deepest of the curve. Sorry for not reading your worksheet my eyes have been giving me problems on a good day I'll recheck it.
  14. We out Showa 22 n Komonjo to no end. Start YOUR own thread saying ebay seller did me wrong ...if it happened on Yahoo... Forget about it he's moved on. Yahoo/buyee is frout with seller like that
  15. To all the old members who knew the forum before Joe......does this not give the Joe vibe.
  16. I definitely getting a "sword guy Joe" vibe here which is very good thing. Congratulations on your swords and on the path you're about to endeavor, what we need to keep Nihonto going is young blood like yourself!
  17. If he wanted to dispute the phases id been glad too. Indonesian swords to me covers all the islands all the fake swords it look like Chinese copies it could be from anywhere I just said Indonesia so big whoop do.lol
  18. Who are you why no real name im done with looney bin. Want to call B S call it instead of googling Latin then cut and pasting.
  19. Roger, i wont honor a response, hes digging his own hole. Thank you for yours
  20. In case im not around later his contact info. When they do open later i may plan a trip to the museum. I would welcome anyone in the area to accompany me but remember we can only look we can't touch. Good Evening Mr. Christianson, Attached below is some of the information you asked about during our telephone conversation. Once we get back into the Library on a regular basis, I can look into photographing the tang and getting a better image of the hamon. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Kind regards, John Miller Museum Registrar Harry S. Truman Presidential Library 500 W. US Highway 24 Independence, MO 64050-1798 816-268-8204
  21. A Mr John Miller was kind enough to respond to my inquiry. recived this just now. More to come when they open back up, he promised a nakago shot. Photograph and Digital Image © Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum Object Name: Sword Classification: T & E for Science and Technology-Armament - Edged Maker: Masamune Date Label: circa 1291 Medium: (a-d) hand wrought steel; bronze; gold; lacquered wood; cloth (e) wood Description: (a-b) Japanese short sword (wakizashi) made by Masamune of Kamakura circa 1291 A.D. Blade is in formal mounts with a simple, black lacquered scabbard (saya). The tang has gold inlay characters which indicate the sword was authenticated by the Zoganmei of Kokyu (Tadaoki) circa 1774-1789. The hilt (tsuka) is wrapped with black braid and is fitted with matching "tsuba, fuchi, kashira and menuki" made by Kamada Joju in the late Edo period. The "kurigata" on the scabbard are by the same maker. These fittings have a deep black, pebbled finish and are decorated with gold chrysanthemums, each encircled by three butterflies. The (c) small utility knife (kozuka) and (d) skewer (kogai) carried in the scabbard are of equal quality with a brushed gold uttori surface and raised gold fans for design. Both are signed by Sonobe Yoshihide. The kozuka blade is signed by the early 19th century swordsmith, Sukemori, Bizen Osafune. (e) Stand for displaying sword and scabbard in a horizontal position is made of brown stained and lacquered wood. Note: See also (#163 a-b) "White Scabbard" specifically made for shipping the Masamune short sword (#568 a-d). This wooden shipping scabbard is described in the original correspondence sent by (donor information removed) to General Walter Krueger in 1946. Dimensions: Overall: 20 3/4 in. (52.7 cm) Overall: 22 1/4 in. (56.5 cm) Overall: 29 in. (73.7 cm) Historical Attributions: History: This sword was presented to President Truman on March 4, 1946 in the Oval Office of the White House by General Walter Krueger. Krueger served as Commanding General of the U.S. 6th Army occupation forces in Japan and originally received the sword as a gift from (donor information removed). The sword, recorded by the Himeji Occupational Force, was originally acquired from Viscount Matsudaira of Tokyo. Matsudaira was a descendant of Matsudaira Idzu-No-Kami, a Feudal Lord. The sword itself was made by Masamune of Kamakura circa 1291 A.D. It is a short sword (wakizashi) with an overall length of 29 inches in its scabbard (saya). The scabbard was restored by Kiyoharu Omino in 1975. The tsuba, fuchi, kashira, menuki and kurigata were made in the late Edo period by Kamada Joju. The kozuka and kogai are attributed to Sonobe Yoshihide and the kozuka blade is signed by Sukemori, Bizen Osafune (circa 1800).
  22. If still available in 10 days I'll go for it. 50316 zip.... shipping cost?
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