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  1. Comcast to the 55" Up close soten...lol
  2. Sounds like moderator material thank you both good day
  3. Stephen

    Peony and lion dog

    Oh thanks i didnt scroll back far enough. Yes very interesting.
  4. Stephen

    Peony and lion dog

    Not at all! More the better. GM what did Malcolm share?
  5. Stephen

    Peony and lion dog

    Sure wish id seen it....id done much more. Tks Stephen
  6. Stephen

    Peony and lion dog

    I had so wanted this but i know it will go beyond my means. Hope a member wins it. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/k468278322? Check size
  7. Stephen

    Peony and lion dog

    Ooora buddy Thank you!
  8. We often see this motif on tsuba and fittings. Is there a story behind this theme?
  9. With some alcohol or acetone and uchikoing your really going to be happy!! Nice eye on right bits nice pick up !!
  10. Was thinking student? You may be right a room full of signers? Lol
  11. like this http://www.sword-auction.jp/en/content/as19436-刀:天池正恒-katana-amachi-masatsune and thats his low end work
  12. Well done looking forward to more info on smith.
  13. Oh sure add to the drama....five more hours...jeesh. 😆 😆 😆
  14. Theme Theme Theme each plays different Find your home it should stay the same I use the board on my cell its way diff on PC. I know of no black dot mine are blue Only thing id like once i read a post is still not have a notice in red ...im sure its in settings but im too old to make it a thing and dont give a $hit.
  15. Was your foolishness taking a wire brush and making the nakago look all bright?
  16. Wonder what it would be worth if togi hadn't ground one side flat. LOL
  17. Suguha yakidashi might take us to Shinshinto ...out side chance anyway
  18. The peg is not all the way in so the tsuka has been off and not put all the way back on hence the gap. Same looks late war plastic. Hamon goes from flat to kochoji Emura or Nagamitsu is good chance the hamon does drop very close to ha so im ruling out mass showato. Cant wait ...lol
  19. Adam was that really necessary? Repeat all you post into ...what the final word?
  20. Sorry Michael im still getting used to the Boss's new software. Eazy on him not so much on my 75 YEARS!!!
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